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  1. Thumbincubation

    [RELz] Practice Dummies

    Ah, I see. It's just gone off nexus, but can be had here. TYVM.
  2. Thumbincubation

    [RELz] Practice Dummies

    Is there any chance for this mod to come back to SSE? I miss it.
  3. Thumbincubation

    [RELz] Practice Dummies

    Has this mod been pulled from the nexus? I didn't see it anymore. It's not even in my list of previous downloads.
  4. Thumbincubation

    Damage meter for testing/troubleshooting mods?

    I don't have the first clue how to do scripting.
  5. Thumbincubation

    Damage meter for testing/troubleshooting mods?

    Just wanted to say thanks again. Worked like a charm. I spawned a bandit chief, gave him an even 1000 health, then went between resethealth and getav health, for each shot I took at him. Was able to (mostly) diagnose what was going wrong, and correct it. TYVM!
  6. Thumbincubation

    Damage meter for testing/troubleshooting mods?

    That is outstanding! Thank you very much. Now, hopefully, I can get to the bottom of this spell issue. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to make (or if there is already) a test target, so I can shoot spells at it and see how much actual damage is being done. I'm trying to test/troubleshoot a couple of spell mods, in which the two spells gave the correct information until I took the augmentation perks. Now the weaker spell says it does more damage than that stronger one, although the stronger one seems to take a bigger bite out of enemies. Without knowing whether one enemy had more hp than the other, I thought maybe if I could make a test target that reads damage, I could figure out what's happening. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thumbincubation

    Combat Video Thread

    Looks good, Sah, if perhaps a bit chilly.
  9. Madam Sah. *tips hat.
  10. Thumbincubation

    Are requests accepted for the unofficial patch?

    Thanks much.
  11. Thumbincubation

    Are requests accepted for the unofficial patch?

    No, it's not a bug. It's a small addition to Jorrvaskr, that seemed like it would be better as part of a large, widely used mod, which already touches on Jorrvaskr, than to juggle the load order some more. Was hoping to have a weapon rack activator added to Wuuthrad's display area, so we can put it back where it belongs, if we don't want to keep it at home.
  12. Wasn't sure where to post this. I had a too-small-for-its-own-mod idea in mind, and wondered if it was acceptable to make such a request.
  13. Did you get it squared away? I ended up having to force CK to update, as it didn't update with launcher for some reason. Worked again, after that.
  14. Is anyone else having this problem again? Despite that I opted out, and the settings still indicate opt out, of the beta patch, Skyrim auto-updated when I logged in today, and of course the render screen in CK is black again. FFS Bethesda!
  15. Thumbincubation

    [RELz] Cutting Room Floor

    Hey, just noticed today that Grushnak's tent is missing from the Khajiit area around Whiterun. Though it doesn't make much difference, I am curious if it was by design or not. I am trying to become familiar with using SSEedit to resolve conflicts within bashed patches, (truly a fish out of water in this realm) and am not sure if it is legitimately gone, or if I'm just missing it in SSEedit.

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