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  1. Sorry, I'm a duffus ... I downloaded the current installer version from Utumno's WIP link, but accidentally installed the current Nexus version (307.201612302300) from my library drive which I had previously downloaded. Thanks for the replies. Funny how I got no errors until after I cleaned. That's what threw me. I didn't even notice the incorrect version #. Seeing as the current version on the Nexus is 6 months old ... Might I suggest it's probably a good time to update the file ... if for no other reason than to avoid other idiots like me doing what I just did to myself. Thanks again
  2. What no coffee?

  3. Seeing as I'm a disciple of the AFK cleaning guide for Skyrim and the SSE, and have been spreading the gospel all over the Steam forums ... I'm wondering about FO4. I just bit the bullet and picked up season pass. The first thing I did was install FO4edit, and checked the masters (out of shear habit at this point) and ran into the expected hundreds of ITMs and UDRs. I had hoped to find a cleaning guide here showing any additional manual edits, but I didn't find any. Just wondering if I missed it somewhere, or if I shouldn't be cleaning FO4 ??? WB307b1 is clean and green, I just want to make sure I didn't screw up anything Thanks Edit - Everything appears to be OK, but I'm now getting "missing string localization files" and red backgrounds for only the three workshop.esm files in WryeBash. I re-ran the launcher, and even restored the original "dirty" masters. Not sure what's happening, but the game seems to run OK.