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  1. wizbain

    LOL, I was just going to request a few FO4 Wizbains. I've been seriously wanting to start pushing Utumno into making Wryebash capable of reading Fomods ... it's got to be easier than reverse engineering every fomod into a wizard. I do appreciate what your doing here, I almost started trying to convert a few fomods myself but scripting is not my strong suit. I'll be following the thread and thanks again for sharing the wizbains.
  2. Just to keep things current while we're waiting to come out of beta, I posted a cleaning guide on the steam forums. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=943456144 If you'd like to copy it for now until the official cleaning guide comes out feel free. I'll be happy to upload the pics.
  3. Sorry, I'm a duffus ... I downloaded the current installer version from Utumno's WIP link, but accidentally installed the current Nexus version (307.201612302300) from my library drive which I had previously downloaded. Thanks for the replies. Funny how I got no errors until after I cleaned. That's what threw me. I didn't even notice the incorrect version #. Seeing as the current version on the Nexus is 6 months old ... Might I suggest it's probably a good time to update the file ... if for no other reason than to avoid other idiots like me doing what I just did to myself. Thanks again
  4. What no coffee?

  5. Seeing as I'm a disciple of the AFK cleaning guide for Skyrim and the SSE, and have been spreading the gospel all over the Steam forums ... I'm wondering about FO4. I just bit the bullet and picked up season pass. The first thing I did was install FO4edit, and checked the masters (out of shear habit at this point) and ran into the expected hundreds of ITMs and UDRs. I had hoped to find a cleaning guide here showing any additional manual edits, but I didn't find any. Just wondering if I missed it somewhere, or if I shouldn't be cleaning FO4 ??? WB307b1 is clean and green, I just want to make sure I didn't screw up anything Thanks Edit - Everything appears to be OK, but I'm now getting "missing string localization files" and red backgrounds for only the three workshop.esm files in WryeBash. I re-ran the launcher, and even restored the original "dirty" masters. Not sure what's happening, but the game seems to run OK.