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  1. I'm frequently frustrated how unsorted some things are in containers. Items such as ingots and ingredients get sorted alphabetically. I wish it could be the same for weapons and apparel.
  2. (I tried to add this twice as a bug report but each time it gave an error) After equipping the Nightingale Armor in Nightingale Hall, Karliah and Brynjolf talk. Karliah then asks if you are ready to transact the oath, to which you must reply "Yes, I'm ready". Karliah will then say "good, follow me...". If you do nothing she will start towards the gate, but after a few steps turn around and leave, leaving the gate closed and the quest incomplete. One way to resolve this is: As soon as she turns and heads toward the gate, click Karliah again (A. Talk to Karliah). She will stop and tell you "we'll speak once the Oath is complete". Then she will continue properly to the gate and pull the chain. It does not work every time. Seems like the closer you are to both Karliah and Brynjolf, the better. It may also be necessary to be standing so you have Karliah and Brynjolf closer to the steps than you are. Reported on Bethesda forums
  3. justafyde

    Ragged Flagon Sleeping Quarters

    Nothing stands out as a mod that would do that. Maybe the Riften controller shake fix, but that's outside. If its not repeatable on other users, forget it.
  4. The Ragged Flagon has a seperate room where Delvin and Vex sleep. At some stage long ago, a set of shelves and casket appeared in the tunnel entrance blocking the way in (and out). This hinders completing any of their quests until they are awake. In the past I know I've walked into that room unhindered by any blockage. Playing on XBox1
  5. I revisited the doors, and as I last reported, there is still a slight blue tinge. That tinge is vastly improved over how it looked before. I agree that Bethesda failed quality control. Given the number of fixes in USSEP, I have the impression the testing staff were reallocated to another project before the game programming was complete.
  6. As far as I’m concerned, it’s fixed. If I inspect the doors closely I still see some blue-ness. https://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/gallery/image/4609-bleak-falls-sanctum-4jpg/
  7. justafyde

    bleak falls sanctum

    first doors within the sanctum have strange blue semi-transparent covering.
  8. I made a save, then updated the mod. After that I visited Bleak Falls twice. Once immediately, within days of my last visit, so all doors were still open and it was devoid of enemies. Then added a mod that extends the number hours so you can "wait" 168 hours (a week). Took a while but finally passed more than 30 days in wait mode. Then visited again to find (almost) everything reset. So, on both visits, the doors still had the blue texture over them - no change. PS: the word wall just beyond those doors is also glitching, always has. The chant is still audible and it sizzles when you get right up close, as if the word has not yet been learned. I haven’t reported it yet because it is so odd that if others get this glitch it would’ve been reported, right??
  9. Screen shots here: I am using XB1, so can’t get reference IDs.
  10. I might have another bug that is related. In Bleak Falls Temple, soon after entering and crossing a stone walkover there is a set of double doors with what looks like a blue transparent mesh over them. Do you want to look into that? Do you need a screenshot?
  11. justafyde

    High Gate Ruins Puzzle

    I visited the ruins again. The puzzle levers still spring back. However, there is one thing about this puzzle that I originally thought was not relevent, yet perhaps it is?? In the corridor above the puzzle room, just before it, is a coffin with a Draugr still in it that glows red when I "Aura Whisper" or blue when I "Detect Dead". I think he won't come out because I’m at 100% and highly perked in Sneak. Is it possible that the cell does not reset because that last Draugr is still active? [PS: I just figured out if I hit the side of the coffin with a Great Sword he does come out - shorter weapons don't work]
  12. When will an update for USSEP be released? Its been a while since the last one.
  13. justafyde

    High Gate Ruins Puzzle

    Fair enough. I do think a solution for this is possible, either by fully resetting the puzzle (allowing the gate to be reopened) or better, totally preventing the puzzle from resetting (which will keep the gate open upon revisit). However, nothing changes about USSEP being a massive improvement to the game by fixing 100s if not 1000s of issues on XBox One, and I will always be thankful for that.
  14. justafyde

    High Gate Ruins Puzzle

    The fix you linked to is not for the bug I’m reporting. I’m trying to open the trapdoor gate by pulling four levers in the correct order. This is not related to the room behind Vokun's throne.

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