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    Blog Writing - Have managed and edited guides and tutorials for TES Oblivion gamers since 2016. My work is been hosted on the TesRenewal.com forums, STEP WIKI, and now Nexus Wiki.
    Gaming - Have been an avid RPG gamer since the late 1980.
    Reading - Fantasy literature is my preferred genre.
    Modding - Creating works that still make the older games fun to play.
    Travelling - My husband and I love to tour the countryside on our motorcycle. We also love camping.

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About Me

I'm all grown up (middle aged and a grandmother :D) and I have finally figured out what I want to be: a video game modder!

My interest is learning the ins and outs of creating my own mods, for TES games especially. I also love to write, and I strive to teach when creating my own guides and tutorials to share with others. I want users who follow my work to understand the "ins and outs" of what is actually involved in creating a stable modded game. This way the user can hopefully know how to set up a game with their own unique style of game play as opposed to following what someone else has put out there for them. I am more of an adventure/fantasy player, so I prefer graphic overhauls that add unique scenery and items to my game. Others prefer more realistic- survival and combat style overhauls. I try to blend a little of each with my setup when writing my guides and tutorial to accommodate all users.

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