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  1. I am sorry. I will report it to him. Thank you for the reply.
  2. I started a new game today and included Even Better Quest Objectives (EBQO) in with the LO Outside of Whiterun, a female NPC orc named Arob was standing on the road. One could click on her but no dialogue showed although she did mention she sold poisons. She is from the orc stronghold of Dushnikh Yah Here is a link to a picture of her outside of Whiterun on the way to kill the first dragon at the Watchtower --- After I disabled EBQO she was no longer there. Here is my LO, although EBQO is disabled --- LO.docx?dl=0 Just thought I would let someone know.
  3. In game, one can only "look" at the list of mods. One has to exit out of the game on the xbox and go to the beginning of the game where it has your saves and the Skyrim symbol where you re-enter the game, and choose mods to install a mod, un-install a mod, and to move a mod up or down in the LO.
  4. I do not know. There is another on the thread where we test the new mods that has had the same problem. I can only say what happened to me and what I did to find the answer. I wish there was a way to check the files on the xbox like on the pc version yet there is not. The link for the thread where we test the mods is at the top of my LO in case you need it. I do thank the team for the help in this matter and for my LO at least I know what happened. Thank you for the help and the reply.
  5. I found the mod causing the problem. In your post you mentioned a mod overwriting something in TES5Edit. So I got the idea about the main files being overwritten. Thank you for the memory button push. I got as far as cat 10 in my LO and there was where I found the mod that caused the hall to look like the picture. Also, I continued on and finished re-loading the mods and the place is still burning like it should. Sorry about the picture thing. I did as you requested. Also, one cannot change the LO in-game. The mod causing the problem is No Snow Under the Roof --- --- at least in my LO this is the mod causing the hall to look like it does in the bottom pic, not broken up and not burning up. I will try to show before and after pictures. The before pics are before the mod was installed and the after ones are after the mod was installed. The hall is burning like it should be, and destroyed. The after picture is where the hall does not look destroyed. It is where the floors and walls shimmer like there are two buildings one on top of the other, plus the door with no activator. The pics came from the gallery thing and I hope I did it right.
  6. From the album Ashley Clark

    Here the place is burning like it should be without the mod that is causing the problem
  7. From the album Ashley Clark

    This is with the mod that is causing the problem
  8. I am presently re-installing mods now. I will do the USSEP and Alternative Start and choose the Hall for a starting point to get it on the map. Then when I get to level 10 and get the Dawnguard started i will know and let you know. EDIT: With just USSEP, The Cheat Room and Alternative Start, after the Dawnguard dlc is started, the hall looks like it is supposed to. All burned up. I will add the other mods back in one at a time, and keep checking the hall to make sure it will remain the same. I am sure that it will, and believe that one of Kato's mods embedded some of its files into the main games files. Like I said, these are mods that I have used for some time and I have never had this happen till I tested Kato's mods.
  9. I do not understand what you are asking. I am on the xbox, and the mods are loaded in the order they "should" go. If a mod updates, it goes to the bottom and one had to move it back to where it goes in the list. Here is the new LO I did yesterday and presently am using. --- I am presently re-installing the game on the xbox to see if any files from a previous LO embedded itself into the games files. After the game re-installs, then I have to re-load the mods and do so in the order that is on the list. Before the Dawnguard DLC starts, one can go to the hall and there are npc's outside, one chopping wood and one at the tanning rack. One cana also enter the hall and walk around. After the Dawnguard DLC starts, at level 10, then I get what you see in the picture I posted above. The walls and floors shimmer like there are two of them, one on top of another. There is smoke coming out of the starw roof, but there is still a door there with no activator. There is no way to check files on the xbox. The only thing one can check is the LO. These are mods I have been using for some time. I added some mods to test, and that is when the problems began. I have taken all of those mods off, and re-did the LO and now I am just using the ones I have been using for some time. Hope that makes sense.
  10. Thank you. Riverside is modded heavy and a lot of items added such as bridges and boats and other buildings. It will not go back on my LO. Thanks again.
  11. @Arthmoor I just wanted to let you know that I narrowed it down to one of 2 mods, or maybe both. Kato's Riverwood --- Kato's Ivarstead --- Without these 2 mods in my LO, everything is back to normal. I do not know if you want to let the MA know or not, as you could probably relate to the MA better than I can. At least I found which ones are causing it. Thank you for your help in this matter.
  12. Okay. This time they were not there. The only mods I can think of that I had in both LO that were above Alternative that had anything to do with NPC's are Immersive Civil War Cleanup, and Immersive College NPC's. I do not think any other mods in my LO would do this. If it is not to much trouble, would you look at the LO and see if there is another mod I missed? After I re-do the LO again, I will leave those two mods out and see what happens. If everything is alright, then I can alert the MA's for those 2 mods about a "possible" conflict.
  13. The only thing below Alternative is RDO, the RDO patch, Cooking, Brewing and Alchemy mod, Better Riften Performance mod, Color Patches mod, Realistic Water 2 mod, Dawnguard Map markers, and Restore Vanilla Settings which is disabled. I have never had this happen before until the update the other day. Unlike the first time this happens, I went into Helgan and they both showed up inside. I followed them, and took a bunch of pics as I did. I will purge the LO again, and just use USSEP and Alternative and make another new character and see what happens and then let you know.
  14. Okay. I took your advice and figured it was a fluke. I purged my reserve, and my saves. I did a hard restart before re-installing mods, and also after installing mods. I then made a brand new character. I now have a NEW LO and re-installed mods, and started out at the College of Winterhold. It took me a few to get to Helgan from Winterhold. I finally arrive at Helgan, and guess what, they are still out in the courtyard. Both of them. This is a new game, new mods, new character, and there they are. As soon as the pictures come up from the console to I will post them. One can actually click on them to activate them and talk to them. So the problem still exists for me. Brand new LO --- XBox LO 4-4-2017.docx?dl=0 Running xbox 1 --- 115 mods / 3.22 gb used / 1.78 gb free
  15. Okay on this. I will take as such, and just figure that they got tired of being in the cave and went for a stroll. lol Thank you all the help on this matter. On the other post, I tried it will several different saves, so I do not know about that one.