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  1. I'm sorry that I may have been less that thorough in my reading. I did read ALL of the documentation, plus your guide, plus the complete support topic in the step site and some of the nexus topic where dyndolod is hosted. I have to agree, though, that the single bit of information I needed was the -sse and I missed it (at least twice). I can only hope these posts help someone else find an answer to their worries (I googled for HOURS now, figured out there was no CRF issue, what happened was that the program was defaulting to the LE folders and I KNEW the answer had to be a parameter/argument, I posted about it in the step forums (no aswer yet - I'll post it right away to close the issue), but still it would dodge me. Maybe if it were indeed given more visibility, it would be easier to find. Writing it here helps, as would on the nexus description page because google then can catch it (whereas being only in the manual, it doesn't). Thank you, again!
  2. Hi alt3rn1ty, do you know what might be causing this error: [00:00:07.224] Background Loader: Fatal: <Exception: "Cutting Room Floor.esp" requires master "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp" to be loaded before it I'm running dyndolod for SSE, have installed standalone version 2.24 and resources for sse version 2.22. I'm also using the latest version of CRF (3.03). Why does it ask for the unofficial patch for legendary edition? By the way I run the game without issues and xEdit, too. Here's the log if it helps: Edit: I figured that TexGenx64 is loading skyrim's data folder instead of SSE. How can I direct it to the right fodler? I have dyndolod placed in a folder inside the skyrim SE main folder. I also have a dyndlolod folder inside the Skyrim LE main folder, but I'm running the right one. Can I use arguments to make it use the right folder? Thanks!
  3. Hi alt3rn1ty, do you know what might be causing this error: [00:00:07.224] Background Loader: Fatal: <Exception: "Cutting Room Floor.esp" requires master "Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp" to be loaded before it I'm running dyndolod for SSE, have installed standalone version 2.24 and resources for sse version 2.22. I'm also using the latest version of CRF (3.03). Why does it ask for the unofficial patch for legendary edition? By the way I run the game without issues and xEdit, too. Here's my mod list if it helps: Active Mod Files: Thanks!
  4. Why does loot place this mod after the bashed patch?
  5. LOL I always learn by reading your long posts, thank you! I've come to having read most if not all of your guides at different points in time. I've read all of the articles you mentioned while learning to implement mods in skyrim. I hope I have learned something... because I'm not extracting bsa's now. But sure as hell I still don't know how the game engine loads them. As an example case, the optimized textures mentioned above are indeed in bsa format. And its assets will probably be overridden in the most part by higher quality texture replacers that I'll be installing (noble skyrim, flourishing floras and whatnot). Will I overload the game in any way by having replacers replacing replacers in succession? Should I try to repack them in one big texture replacer customized for my build and add just that to wrye bash? If that's the case, how do I repack a folder with all my selected assets into a bsa?
  6. deleted.
  7. Do you think it's beneficial to install a set of optimized vanilla textures at the top of your installer list? I found these. They were processed with 'Ordenador' according to the description. Is there a better alternative? I found references to two, both of which are unavailable at the moment: SSE - Optimized Textures 1.7 gb Project Optimized Textures Skyrim Special Edition 650 mb Is there a problem with people and nexus or something? I'm getting A LOT of recent mods being remove/hidden... By no means do I imply that mod authors don't have the right to share or not share as they please, I'm just curious as I've been finding so many unavailable mods that had been released only a few months ago.
  8. I'm just trying to follow a guide! And yes I know what you mean with the "never quite happy" thing. At the moment I'm having fun installing mods, testing, replacing, etc... Really having fun doing this, rather than playing. I'd like to finish this guide with wrye bash (I've done it with another mm), then start to pick out stuff and work those that I really want to keep. You mentioned some interesting ideas. The guide's allows for a lot of texture replacements (even if it does sometimes tell you to only pick out certain mentioned files, that's mostly to avoid replacing those installed EARLIER in the load order... So I do have a lot of replacers replacing replacers. Later on I might do a little digging on those asset mods and see if some could be "merged together" (I mean, arranged in a way that only the assets that you want in the game are archived). In the case of bsa's with dummy esp's, I might learn how to repack them in a new bsa, as you suggested. Further into the guide there is a lot of plugin merging that does away with many esp's. Maybe I won't have to do without that many bsa's after all is said and done. There's certainly lots of room for mistakes causing accidental conflicts and bugs, but I bet you have done this in the past and learned your wisdom through it
  9. But back to the dummy esp's, does WB always ghost them? (and I promptly admit that I don't know exactly what ghosting does, only that it's a feature of wrye bash). Or will they have to take up space in the load order? Can you just merge them with something else in merge plugins to make them call the bsa without taking up the slot? I understand the benefits of bsa's but to lose maybe 10, maybe 20 slots to dummy esp's seems like a lot. By the way, I just hit the point where wrye bash tells me I have over 325 esp's and bsa's and tells me to enable auto-ghosting (which I did). But what is this 325 limit - does it mean I also have to worry about bsa's taking up "slots" themselves, only of a different kind? In that case, isn't there a tradeoff benefit to extracting them, when you're installing a large number of mods? My current project will have near 500 mods, I'm over 400 now. I won't debate extracting bsa's as a rule, I accept from those who know better that it's a bad practice. But would there be cases where you just have to do it, to continue modding the game?
  10. This thread has information that is crucial for making a wrye bash installation. Since there is a lack of modding guides for Skyrim that use Wrye Bash, mod users like myself have to adapt from guides made for other mod managers. In my particular case, the modding guide tells you to delete empty/dummy esp's (assuming the respective bsa will be unpacked as per that mod manager's default or configurable behaviour). Using wrye bash, I was unwittingly placing bsa files in my data folder that would not be used by the game, because the dummy esp had been deleted. I've had several of those cases which didn't break my game and I wouldn't have noticed, had I not read on the first post in this thread: So one must take care to extract the bsa if the dummy plugin is to be eliminated. Which leads me to a question: why do modders pack their assets in bsa format when that means a dummy esp must be created, taking up one slot? Why not just archive the loose files and post the mod in that format? I understand that many (if not most) mod users won't be hitting the esp limit, but the loose files, in this particular case, seems to be more universal.
  11. Down to 270 mods and everything's working (no thanks to me, but to the mod list authors and wrye bash Posted a video in this thread.
  12. I know this is no news to most people here, but 70% through a Skyrim 450 mod list implemented exclusively with Wrye Bash, adapted from a guide made originally for MO, everything works, no in-game glitches, no crashes, I'm loving it so much I published my first (very crude) video on youtube:
  13. I use the 3.07 beta standalone from nexus (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/1840/?) I've also posted this problem there. I've been able to overcome this by running WB with elevated permissions, but that breaks the drag-drop to installers tab ability. Seems like something made the appdata/local/temp folder require elevated permissions? Has anyone experienced this yet?
  14. Every single time I try to extract to project I now get this error message (modded game is Skyrim original): It had been working fine until now. I tried to restart wrye bash, restart windows, did a full refresh of my installers (which took over 20 minutes, I have 280 installers at the moment) but the error persists. Could something have got corrupted in the program?? I'm using Wrye Bash 3.07 beta1 standalone. EDIT: I'm getting a similar error when installing, so wrye bash is completely broken at the moment...
  15. When, for any reason, I have do install a mod above a bunch of other mods in my installers list, should I use the option to "install missing" instead of "install"? Will it overwrite stuff from mods lower on the installers list if I don't? EDIT: I should read before I post... " When you install a package, then the order of higher packages will be respected. I.e. if the package being installed conflicts with a higher order package that's already active, then it won't overwrite the files from the higher package. Rather, only the files that don't conflict with higher packages will be installed. (However, if you want to overwrite later packages, then you can use the Install Last command, which will move the selected packages to the end of the list and then install them.) "