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  1. Wrye Bash - All Games

    My previous problem with table.dat not saving was overcome by restarting windows... It feels like the memory could have become crammed over a long session (but python doesn't have the same problem as, say, C with memory not being deallocated unless specifically told to, does it?), but unfortunately I didn't verify it before restarting. Still, this occurred specifically with Immersive armors's caliente refit (third party, hot hothtrooper's). I wonder if it wasn't a problem with handling file size in memory, but the number of files being installed at once, which is impressive (the archive contains 29400 files). Can't say this wouldn't happen with previous builds as I used to install calientetools manually, so I went back to that procedure, relocated the calientetools folder to the skyrim root folder, removed it from the extra directories in skyrim's __init__.py and manually copied all files concerned, annealed or removed the installers in wb (according to whether or not they had more than the calientetools folder) and all is good.
  2. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Big f//&up.. Restarted WB and when going to Installers it started recalculating CRC, took over 5 minutes, when finally got access to the installers all my previous session's work was gone. The installer files and project folders were all as I had left them, but all crammed up at the bottom of the list (as if WB simply read them from the bash installers folder but had no idea where to place them) and all "uninstalled" (but the files were all in the Data folder). Something must have corrupted some critical file? I redid the whole work, reinstalled all mods in the correct order and restarted WB again... And again it started recalculating CRC and reverted to a prior state. A week's work... What can I do to fix this? Is it the table.dat file? It says it was saved 15 minutes ago, that could account for the unsaved later work, why isn't WB saving? Edit: Checked and it goes back to the immersive armors "out of memory" error I mentioned before. Could that have corrupted something?
  3. Wrye Bash - All Games

    This error when trying to install HothTrooper44's Immersive Armors v8. Restarted bash and it installed ok. Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\balt.py", line 2495, in __Execute self.Execute() File "bash\balt.py", line 1605, in _conversation_wrapper return func(*args, **kwargs) File "bash\basher\installer_links.py", line 504, in Execute ui_refresh, progress, last, override) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 2259, in bain_install override) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 2199, in _install progress, refresh_ui) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 2215, in __installer_install sub_progress) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 984, in install return self._install(dest_src, progress) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 1178, in _install subprogressPlus, unpackDir) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 1015, in _fs_install fs_operation(srcs, dests, progress.getParent()) File "bash\env.py", line 574, in shellMove renameOnCollision=autoRename, silent=silent) File "bash\env.py", line 523, in _fileOperation target.replace(u'\x00', u'\n')) File "bash\exception.py", line 145, in __init__ 124, u'Invalid paths:\nsource: {}\ntarget: {}'.format(source, target)) MemoryError
  4. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I can confirm that on my Legendary build I also didn't get the installers tab after the error. But clicking on the mods tab (resulting in no change) and then, again, on the installers tab did the trick, and no error on the second go.
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    When I switch to the installers tab having the bashed patch ghosted, I get this error: wxPython: stdout/stderr Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\basher\__init__.py", line 3507, in OnShowPage self.currentPage.ShowPanel() File "bash\balt.py", line 1605, in _conversation_wrapper return func(*args, **kwargs) File "bash\basher\__init__.py", line 2852, in ShowPanel scan_data_dir) File "bash\balt.py", line 1605, in _conversation_wrapper return func(*args, **kwargs) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 1467, in _projects_walk_cache_wrapper return func(self, *args, **kwargs) File "bash\basher\__init__.py", line 2897, in _refresh_installers_if_needed refresh = self.listData.refreshTracked() File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 2081, in refreshTracked self.data_sizeCrcDate[key] = (apath.size,apath.crc,apath.mtime) File "bash\bolt.py", line 758, in size return os.path.getsize(self._s) File "C:\Python27\lib\genericpath.py", line 57, in getsize return os.stat(filename).st_size WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified: u'd:\\Steam\\SteamApps\\common\\Skyrim\\Data\\Bashed Patch, 0.esp' It seems harmless as I can get on with what I'm doing and then reactivate the bashed patch, without issues.
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    It seems like WB is not accepting filenames in some language scripts. Getting the error message: "The filename you specified is either invalid or too long. Specify a different filename" for scripts including chinese, chinese simplified, japanese, russian, bulgarian. This doesn't interrupt the installation process if you choose to "skip" the file but the mods are not reported as installed by Wrye Bash (happens with FNIS or The Men of Winter), even though their files have been partially copied to Data. My workaround for this has been to move the "unaccepted" out of the installer, then reinstalling the mod, installs ok, then manually move the files into data (I do keep a pristine backup of each downloaded mod). A mess!
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I hope so, I was then using version 3.07 beta1, the standalone executable that you download from nexus. I actually emulated the procedure from Hish's guide with Skyrim, and lived with the constant CRC checks and full refreshes for months.
  8. Wrye Bash - All Games

    But is that also the case for the Legendary Edition? Good thing you mentioned it, I was just about to install FNIS, so I was still able to check the data folder and there's no tools folder inside it. I can't tell if the CK won't create it somehow, I've still not overcome my fear of it... To the point that I've added architecture and other content to mods using xEdit and a piece of paper to note down coordinates. Yeah, I know...
  9. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I followed your procedure, in the case of bodyslide (the main tool, that includes Outfit Studio as well) it's just like you say (though I omitted the part about relocating the executables). But there's also another tool bundled with bodyslide, texblend, which has 4 files that don't get copied by WB: one exe and 3 dlls. Also manually copied those and checked the folders and files, they do match.
  10. Wrye Bash - All Games

    One that I promptly implemented, thank you and thanks for making me cross the line and actually tampering with wb, that was a first
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I've used the option to not skip bethesda content with Hishup's guide for Oblivion, which suggested we made a backup and reinstalled everything in the data folder except for the archives, so wrye bash could manage it and never lose the ability to correctly replace something if mods got uninstalled. But the backside of it is that you'll have to live with CRC checks EVERY SINGLE REFRESH of the installers tab, including simply going off-focus and back. Not worth it in my opinion.
  12. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Great guide. Are the executables the only files that get skipped by wrye bash? And the following section on how to avoid clean data deletion, I presume it implies that those executables don't need to be in their original folder to work as intended. I've always managed bodyslide manually from a folder located outside Data. But FINS I've always placed inside the Data folder and never had any executabe deleted. Actually, I'm not acquainted with the clean data action. So if I never used it, is it safe to assume that if I never have to use it, those executables will just stay where they are inside the Data folder?
  13. Wrye Bash - All Games

    LOL I can see that there was already an exception for caliente's, that's good! How about adding one more: dataDirsPlus = { u'skse', u'ini', u'asi', u'skyproc patchers', u'calientetools', # bodyslide u'dyndolod', u'tools', # FNIS }
  14. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Hi alt3rn1ty, I'm running DynDOLOD without a problem, also thanks to your literature It's the other mod that concerns me, the old Spice of Life Forts. It contains a DynDOLOD folder with scripts that are important for the mod to be correctly assimilated by DynDOLOD. Sheson confirmed me that it should go into the Data folder, or alternatively into the edit scripts folder within DynDOLOD. Pretty easy, but non-standard and the mod's description doesn't say anything about the folder, nor do any documents contained in within the mod. On one hand it's understandable since the mod is no longer supported by its author and its page is maintained by The Caretaker at nexus. The motive of my post was to suggest that WB might have the ability to automatically copy a "DynDOLOD" folder to the data folder, as other mods use the same procedure. How about FNIS and its "tools" folder? I'm ready to agree that the list of exceptions can grow indefinitely and as it stands, you can manage it with the "has extra directories" option but, again, it's less than standard and perhaps makes for a little bit of wb's reputation of being difficult to use. How about a feature similar to the BAIN sub-packages? Not directly applicable, it seems to me, because this "DynDOLOD" is not a directory containing BAIN standard folders and files, it needs to go into Data itself. I mean, there has to be a "DynDOLOD" folder inside the data folder for DynDOLOD to read its contents and use them. But maybe this is not a good practice, since these folders are not read by the game at all. The problem is, when using a mod manager, you're usually only managing the data folder (whether real or virtual). So, either these mods have to include a manual installation instruction for the extra files, or the mod managers have to widen their scope. Thinking about it like this, it doesn't sound very promising (although mo handles it because it copies everything into its virtual data folder and feeds it to applications running insider it). But on a wrye bash installation a lot of these "extra folders" just clutter up the data folder. I don't think it'll impact the game (which should simply ignore these folders) but still...
  15. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Hey guys, just noticed that when I install a mod containing DynDOLOD information (usually a DynDOLOD folder along with the normal bain folders, files and archives) Wrye Bash doesn't install that directory by default. I think the workaround for this is currently the "has extra directories" option, which I couldn't test thoroughly because I had already copied the folder manually to Data. But after using that option, uninstalling and reinstalling the mod, it's no longer showing grey background and the needed directories are installed. This just seem a bit "advanced", if you know what I mean. May give a bit of trouble to the average user or the user will have incompletely installed mods. Since DynDOLOD is pretty popular, maybe wrye bash could be made to work with its configuration files out of the box?

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