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  1. Outstanding! Thank you @Utumno Edit: First impressions: this is a dream come true. The BodySlide management is working perfectly in both Skyrims as well as Fallout. I'm going to work on a how-to for explaining how to install BodySlide to get the executables over to help folks get it up and running.
  2. @Utumno Success, but the problem is my fault. While enjoying a St. Bernardus Abt 12, perhaps the finest example of a Belgian abbey ale on Earth, I finally figured out the BodySlide path issue. In the Skyrim distribution of BodySlide there is no space between the words "CalienteTools". :/ I've updated issue #379 with what I found.
  3. wizbain

    Awesome thank you! I was curious about the having files thing also. I've got tons of things to upload but I want to do a good once-over on them all before I do it.
  4. wizbain

    Pfftt.. I learned it from watching you! Hey @TechAngel85 the offer still stands - if you want me to post a wizard on the OP just pop it up on here and I'll link back to it. Eventually I'll figure out how to set up a page on the Nexus.. I think I can give collaborator access to other people, possibly(?).
  5. wizbain

    That's great. Speaking of great, I just ran through the Immersive Sounds Compendium wizard you did and I'm very impressed. Exceptionally well done. I'm also going to steal borrow some of your ideas. I feel I've been remiss in asking people to endorse mods; it is an important thing for mod visibility on the Nexus and most humans forget to go back and endorse mods they enjoy. It's such a little thing but important IMO.
  6. Update on my last post: I'm either going nuts or I'm not able to reproduce the problem since installing the latest python build. I have however run into a problem with the Bodyslide paths thing, but I'll update the issue on GitHub to keep the focus here on the refresh issue.
  7. wizbain

    @TechAngel85 I have a gift for you: Farmhouse Chimneys SSE Wizard.txt I really dig this mod so I got a wild hair and whipped a wizard up for it, despite the fact it doesn't technically need one. It is fairly well tested but I don't have Falskaar () so I didn't explicitly test with it present. EDIT: One last thing before I forget - I did make a small change to the description on the parallax meshes: so far the only forward movement I've heard of on parallax occlusion mapping has been on the ReShade side of the shader world, but AFAIK it doesn't work like the DX9 ENB stuff did. DX11 has far better hardware tessellation support so maybe we'll see something sooner or later.
  8. wizbain

    I just free-handed that as an example; I probably just hit the space bar twice by accident.
  9. I'm home for the weekend now (I'm on-call so I'm rooted to my office chair) , so I'll snag that version and test as well.
  10. wizbain

    Splendid! That's fantastic.
  11. wizbain

    Very good. I got that down (I learned a ton from this specific wizard when I was just starting out). What I'm running into is: if I have three variables and want to test or calculate the value of all three of them, for example: Variable = 1 + 2 + 3 or If bCondition1 == True AND bCondition2 == False AND bCondition3 == False The right-most value is always ignored or lopped off. For example the top one would set the value as 3 (1+2) and the bottom one will be as if "bCondition1 and bCondition2" were the only things being evaluated. I know I have to be doing something wrong, then again I've compared tons of values together successfully before in the "Sounds of Skyrim" wizard: If GetEspmStatus("EnhancedLightsandFX.esp") > 1 and GetEspmStatus("ELFXEnhancer.esp") < 1 and GetEspmStatus("ELFX - Hardcore.esp") < 1 and GetEspmStatus("ELFX - Weathers.esp") < 1 sModName201 = "|" + sModName201 EndIf But in the SoS case, the evaluation of "GetEspmStatus" is done right there in the "If" statement and it isn't testing on a variable passed to it that was set earlier in the script. I may be running afoul of some Pythonesque (not Monty) rule inherent in the scripting language that I'm not aware of.
  12. In my case, after I posted last night I uninstalled both mods and noticed they had left their plugins behind in the Data folder. I hadn't processed them in xEdit yet, but there they were. I backed them up and manually removed them, then downloaded the files again, reinstalled, and now everything is green again. The only other information I can think of is I installed these packages under an older WIP build and have upgraded a time or two on top of this. I just noticed the orange status recently but they checked out after a refresh similar to @Arthmoor's experiences. I have another package that is pink that I'm going to check out this evening if I have time. If anyone can think of anything I should look at please let me know. I'm not opposed to installing Pylint or something to run a debugger/stack trace.
  13. Update on this although I can't make a proper detailed report at the moment due to time constraints: I can replicate the "not green" issue on two packages in my install order. There are no conflicts, but the plugins for both are showing under "mismatched". I'll see if I can get proper reproduction steps soon.
  14. wizbain

    What's in Room 101? Either XPMSSE or SMIM. Thank for that suggestion. It does do the digits properly and I'll slip that one into my bag of tricks. I've actually sobered up and I'm taking a different tack as an experiment today using true/false values. What I'm running into however is unusual (at least I've not run into it yet) and it is so weird I think I'm doing something wrong. I have three vars that can be true/false. They are naturally false. bBowQuiverBolt = False ; Belt fastened quiver? bDaggerHip = False ; Dagger on hip? bSwordBack = False ; Sword on back? Later at payload building time when I'm getting ready to build out my 'SelectSubPackage' payload I do this (this is abbreviated of course) : If bBowQuiverBolt == False and bDaggerHip == False and bSwordBack == False SelectSubPackage '07 XPMSSE' SelectSubPackage '07 XPMSSE - 1st Person' Elif bBowQuiverBolt and bDaggerHip == False and bSwordBack == False SelectSubPackage '07 XPMSSE - BFQ' SelectSubPackage '07 XPMSSE - BFQ - 1st Person' SelectSubPackage '08 BFQ' <SKIP A BUNCH OF THESE FOR BREVITY> Elif bBowQuiverBolt and bDaggerHip and bSwordBack SelectSubPackage '07 XPMSSE - SOB - BHD - BFQ' SelectSubPackage '07 XPMSSE - SOB - BHD - BFQ - 1st Person' SelectSubPackage '08 BFQ' SelectSubPackage '08 BHD' SelectSubPackage '08 SOB' EndIf What is happening is no matter what the user selects, the last variable (bSwordBack) is always ignored. It is like I cannot stack three ANDs together. For example the bottom one where all three variables are true, only 'bBowQuiverBolt' and 'bDaggerHip' are actually toggled and 'bSwordBack' is completely ignored. If I juggle the variables around, the far right-most variable is always ignored. Like I said, this is so repeatable that I'm certain I have a syntax error somewhere or I'm doing it wrong.
  15. wizbain

    I think either I'm dumb or I've encountered a quirk, maybe I can get some advice. Due to the way the XPMSSE mod is structured, there are pretty much pre-defined combinations of dagger, sword, and quiver locations. This is necessary because there is only one skeleton.nif file and many combinations of the three. So I was going to set up something where if the user chose to have a hip dagger, normal sword, and belt quiver, it would output "101". All defaults would be "000", only quiver would be "001" and so on. Basically flipping a bit if it was true. Here's my code: Case "Joy of Perspective" SelectOne "Quiver Position\n\nHere you choose how your quivers should be placed, this only applies when using the skeletons from the default skeleton file path. Races\\NPCs using a seperate skeleton file path are not affect and you have to replace their skeletons manually\n\nSelect only one of the following:",\ "|Default Quivers","Choose this option if you want your quiver\\bolts placed at the default position","Fomod\\Screens\\XPMSSE_Banner.png",\ "Hip-fastened Quivers","Choose this option if you want your quiver\bolts placed like in \"Belt-Fastened Quivers\" edited by Chesko and Ninivekha \[NEXUS ID: 1182\].","Fomod\\Screens\\Chesko.png" Case "Default Quivers" BowQuiverBolt = str('0') Break Case "Hip-fastened Quivers" BowQuiverBolt = str('1') Break EndSelect SelectOne "Dagger Position\n\nHere you choose how your Dagger should be placed, this only applies when using the skeletons from the default skeleton file path. Races\\NPCs using a seperate skeleton file path are not affect and you have to replace their skeletons manually\n\nSelect only one of the following:",\ "|Default Dagger","Choose this option if you want your dagger placed at the default position.","Fomod\\Screens\\XPMSSE_Banner.png",\ "Dagger on Back Hip","Choose this option if you want your dagger placed at the back hip.","Fomod\\Screens\\BHD.png" Case "Default Dagger" DaggerBack = str('1') Break Case "Dagger on Back Hip" DaggerBack = str('1') Break EndSelect SelectOne "Sword Placement",\ "|Default Sword Placement","Default spot for your sword","",\ "Sword on back","Sword on your back","" Case "Default Sword Placement" SwordBack = str('0') Break Case "Sword on Back" SwordBack = str('1') Break EndSelect Break EndSelect LoadOut = BowQuiverBolt + DaggerBack + SwordBack Note LoadOut So when you get to the end of the wizard, if you have selected all of the optional choices (toggled them all to 1) , the "Note" should should be "111". Instead I'm getting "11SwordBack". I've tried compound assignment, I tried changing them to integers instead of strings but that just crashed the parser. I'm kind of stumped, but part of that could be due to being awake for 18 hours. Does anyone have any ideas?