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  1. well that is good news for me, i guess it all makes sense; i wasn't removing any properties on these scripts, i just added half a dozen large Property arrays. going through all of these references is going to suck, but at least i can finish it. let me know if there's something else i'm missing, thanks for the help
  2. Let me back up, i was confused by what you were saying initially. I have edited a vanilla script on a trap Activator, on a new game this is fine. but say, someone uses this mod and is halfway through the game with half of the trap activators already been loaded. Are you saying that by me going through each Object Reference in the CK and filling those new Properties, there will be no negative consequences for loading up these activators on a half way through save? If that's all it takes, i have no problem with doing that. I guess i need to do some testing on it first to make sure. It would explain why the only traps that worked were the ones my mod added, whereas trap activators that I had never loaded in my game were borking out and causing log spam and save bloat. I was just under the impression that there was more to it. ------ as for (2), i meant programatically update the Properties, which i doubt is possible. I'm going to be very, very grateful if this solves the issues.
  3. The problem is i can't expect the end-user to update each reference via CK. Unless you're saying that I, the mod author, could update all changes, but I'm pretty sure in the former thread i linked just about everyone said that properties are baked into saves. If there was a way to iterate through each object reference via a single SGE quest script, i wouldn't be opposed to that. I would be very interested if what you're saying is true, i need some corroboration first, there are over 500+ references iirc. (there's probably alot more tbh, it's every trap in the game and DLC)
  4. So I'm back, after SKSE was released for SSE. Here's the original thread (if you care enough to see what i'm doing)
  5. marthgun

    NifSkope 2.0 Dev

    EDIT: having added my custom texture with alpha channel to a vanilla mesh, I discovered that it worked. The reason was that when I selected the texture with the purple flower, i navigated to a separate folder outside of the Fo3 data folder. this caused the custom mesh to read the file as only the file name, whereas putting the custom texture onto a vanilla mesh caused the target destination to be rendered as E:/__my_folder/__mytexture.dds typing a direct link to the file fixed the problem. the Fo3 directory was mapped, so that's probably the "bug" if you could call it that. i seem to be having some problems getting transparency to work on a fo3 nif; its a simple plane, i'm using the pre-fo4 intel photoshop dds plugin, i made a simple solid black color on my background, added an Alpha Channel, then made a number of dots from white to black and varying degrees of grey, this is just a test. It should be showing up. I've tried the default niAlphaProperty value of 237, then 4844, 4333, 4109, 4845, 4846, and i've gone through most of the options one by one with blending and testing on and off. I cannot figure this out. i've never had this problem before but its been awhile, i may have missed something entirely; the BsLightingPPShaderProp comes from a vanilla mesh, as well as the NiAlphaProperty, just copied over so idk. i've messed with turning all the render elements on and off (textures, glow, specular, etc). i've tried with and without random normal maps. any ideas?
  6. marthgun

    SSE How to make custom collision?

    Sorry I've been busy on the mod, I'll start up 3ds tonight and get you a custom model that should work 100% on Oldrim. before that I will test sseOptimizer out once again on the mesh just to make sure I didn't miss something.
  7. marthgun

    SSE How to make custom collision?

    I've tried that, multiple different ways, i even tried a number of different bhkshapes and helpers, i've tried just straight linking too. What exporter are you using? Does nif optimizer even touch collisions? I can make oldrim collision meshes and export them fine, but nif optimizer never gave feedback that it touched the collision, but it crashes in game when the nif is viewed.
  8. Anyone know how to make custom colliision objects in SSE? I'm using 3ds 2012, already tried to finagle ChunkMerge, the only thing i've come up with is using vanilla collisions by replacing the trishapes in nifskope. I'm using the exporter/importer for max that's on the sse nexus. surely there's a way to do this.
  9. I played Witcher 3 and i just now noticed how stupid the crafting system for skybirds is. you basically get dumped every single schematic based on perk. so i made a mod that essentially requires schematics (without removing perk requisites) to craft. Because I'm a big fan of Morrowloot, i built this with that in mind. So, 1) what do you think of the idea? (i think its really awesome and that i am a genius) 2) edit: cdcooley came through like a madman and fixed me up! should be able to work with any mod now and be modular. 3) assuming I didn't screw this up or missed something important, is there any playtesters or perhaps people who can help me catalogue the major mods that I need to make patches for? I know Ordinator probably needs a patch, all weapons and armor mods, but I'm not as up to date on what's out there for SSE. 4) Name Ideas for mod are welcome, I went with Crafting Schematics SSE for now. Hlep and thank you 5) i REALLY need input for how to have a more dynamic system for getting the schematics. Obviously i think the bulk of schematics should come from Blacksmiths, perhaps after they warm up to you. Some through leveled lists. Perhaps some through quests. Although the more I go crazy the more I'm likely to break/overwrite/be overridden when other mods are added. Thoughts? 6) one of my other wild and crazy thoughts was since this will help keep the uh crafting menu cleaner, i need a clever way to "unlearn" a recipe or rather remove the recipe. Should be something sexy.
  10. Thanks for the info guys, i took alot of advice from here, now I just need to start testing it thoroughly, i really appreciate those links Ishara i think that's a really good alternative. and that's very similar to what i'm working with.
  11. so i should have to force a reset for everyone on release? can only one property be loaded at once or is it more like because ObjectReferences that have already been baked in, applying scripts to them will cause problems? that makes alot of sense if the save is trying to replicate the state of game. i just wish there were some way to not have to reset a cell. bah gawd,any ideas? edit: although i should mention i went to two cells on my heavy modded game that i never been to before (test areas). but i think you're probably right.
  12. There was no other TrapTriggerBase script in my loose Script folder, is there another way to override a script? from your original link about the papy errors: a new game, or coc'ing from the Main Menu, works just fine. Idk how i would even fix this if I have to require a new game. Do you think that because other scripts have ran or are running using the same base objects, that would cause a problem for them filling? I'm wondering if it may be standard to run checks for all my properties just to make sure it shuts down if it can't fill. that's a great idea, i'll implement it thanks. anymore suggestions are welcome.
  13. Both scripts, both are vanilla scripts: psc file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B858bpwZmkmiRGJVeWRGS096cjg this is identical to the vanilla script except i run a check for whether or not the object attached isEnabled, so i don't get errors for non loaded 3d if the object initializes or is reset the parent script: psc file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B858bpwZmkmiamFZVUJYSERvOFE
  14. yes, I created a dummy script with just the Scriptname header line and the Properties, compiled it in the CK, and then filled all the properties, saved, closed CK, checked in xEdit, then copied the compiled pex to the /Scripts/ folder, I used the exact names of every base object so I can Auto-Fill the properties. upon removing all mods from my modlist, and coc'ing to my test area, the trap warehouse and various other places, everything works very fast with no papy log complaints and all things appearing as they should edit: i should add that im compiling as much info as possible before i start getting into this hardcore tomorrow. so far its done to just adding debug notifications block by block to find out exactly how this thing is going pear shaped, breaking off my functions into another script and testing.
  15. as to the papyrus errors, i have an OnActivate event, which contains a menu that i operate through functions, it is evaluating the script line for line, each variable is returning none and it often repeats the call to the stack, once (i guess) a certain call limit is reached it moves to the next variable, i mean they are all practically identical errors, which is why i *assumed* that the properties were not properly filling, this OnActivate is outside of any States, and since it is THIS script attached to the object, therefore it should override those in the parent script and in the internal States. However, it is almost like its evaluating these simutaneously, like one thread is running my OnActivate block, while another is skipping to a State because my blockActivation is not working on the heavily modded version for reasons im unsure about. edit: that's confusing, i mean its like its evaluating the parent OnActivate block which then calls .activate on self, i.e activate(self As ObjectReference). otherwise i find it impossible to explain me getting into my OnActivate block error: None is not a valid inventory item error: Cannot call Show() on a None object, aborting function call etc

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