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  1. Hi guy's, I try very hard and i am not a noob at modding but the custom tree tutorials here : is not working since the BSTreeNode setup is not well explain and i think the author miss a lot of complementary explanations to set the BSTreeNode correctly. I did my bones rig with skin for my tree in 3ds max and i export it smoothly but i end up with a different NiSkinInstance structure since i have more bones in my rig and the tutorial does not deal with that. Is there a place where someone explain how to setup a BSTreeNode correctly?
  2. Hi devil's, Thank for replying and for the link, i will give it a try and report back if successful.
  3. Hi guy's, There is so much confusion on what version of 3ds max and the Nif plugin is required to export bones that i am humbly asking if anyone can shed some light? I did a lot of reading without finding any true answer and i have access to 3ds max 2013 up to 2017 in my subscription plan. Thank for anyone helping a fellow modder!
  4. Hi everyone, Maybe i miss it but is there a way to convert a nitrishape to a bstrishape with copy paste?
  5. Hi Hana, I know i cannot simply replace an animated mesh with a non animated mesh but at first i thought the foliage cards were only child of branches with the vertex animation automaton in Skyrim so i was having in mind to simply try replacing the foliage cards. The trees available on resources are not using the BStreenode structure they are like the aspentree04 only animated via vertex alpha and i already tried and lost so much time on getting a decent re texture but my texture is very good the problem is the way they put these foliage cards in a very unrealistic way and good luck having some decent snowy pines with theses! Unfortunately i think that i have no other choice then to try this tutorial and see if i can bring my rigged tree with bones in Skyrim since i only have access to 3ds max 2016, 2017 and 2013 and they mention it is working only with 3ds max 2012. Well i will comment back and if this work i will make a video tutorial about it.
  6. Hi Hana, I was trying to replace the BSTriShape 19 since it has no string name not to be confuse with TreePineForest01_1:1 that is the lod nitrishapedata. I think the only way is to completely do a new tree from scratch but i am not sure it's possible.
  7. Ok just made some more test and i hit another wall here since the foliage cards are showing as a BSTrishape/NiSkinInstance/NiSkinData and this is the bones weighting meaning that the tree foliage cards were not rigged the way i thought it was like only being child's of branch parent and vertex weight for animations, instead the whole foliage cards are directly rigged with bones. So i think my hope of retaining only the trunk and branches for animations is now out of the question and it doesn't seem to be possible to import a fully working custom tree. I know there a lengthy but very confusing tutorial here : but i read it 3 times and still don't understand the author that was not natively speaking English and overall that was very confusing and since no one made a custom tree fully working with animations.
  8. I will feed this thread with what i discover along the way. So i made a little progress so far by simply copying the Skyrim SE treepineforest.nif and copy pasting the rock01 nitrishape branch on the BSTreeNode root and finally it show up in game. My first test was done with Skyrim legendary edition tree nif instead of SE but since i saved my nif in the most recent version of nifskope that support Skyrim SE i don't see why it was not working but at least i am making slow progress here and i will report back with new test with foliage cards.
  9. Hi again, I just made another test to see if i can import a new mesh with the tree so i just made a box and put it at the base of the tree and then i copy a nitrishape branch and deleted the nitrishapedata (I always put 4097 in UV set and spell update all tangent spaces)and import the box and save the nif. The only thing that yield an error was updating tangent spaces here the message : "need vertices, normals, texture coordinates and faces to calculate tangents and binormals". When i saved the nif i also have to deactivate sanitize file or else it wont saved it. In game as you can guess no box is anywhere to be seen. I am surprised no one ever really get involved in custom trees. EDIT: I made a new test by copying a rock01.nif nitrishape branch and pasting it in the tree nif and again nothing show up in game and all flags are OK. It certainly have something to do with the way nifskope save the nif for trees since it yield a few errors and need to unchecked the auto sanitize feature to save the file.
  10. Hi Hana, Thank for the warm welcome and yes the nif was in the right path and names were correct. Prior to testing i made sure with user info in CK where treepineforest01 was located and i even tried the replace option in CK with the same result. And last yes i was close enough and it was not any lod level. I saw that no one so far in the whole nexus mods made a working custom trees and the one who modified it lost the main trunk and branches animations and they all reintroduced their new custom trees in a regular static nif with collision without the BsTreeNode. I think this has to do with vertex number not having the same count since i deleted many foliage cards to test if my nif was working. Even a very light change like moving one vertex yield the same result. Maybe it is impossible to do since no one made it so far.
  11. Hi there, I am new here and i first want to say thank for all the good info here for us modders since so few place are helping us to understand how to put our vision into the game bryo engine. I am a 15 years 3D and 2D artist and i made a lot of environment assets as a freelancer and i was trying to change the pine trees foliage cards distributed around the trunk and i discover that the change i made in nifskope didn't work at all in game. For testing i just import the treepineforest01.nif in 3ds max and i deleted all foliage cards except one and then i export the modified version as obj and used an old nifskope version to re import to replace the original nitrishapedata. I check every nodes to make sure they had same entries and when i load the new tree in game it's simply show no modifications i made just like it is completely ignored and show the original tree. I then tried by exporting as nif with 3ds max 2016 and just copy paste over the new nitrishapedata and same result tree show in game like nothing happen. So is there a way to modify the trees nif or maybe there is an obscure setting i don't know about in nifskope? Thank for anyone willing to lay a hand to a fellow modder. Regards Peter