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  2. The Silver Shroud



  3. Anything Audio Thread

    PS These dancers are deaf, cannot hear the music. You can see their teacher is standing by the stage, giving them instructions. (girls in white on each side)
  4. New Skyrim World Record

    Karstaag killed at level 61 & Legendary, No potions or magic or shouts (PS this video took 47 atemts to make)




    Sibbi and Esbern offer movie reviews and criticism, as well as other movie-related features. Each movie is given a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" by each, indicating whether it is a good or bad movie.

    Long before the internet prompted millions of amateur critics to endlessly discuss movies, there was Sibbi (Black-Briar) and Esbern. They were the pioneers of movie criticism, two guys from Riften, sitting down in their "Black-Briar balcony seats" to discuss the latest movies openly and honestly.

    Once in a while they would take a break from their regular jobs like member of the Blades & spending useless time in prison, and have special shows such as "Kid Vid", great movies for kids, "Guilty Pleasures", movies they were ashamed to admit they liked and "Hail! Hail! Black and White", one night after getting really really drunk they are talking about the latest Sah Movie.

    Sibbi "So Esbern what is your final opinion of the latest release of the Mummy starring Tom?"

    Esbern "Scientology Propaganda that's all I can say, no Alduin it gets the THUMBS DOWN from me"

    Sibbi "Look; we all have our flaws; mine is women, they can't get enough of me. I give it the BIG THUMB DOWN TOO!!!!!!"

    Esbern "So whats next on the movie agenda?"

    Sibbi "Ah, finally, someone besides the stupid guards to talk to. Next we look at the latest movie starring that sexy honey bunny called Sah, Starring in the movie GLORY OF THE DEAD"

    Esbern "I tried to tell them. They wouldn't listen. Fools. It's all come true... all I could do was watch our doom approach. That is all that comes to mind when you are watching a Sah movie"

    Sibbi "Have you come to gawk at me or is this a social call? Yes that sexy thing knows how to fight, and what about those combat moves? sexy sexy sexy is all I can say"

    Esbern "Haven't you figured it out yet? What more needs to happen before you all wake up and see what's going on?"

    Sibbi "OK folks Esbern is getting a little exited because we have the full length featured film ......"

    Esbern "Ohhh your worse than Delphine, just play the bloody thing!"

    Sibbi "Defiantly something is up and I can tell you its not his thumbs, so before this gets embarrassing a BIG THUMBS UP from me and we will see you in the net show"





  6. Unofficial World Record: Throat of the World to Ivasted in 2.14 sec


  7. hello every has a very interesting question about the ARMOR CAP ......... has looked it up and has seen the information & equations ext ext My question is what really happens in game play? you see am currently doing a play through & I have a full set of Dragonbone armor & weapons, am playing Legendary difficulty & am level 47 I just upgraded my Dragonbone armor to around 1250pts using the traditional method (below) smithing skill tree at 100 I used 4 enchanted items at 25% smithing each and a blacksmiths potion 50% Heavy armor skill tree is 82 So if I am running around Skyrim with a armor way over the cap ....uhmmm...... this is the part that I get confused about? ...... what's really happening in combat? what dose the armor cap actually do? thank you If any one can help Sah
  8. Combat Video Thread

  9. RedHulk.gif

    It was rumored that the Green Hulk was about to singe a deal with Bethesda to be the NEW face of Super Mutants in the next upcoming Fallout release! now speculations can be put to rest as its clear that the Hulk has other plans to follow a career in AFL as the new center forward for the Sydney Swans! Red is the new Black
  10. Skyrim Basketball Association Semi-Final playoffs

    Giants Vs. Riekling Warriors: 285 - 8

    Giants lead 3-0, best of 5

    1. MadCat221


      You know the Giants let the Rieklings get some freebies so it wasn't so pathetic...

  11. Combat Video Thread

  12. Combat Video Thread

  13. Combat Video Thread

  14. Bug Fixing Tutorial by Sah


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