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  1. [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    I'm already using Loot 0.12.3 for Skyrim and Skyrim SE, is it still worthwhile to fetch BOSS for Oblivion? Latest BOSS masterlist available at Nexus is 1 year old.
  2. wrye bash running steam loader instead of skse

    This hasn't been implemented yet. I'm using a complicated workaround that "accidentally" makes SKSE launch from wrye bash: - Add to SKSE.ini:   [Loader]   RuntimeName=SSE.exe - Rename SkyrimSE.exe to SSE.exe - Rename skse_loader.exe to SkyrimSE.exe - Create an empty text file in Skyrim Special Edition main folder and name it skse64_loader.exe (this only "tricks" Loot into thinking that file is present in the main game folder, as it will display an error message if it doesn't find it, at least, with SkyUI; SkyUI itself is "smarter", though, and doesn't need any specific file to be present in the game folder, as long as SKSE is running, SkyUI is fine. Only loot shoots a nagging error message if skse64_loader.exe is absent). This workaround makes it possible to use the Steam Overlay with SKSE64, which I'm no longer using, but I keep the fix for wrye bash to launch skse.
  3. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Whenever I try to resize icons to 32x32 in settings/status bar, from the installers window, Wrye Bash crashes. If I do the same from the mods window, it's ok. This has happened with every version of wrye bash I've used up to the latest... Not a breaking bug, but a crashing one nonetheless.
  4. Wrye Bash - All Games

    What about progress with Mash? I've seen a lot of fuss around Morroblivion of late, as someone who didn't play MW "back in the day" and only started a few months ago for modding fun, is Morroblivion already a platform worth going for? That is, besides having better Wrye Bash support. Does it have a comparable mod base? I started modding Morrowind on the grounds that Morroblivion would take away the fun of achieving the best results on the original version, plus all the mods available for the original MW wouldn't necessarily be usable in Morroblivion.
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Read it, hated some of the attitude... Foresaw a lot of reading and tinkering and headaches for negligible results. Then I read some more. Phrases like this in a post immediately drive me away: " Mator Smash completely obviates Bashed and Merged patches to the point where it and basic record checking in xEdit are the only two things you ever need to make fully functional patches. I'm assuming you're using Mod Organiser for this, but if you're not, you should be." I figured out I haven't needed mator smash hitherto, probably won't need it hereafter. But thank you for confirming that bit of extra conflict resolution I'll need when using the bashed patch. :thumbsup:
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    How compatible is mator's smash with wrye bash (used as mod manager)? Is is just a question of making the smashed patch before the bashed patch? I feel it might mess things up, as even if I deactivate (ghost) the plugins merged into the smashed patch, when I build the bashed patch it will still read the ghosted archives and merge them in, unless I tell it not to, or deactivate the esp's in the installers tab or, worse, move them below the bashed patch in the mods tab. Sounds like a lot of work when bashed patch plus some manual CR will achieve the same as the smashed patch...
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Conflict resolution: I'm trying to resolve audio conflicts in my SSE build and noticed that all of Audio Overhaul's patches make it into the bashed patch. If I have an overall Conflict Resolution plugin that includes audio edits, merging, picking and choosing what to carry, that should override some or all of the mentioned patches, that plugin (loading last but before the bashed patch) gets overridden by the bashed patch. When building the bashed patch, does WB only include edits from the files merged into it (and leveled lists) or does it take into account possible overrides that the plugins it merged might have later in the load order?
  8. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Thanks! I suppose from your answer that we're not going to fix it by simply re-saving in the CK. It's strange that in xEdit everything seems normal and the form version for the record is 44, only the warning message about unused data at the bottom of the window: https://i.gyazo.com/f589c4cece8ce8ad56cec56ce24eebdb.png Another issue I'm having is Wrye Bash merging Better Quest Objectives into the bashed patch, all files including patches and the main esp. Then for some strange reason it flags Better Quest Objectives.esp (the main esp) as master and, while it deactivates it because it's merged, and looks green and everything seems in conformity, the game doesn't load the bashed patch. Loot also produced and error message for the bashed patch saying that its master (BQO) should be active in the load order, but is deactivated. Yet, the plugin shows in green as if merged into the bashed patch. Right after rebuilding the patch you actually get the plugin to be inactive (merged) and the bashed patch active, without complaining of missing master. That's when, running loot, I got the error message. Activating Better Quest Objectives.esp, loot no longer sends out an error message and if I, then, deactivate it again, it will cause the bashed patch to be deactivated as well, as expected. This happens with Skyrim SE and didn't happen in the LE. It's pretty inconsistent because if you merge a master and all its dependencies there shouldn't be a dependency inherited by the bashed patch... Or if you keep the dependency, the master file shouldn't be merged or deactivated.
  9. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Can anyone help me fix this error when building the bashed patch: Vigilant.esp: SPGD.DATA: Expected size == 48, but got: 96 Error loading 'SPGD' record and/or subrecord: 022C603C eid = u'zzzCHRainStormParticles' subrecord = 'DATA' subrecord size = 96 file pos = 1843568 Error in Vigilant.esp
  10. [Skyrim] TES5Edit - Records that merge at runtime

    This is a very useful thread. Found it while googling for DOBJ records on the assumption that they might not need CR (geez, my load would be a mess if it needed). This answered my doubts about this and more. I realized I'd been lilkely breaking my game trying to "resolve" navmesh and worldspace "conflicts". Even nagged Jenna about her navmeshes in ETaC (I did have a conflict in Riverwood which turned out to be fixed by adjusting the load order). My bad - and thank you @Arthmoor for making this clear. In a perfect world one should read this site through before attempting to play with mods.
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    A user in a forum mentioned the bashed patch being reported by an SSEEdit form version check script as being version 43. As I don't have that issue, my take would be that the cause is using the old version 307beta1 still available at nexus under old files. Can this be confirmed? Should using the beta2 from nexus or the later version linked in the second post of this thread fix this? Or can the bashed patch version issue be inherited from merging unconverted version 43 esps? DarkladyLexy, I installed 'Timing is Everything' and when I ran the SSEEdit (Check old form version) script against my entire Guide Build (and not just against the TiE mod), the Bashed Patch was tagged as using Form 43. I did some searching and found this discussion on the Wrye Bash GitHub page: Add Form Version to class ModReader: #342
  12. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Seems to have been resolved by totally reinstalling WB, keeping only bash.ini and the apps folder. Also deleted the working directory containing installers, etc. Seems like a lot of SSE mods' script sources have been packed differently than in LE. Whereas there you'd pack the sources in #yourmod/scripts/source, many SSE mods come packed with the sources in #yourmod/source/scripts (which is totally nonsense, why nest a scripts folder inside sources if all that goes into sources are script sources? and why put a new folder in the root data folder, unless it's the CK that's been changed too). Anyway, WB doesn't recognize this new arrangement as legit and greys it out.
  13. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Trying to start a new installation of SSE and when I install and archive with wrye bash it shows green as if having been installed, on the right pane it shows a lot of matching files, but when I navigate to Skyrim Special Edition\Data in windows explorer the files aren't there... Using utumno WIP linked in the second post of this thread. I actually set up bash.ini with the correct paths to the game and installer folders. The mods window shows the game's five plugins and the bashed patch, all green.
  14. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Kind of a stupid question, I accidentally clicked "don't ask again" or whatever option is there when drag'n'dropping an archive into the installers window and selecting "move", now all my installers are moved by default and I can't figure out a way to change this behaviour back to normal (always ask).
  15. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I'm using the python version. Didn't try installing as project... I had real problems with CRC checking when I had most of my mods unpacked in wrye bash. Always took over 5 minutes to load the installers tab and context in/out was really slow. After I repacked the projects having the greatest number of files, it was like it crossed a wall and everything went smooth again. So now I always keep my installers packed, even though it takes a while for 7zip to unwind them when installing. I also try to keep things in their bsa's but due to the size of my mod list I have to make some compromises. I will unpack bsa's only when I hit the data folder file count "soft" limit (not the plugin limit) and will unpack first the smaller archives, like 10Mb or smaller.

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