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  1. I accept it's the way the game's scripted, but doesn't it bother you? Some guy can have an entire dialogue with you and not stop digging, and keep digging for hours. Would it be too hard to have them display the same behaviour as followers, and stop digging if you try to dig the same rock? Genuine question, I have no idea. It makes sense to me, it's not just a gamey thing. More natural, less frustrating. Like telling someone to take a break while you dig some ore yourself. Nobody in Skyrim seems to consider ore like a precious rarity anyway.
  2. It's hard to believe nobody ever reported this as a bug, and you might disagree that it is one. But here goes: when an NPC is mining ore, there's no way to stop them until their AI package tells them to. Talking to them gives you dialogue but they don't stop digging, trying to dig the same ore vein gives you "someone else is using this" and they don't stop digging (unlike followers, who do stop). I'm currently not playing a vanilla game so if somebody would confirm this is vanilla behaviour, I'd make a hopeful suggestion for a fix... I checked Edith from Dawnstar, for example (000877af). She only features one package, DawnstarQuicksilverMinerPackage [PACK:000877A8]. I have no idea how to edit that so that you can give them the same behaviour as a follower, stopping to let you mine instead. It does seem like this is vanilla behaviour, as it has no overrides, not even update.esm.
  3. godescalcus

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Which version of Wrye Bash should I revert to if I want BOSS bash tags suggestions to be added automatically? please disregard.
  4. Update: feedback on YouHunger tells me it just adds the disabled flag to food in Skyrim. Still, my question stands for the mods that do make dynamic changes while you play.
  5. What the title says... I'd like to know if anyone has traced the impact those mods (or similar ones) have on the game when they run their scripts to dynamically add or remove stuff: - dynamic things runs a script to replace static with lootable containers. That script is set to run every x seconds, configurable in the MCM. It's very noticeable that it's running, if you run into a place and immediately check everything for loot, you end up waiting for static to be converted to containers. - iNeed scans the cell (on load?) for food and removes it. It also replaces food in containers with salt and other stuff, don't know exactly how but that part may be esp work. - You Hunger does the same but in an apparently even more ambitious manner, by scanning the context and adjusting the available food and drinks based on factors like the presence of crop fields, etc... The drescription is very vivid about this. Common sense tells me that this, while it may not be a gigantic strain on the engine by itself, is still extra load and I try to estimate the benefit to my gameplay factoring the load, to decide whether or not to use it with an overall heavy build. But I lack objectivity because I don't do scripting and don't know how these things work exactly.
  6. godescalcus

    Oldrim to special edition help?

    I hesitated on your vanilla reduced textures, because I'm using mostly vanilla textures on my game for a lot of things, starting with landscape, add creatures, sometimes even weapons, armour and clothing. I use optimized HD textures and Gamwich's BTPT for 32bit and for SSE just use straight vanilla, buggy and unoptimized as people say they are, because most texture packs out there have pretty textures but many, if not most, fail to blend as well as vanilla.
  7. godescalcus

    Oldrim to special edition help?

    Is there a down side to using BSArch? And another question: is it possible that textures from ported mods don't play nicely in SSE? I found this in a reddit thread and very little other information: *If* this is no BS and we should now take care to check if textures from LE are compatible with SE, is there any texture optimization tool for SSE that allows for a streamlined process?
  8. Hey guys, just wanted to mention a post by KernLTX on the YASH nexus page that points out some "bugs" that USSEP overlooks. Haven't tried them out myself and don't really like the way the author of the post addresses the issue, but maybe you can confirm these are issues that need/can be resolved. Using the forum link for easy reference: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5012590-yash-yet-another-skyrim-hardcore-mod/?p=60749747
  9. godescalcus

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Many thanks! Only doing SSE here. My list is (for the most part, at least) conflict resolved with a manual xEdit patch and I fix things as I detect them. Is smash really a hassle-free conflict resolution tool? A lot of the decisions I make with xEdit are simply arbitrary, what to carry and what not. How does Smash do the "guesswork"? Sorry if I sound skeptical, I'm usually very keen on experimenting new tools and I don't really understand what's keeping me from trying Smash - maybe that I don't really understand the advantage. I posted here on the Smash thread about a complicated procedure to merge the plugins that the bashed patch would merge using Merge Plugins standalone, then make a tweaks patch, then use Smash for leveled lists and whatnot (I really wish I knew what the 'whatnot' is). A lot of trouble to replace a single click in Wrye Bash, to what advantage - that's what I'm failing to get at. And thanks again for the first scratch of your future pictorial guide to Smash?
  10. godescalcus

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    @alt3rn1ty, may I ask, how are you using Smash and Wrye Bash together? Do you use both the Bashed Patch and the Smashed Patch?
  11. godescalcus

    what are all the files I can pack to bsa?

    I wish I had read this earlier. I had to realize that SKSE and similar non-base game content isn't read from a bsa due to dyndolod popping errors that it couldn't find its json files. I did manage to pack 5.2GB of dyndolod meshes and textures in 3 archives, leaving SKSE loose and using an extra dummy plugin. Used compression for all (only textures and meshes) but textures were a minority and meshes didn't compress much. In the end I got DynDOLOD.bsa and DynDOLOD_Dummy.bsa both containing only meshes and barely under 2GB, and DynDOLOD - Textures.bsa containing textures (289Mb). Works fine and I confirmed that no loose assets were overriding DynDOLOD's archived ones. This is for SSE and I used bsarch.exe.
  12. godescalcus

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    Is SSE capable of loading SKSE folders from bsa? I finally got around to packing dyndolod's output in bsa. Had to use DynDOLOD.bsa, DynDOLOD - Textures.bsa and DynDOLOD_Dummy.bsa (with its extra dummy plugin) to keep every archive below 2Gb. Ran the game, didn't crash, which means at least the meshes are loaded. There are no purple "texture missing" distant objects either. However, I got constant "DynDOLOD can not find master data in DynDOLOD_None.json" errors popping in-game. My feeling is that either the whole skse folder, because it isn't a base-game standard folder, or its contents (namely json containers) because they aren't standard game files, are not loaded from the bsa. To test that, I ran the game with only the skse folder as loose files, and bingo! No errors popping. Could someone confirm or deny that it is the case? Then, only standard game folders and file types are loaded from bsa archives?
  13. godescalcus

    SSE light sources casting no shadows

    I tried loading a small mine to mod for testing if it would be possible to make a lighting overhaul mod with shadows in mind. I use a combination of ELE+ELFX and a "tailored" RS that looks usually great - except that not enough attention was given to shadows and they make such a huge difference. The problem with my attempt so far is that the game uses multiple objects for light, it's like having lighting fixtures and light bulbs and I don't know what else. I just wanted to copy one light source as a new record and add the omnidirectional shadow flag, then copy the record that places that light source in the mine as override and reference the modified light source - but I still have some reading to do, apparently. Thanks for the articles, I'll read them.
  14. godescalcus

    [WIP] Mator Smash

    I'm sorry to disregard Mator's recommendation to use Nexus for this discussion... The reason is that this post is about some confusing stuff that I'd rather bother anyone here that's willing to try and sort out, rather than spreading that confusion to the general users. I'd even suggest that anyone unfamiliar with how Smash works (as myself) skip this post, as some or all of it could be misleading and lead to head-banging and dangerous injuries that entail. I have a SSE build that uses several esp merges, manual xEdit conflict resolution and the bashed patch to wrap it all up in the end, merge levelled lists, remove a few more plugins and apply some tweaks. Now, enter Smash. The current recommendation I have for this, after installing all mods, merging a few, applying xEdit conflict resolution patches and sorting everything with LOOT including a few custom rules, is as follows: - run wrye bash and rebuild bashed patch; - note down the plugins deactivated by wrye bash and merge them with Merge Plugins Standalone; - make a patch to apply the tweaks that would have been applied in the bashed patch; - remove the bashed patch; - run smash and generate the smashed patch. In short, this is using the bashed patch merely to point out a few plugins that should be "safe to merge", doing extra work with Merge Plugins Standalone to make a merge and with xEdit to make a tweaking plugin that would both be handled by the bashed patch, and Smash to merge the levelled lists. Doesn't this: 1) Prevent Smash from doing sub-record merging, since we've previously merged those plugins with Merge Plugins Standalone; 2) Sound like a lot of extra trouble for no benefit at all relatively to simply letting Wrye Bash do its stuff. I absolutely don't want this to sound like criticism of Smash. I just don't feel this would be the way to use it, and would welcome any help towards learning how to correctly use Smash and take advantage of its features, plus how to combine it with Wrye Bash if that presents any advantage.
  15. godescalcus

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    I know this forum is under TES5 Skyrim, but I wanted to ask about bsa's and Oblivion. Is it good to archive large texture mods like QTP3 Redimized? Does Oblivion handle .bsa files very differently than Skyrim? Is that where the archive invalidation thing matters? If you can point me to the basic stuff on that subject, I'll read it. I've been having good results from preserving and repacking archives in Skyrim, should the same apply to Oblivion? But then, there's a limit to the number of archives Oblivion can load, isn't there?

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