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  1. Wrye Bash - All Games

    And finally, here it is. Beermotor's Skyrim/Skyrim SE Tweaks Test build Download from GitHub This is a Python-only build, so you need to be running Wrye Bash in Python-mode. This build also assumes you are running stock Beta 2 from the Nexus. Eventually I'll redo this on the Utumno-WIP branch, but for now I want as many people to test as possible. How to use: Be running Beta 2, or anything pre-game handling change. If you are running Beta 2 off the Nexus you're good to go. Back up your Wrye Bash settings Back up your Mopy folder. Unzip the contents of the Mopy folder inside the zip package and overwrite files when prompted. Run Wrye Bash Major Changes: Installer Tab right-click menu The menu has been reorganized and now has fly-out menus. The most commonly used actions are still on the main right-click menu. Install Last is under the "Package" submenu. More Bashed Patcher GMST Tweaks! Works for Skyrim and Skyrim SE. Fallout 4 tweaks coming once research is completed. If you find a tweak that does nothing, or works strangely please let me know. If you have suggestions for GMST tweaks please let me know The copy I run from day to day is based on Utumno-WIP so this is kind of a back port. Please do not bother @Utumno or post to the main Wrye Bash repository Issues section for issues with this build. I'll either close them or direct you to my issue tracker. Posting here (make sure to @ me) is the preferred method. Enjoy! Quick Disclaimer: While this is based on Beta 2 and is (mostly) functionally identical, it does change GMSTs in the Bashed Patch and may eat your firstborn, wreck your saves, etc. Consider this Alpha software and use at your own risk.
  2. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Thanks. Refresh is under the Package submenu. Quick refresh is still on the main right-click menu. Yes I've been doing all of this off of the main Dev branch since it's closest to what most are using currently, but the changes still work fine with the latest WIP branch with the game handling changes. That's actually what I was waiting on. I'm feeling poorly again today (the weather went from 8F to 66F in 24 hours) but I'm going to try to get something useful out in the next few days. I'm having trouble making a release though despite following the directions to a T. I may just do a python-only version off of my fork.
  3. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Hey I can fix that But yeah I think I'm going to stick "Install Last" under "Package" rather than remove it. That'll retain the functionality but hopefully reduce the accidental click risk. That is if Utumno wants to keep it.
  4. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @alt3rn1ty Excellent, thank you and perfect timing. I was just going over them and that's exactly what I wanted to know. To get the defaults for these I loaded up the CK with just Skyrim.esm to confirm the values. Still plugging away. It may take me a couple more days to get everything prettied up.
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Thank you Brother @alt3rn1ty this is exactly the feedback I wanted . I've got PyCharm open while I'm writing this. I agree 'Run Wizard" will be better. Changed. Renamed "Manual Wizard" to "Run Wizard". Since the wizard handler uses an 'if' statement to determine whether or not to automatically run the wizard (I could take it apart but I'm afraid I'd break something and I don't want to change app logic) , it only has one tooltip line, so I changed it to: "Run the install Wizard. Auto-Wizard auto-accepts all default selections." There may be a better one-line description to put there if you (or anyone reading) have any ideas. I wasn't sure about what to do with that one either. I agree with your logic so I've placed it under 'Package'. I also did a thing: I took out "Install Last". Maybe it was bad, but I absolutely abhor "Install Last" with the heat of thousand suns. I can't tell how many times I've accidentally clicked it and had to chase down and re-order a mod because of that GD thing. If enough people want it back I'll have to figure out a place to put it so it can't be accidentally clicked.. But I digress, on to the part I need your help grokking.. Oh yeah I certainly need to look back over those descriptions again since I was focused on making sure my Python syntax was right. I'm open for suggestions on better descriptions.. to give you an idea of the silly stuff I have in there now, in the swimming "Breath Control" the maximum option is "@Arthmoor is my daddy". (I'd love to leave it but I don't think the general population would get it). Back to the brackets and how they are displayed, here's the comment in the code that explains how to make the tweaks so maybe I can work within these bounds: So it looks like you bracket the default, and Bash will add a set of brackets to denote the selection you have chosen. Do you think I should approach this as "Default" means the game default (which would be what it would be if the GMST wasn't in the Bashed Patch if I recall correctly) or meaning "this is the default option to make this tweak have any visible effect in-game" ? It's not a big deal to fix it up so I'm open for suggestions. That makes sense, and I see how it obfuscates things a bit. I forgot that not everyone will know what the heck I'm talking about. Where the STEP thing came from: when I was doing my research I looked at a lot of mod guides+lists (since I don't use them) to see what the common annoyances were, and found a few "fix" and "tweak" type mods that were on several mod lists. I'm sure there are a dozen more out there if I looked harder, so if you can think of any that would be nice to put in and are GMST tweaks I'll give it a shot. I'm still working on the tweaks a bit to polish them up so this is perfect feedback. I'm about to go give this all another round of cleaning and polish, so I'll hopefully have something everyone can play with soon.
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    OK so I wanted to share some stuff I've been working on. I've already talked to @Utumno about it and he suggested I pack up a test build to let you guys play with it. I call it my Frankenstein build which is a testbed for a few little improvements and overhauls for WB 308. Here's what I've got.. Revamped Install tab right-click menu So I really never cared for the installer tab package right-click menu in Bash. From a UX designer's standpoint it's a mess. Unrelated functions are side by side, and you can easily accidentally click to delete a file, or hide it, or install last. Ugh. When I was doing some research on things, I found the BAIT Project which had a nice revamped right click menu. It gave me some ideas. Here's what I came up with: I also changed the text labels a bit to make things self-explanatory. A lot of new users don't know what "Install missing" means, but "install missing files" is one additional word that makes it all clear. Same thing with "Conversions". Bashed Patcher Tweaks: Another thing I've been wanting to get back up to par are the wide array of tweaks available in Wrye Bash. When in Oblivion mode, you had multiple panels of tweaks, but in Skyrim and later, the options were limited. So I started gathering up a list of things to tweak and spent a few hours in the CK making sure some of the old tweaks could be ported somehow. I also gathered up a list of mods that change game settings (including SkyTweak) and some of the older recommended mods from the S.T.E.P project (cosmetic things like changing the moons size) and added them in to save plugin slots. Some of these are "fix" mods like the dodge fix mods that are popular. I'm supposed to be doing real work right now so I can't describe all of the tweaks, but I'll show you guys a screenshot to give you an idea. Right now these are for Skyrim/Skyrim SE, but I have a bunch of tweaks for Fallout 4 ready as soon as we can turn on GMST tweaks in the Patcher. I tried to turn them on and got a bugcheck (KeyError: 'GMST') that I couldn't fix, so that may have to wait until after the game handling changes and the data gathering is completed. I'll try to get something put together shortly to let you guys play with it and give feedback.
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    That's a good question. I know there's a way to do it but I can't remember it.
  8. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Sorry about the delay. I downloaded it (I use Obsidian Weathers now) and took a look and it looks like I'm going to have to make a BCF for it since the '01 - Patches' folder has multiple plugin files in one folder. If they've truly finished updating the mod I'll do a BCF. I'm going to take another stab at XPMSSE. I've learned a few things since the last time I tried it. That's the last dragon I have to slay. Excellent. Thank you for checking I had my head in the Skyrim tweaks project most of the day Sunday so I didn't even see there was an update until today.
  9. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Negative. That's the proper repository but the last release on there was one of the v306 builds. Check the second post in this thread for links to the latest builds. I recommend following the "307 WIP Standalone" link to Utumno's Dropbox share.
  10. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Not really. There's a bit more going on than just a standard file copy operation however, and memory is being allocated during this process. You may be hitting a 32-bit limit somewhere due to the incredible number of files rather than the actual size of the mods. Just out of curiosity, are you running the standalone exe version or the Python version? I've always used the Python version (running Python 2.7.14 at the moment) and I didn't have any trouble installing and uninstalling the loose files version of 3DNPC. I had to unpack it with 7Zip due to path lengths being too long (a known issue) but once everything was unzipped and CRC checked it installed and uninstalled without any trouble. I'm a big proponent of BSA files. If these mods had been packed properly you wouldn't be having these issues at all.
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Just for fun I took a pass over the files to see if I could get that size down from over 9GB uncompressed to something reasonable for using it in SSE. Well I got it down to around 1.3GB simply by using SSE NIF and texture formats, and deleting hundreds of unneeded TGA files out of the facegen output. The problem is the plugin. It's a complete wreck. There are several hundred errors in the plugin (unresolved references, etc) and I just didn't feel like fixing them to the point that the CK wouldn't barf on them. Here's the LOOT dirty mod report for the plugin. I can confirm 12,399 ITMs. I really don't have anything else to say other than I wish I had that hour of my life back.
  12. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Be very careful with the Shire Mod. There was actually a thread on Reddit a while back where people found all kinds of issues with it ranging from hundreds thousands of ITM/UDRs (12,468 to be exact) in the plugin to the fact that it replaces things without asking Apparently (according to the thread) the mod would only be about 3.6GB if it were cleaned up and packed properly.
  13. Possible Service Outages

    If the site is running on Linux it should hopefully just be one reboot to pick up the new kernel.
  14. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Replying to myself regarding Fallout 4 GMSTs: It turns out manually is the best and most accurate way to do it, and it is going a lot quicker than I thought it would. I'm still not done (there were a lot of GMSTs added by Survival mode) but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.
  15. Wrye Bash - All Games

    OK that's reasonable. I'll re-add it as a caveat until FO3/FNV support is merged into mainline Wrye Bash. Edit: The Wiki has been updated again

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