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  1. Sinapus

    Issues with random encounters

    I noticed a change in an encounter that in previous games has shown some activity that may be bugged or simply incomplete. There's a random encounter that has a group of super mutants keeping a settler captive. What happened before is if you kill the super mutants the settler will run away and eventually end up in Sanctuary if you follow them. Then the settler can be moved to a settlement and assigned work, but he/she doesn't have any animations, nor do they actually seem to move if you send them somewhere else or make them a provisioner. The settler just stays at the same spot where they stop and nothing seems to happen. Usually I just leave Sanctuary without doing anything and the settler vanishes eventually. It might be this week's update, but this time I clicked on the "interact" part I got a menu option to free the settler, do nothing or free/interact with opens their inventory. After I selected something I got a dialogue option similar to the encounter where you stop an attack on the settlers and you can send them to a settlement. In this case the settler was a woman and since the encounter was close to Sanctuary I sent her there. When she got there she stood at the same spot. I tried assigning her to a scavenging station and nothing seemed to happen. So I fast traveled away and back and she was working on the scavenging station and wandering off, the usual settler animations. Since it happened after the update I'm wondering if Bethesda fixed something or if it was just something that's always been there but I never ran into it. No dev notes so far so I can't tell. Anyway, just wanted to report it since it's one of the random encounters that's always acted wonky and it seems to be working for some reason.
  2. Sinapus

    Issues with random encounters

    Is that "gassy settler" guy that puts that cannery on your pipboy map one of the ones that's not supposed to re-arm it's triggers? Would be interesting if that were so. I know Doc Anderson will show up at different "campsite" style areas since she did, even after I finished Automatron.
  3. Sinapus

    Issues with random encounters

    Well, right now I have nothing but fresh games (i.e., characters who just woke up in Vault 111) so I probably won't hit much lag at all. Most of the "stuck" quests I ran into seemed to be from Automatron but your patch notes states others were doing it too. Now that I think of it there was what looked like a vanilla RE, a brahmin/radstag corpse with a few bugs, that never seemed to despawn after I killed the bugs so that may have been one of them. I may try the beta though I'm not sure I can give very good feedback. I guess I can try to find if one of my many mods interferes with the beta patch or similar. :-) Thank you and the rest of the UFO4P team for your hard work on this.
  4. Sinapus

    Issues with random encounters

    Hm. I guess I have other questions about what it's going to do to an existing game, like will it cause a massive lag when it starts finding quests to cleanup, but I suspect that will be mentioned in the release notes when 2.0 is completed. Hopefully, I will remember to read those first. :-)
  5. Sinapus

    Issues with random encounters

    I was going through the thread... since I really am not a coder I guess I'm asking for clarification: This will be a retroactive fix that will close existing RE quests in current games in addition to keeping new random events from causing the same problem? Asking because I am about to start up some new games and hoping I can simply update to UFO4P 2.0 to fix any quests (Automatron does leave a lot of robot corpses when I run into Rust Devils and the like) in the game and not have to start over.

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