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  1. Huzzah! Looking forward to being able to wear that armor and fight in the first person without tripping up a polysplosion or what have you. Thanks for sorting it out!
  2. This issue was reported in the bugtracker (FS#21625: Clipping Bug on Ancient Nord Armor) and was closed due to "cannot reproduce". I've been able to reproduce the issue and have requested a re-open of the bugtracker task, for reasons I'll belabor here. The report was for an observation of the issue on the XBox One platform for Skyrim SE: Vanilla, and was apparently only checked against Skyrim LE on the PC, not SE. To my knowledge, this may be a recurrence of FS#12444 - 1stpersondraugrarmormale_0.nif missing parts, and thus presumably already fixed in USLEEP. I can confirm this is reproducible for Skyrim SE 1.4 ( with USSEP 4.0.5 installed (along with Run For Your Lives and When Vampires Attack). This is USSEP installed from Bethesda.net (i.e. via the in-game mod browser) and it is before RFYL and WVA in mod order. If memory serves, this issue only occurred for males wearing the Ancient Nord Armor (or Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution, same model). I was under the impression that the issue only was perceived when wielding 2H weapons, but it may just only be more pronounced; in reproducing the issue I've seen it affect a 1H unsheath animation as well (Ghostblade). Attached are a few screenshots showing the issue when swinging Volendrung (2H) and unsheathing Ghostblade (1H) as well as blocking with Volendrung. Ahzidal's Armor of Retribution is the offender here, on an orc (otherwise wearing orcish helm, gauntlets, boots). Hopefully this can finally be addressed (again?) if it's a solvable issue (which I presume it was for non-SE Skyrim). swinging Volendrung unsheathing Ghostblade blocking with Volendrung
  3. It'd be nice if Bethesda just force-loaded the DLC in release order, the way the gods intended. (Yes, I know, it'd be nice if Bethesda did a lot of things!) I just deleted them then verified the integrity of the game cache one by one to get them redownloaded and timestamped in the proper sequence, because I didn't feel like firing up Powershell (or any number of third-party tools that can modify timestamps). If one still wants to do things the DOS way, fire up a command prompt, change to your Skyrim SE Data directory, then type (in order, including the trailing plus sign and two commas for each copy command): C:\…\Skyrim Special Edition\Data>copy /b Dawnguard.esm+,, C:\…\Skyrim Special Edition\Data>copy /b Hearthfires.esm+,, C:\…\Skyrim Special Edition\Data>copy /b Dragonborn.esm+,, (Unless you're a blindingly fast typist this should at least ensure the three files are timestamped a few seconds apart, which should serve.) Using Notepad (really?) to edit binary files is bad, because all null bytes ($00) will be replaced with space characters ($20). I can't imagine this would be a good thing.
  4. Just pretend you're playing Skyrim in a perverse ironman mode, restart with a new character, and see how long you can go before every quest marker is well off the map. Maybe experiment with builds or roleplaying concepts you wouldn't normally bother with, or explore in a completely different direction. Tinker with mods that you might be on the fence about. You can find stuff to do while waiting on Bethesda (and whatever certification process the patch has to go through with Microsoft). Again, this is coming from someone who takes a "restart early, restart often" approach to the game at times. I'm trying to commit to a character, honest!
  5. In the past on the PC (with USKP et al installed), I ran into an issue where I did not immediately follow Fralia to the Grey-Mane house to talk to her and Avulstein about Thorald. Instead, I finally tried to do so days (weeks?) later, and ran into the trespassing "glitch" (this during the day; I do believe the door may have been locked for me as well but this was some time ago, I could be misremembering). It annoyed me to the point where I found and reloaded a save prior to "the argument". From that point on, I make it a point to follow Fralia and enter the house right after her, no putting it off. I usually get the necessary evidence and return to Avulstein promptly. Perhaps something is being (re)set after a certain passage of time that causes this to occur. I'm a constant restarter/reroller, so when I alter my mod loadout, I almost always restart from zero. With the SE causing me to look at some mods I never tinkered with before, needless to say, my Skyrim SE characters have had some short runs. After an abortive attempt to play SE mod-free, USSEP has of course emerged as the constant "always-in".

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