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  1. Sah & The Doctor

    Hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuu hhhhhhhhuuuuuuu vweeep vweep vweep rrrhhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh ......

    a PINK T.A.R.D.I.S Materializing.......

    Hhhhhhhhuuuuuuuu hhhhhhhhuuuuuuu vweeep vweep vweep rrrhhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh .......

    The PINK T.A.R.D.I.S has materialized ........the pink door of the T.A.R.D.I.S swings open and out walks Sah


    Sah "thanks Doctor for picking this one up from Falskaar and returning me to Skyrim and Adella's Way in time for the 1st of January start"
    Doctor  "no problems Sah, and thanks for helping me paint the TARDIS!"
    Sah "any time, Pink is this one favoret color, BTW its dark in here where are we?"

    *a buzzing sound echos as the Doctor pulls out her sonic hand bag and lights up the place*

    Doctor "we are 2000 years in the past and this is Tutankhamun Tomb, he was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom or sometimes the New Empire Period"

    *Sah pulls out her sword and shield and gets into her fighting stance*

    Sah "OK stand back Ive got this"
    Doctor "got what?"
    Sah "any minuet now Tutankhamun will pop out of his sarcophagus and start shooting thunderbolts at us with his staff"
    Doctor "no he wont"
    Sah "ohhh yes he will"
    Doctor "Sah this is Earth not Skyrim, things don't pop out of tombs trying to kill you"
    Sah "yea right tell that to Dracula"
    Doctor "uhhh what? you got me there I forgot about him"
    Sah "I don't get it? why bring this one here if there is no Priest King Tutankhamun?"
    Doctor "well you said you wanted to see a special tomb or ruins before we got back to Skyrim"
    Sah "yea but but....no Priest King Tutankhamun"
    Doctor "Come on Sah we are wasting time, and Ive just regenerated into a woman, got the eager to start multi tasking and doing emotional stuff"
    Sah "karma is a [censored], this will teach you to make 900 year of bad women jokes, and how can you waist time? you got a time machine"

    *as the Doctor start walking back to the Pink T.A.R.D.I.S*

    Doctor  "Oh, brilliant! .....uhmm Sah whats that in your hand?"
    Sah "its a bottle of Coke, got it when you took this one to the year 2020 to buy the newly released Elder Scrolls 6"
    Doctor "hurry up I'm going to check the toilet seat and then we are off to Skyrim*

    *The Doctor walks back into the PINK T.A.R.D.I.S as Sah walks up to King Tutankhamun Sarcophagus and places the full Coke bottle on it*

    Sah "this Coke bottle will blow there minds when they dig this place up in 2000 years .....giggles"

    giggles :xmastroll:

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