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  1. Wrye Bash SSE Pulled

    Where's that location of yours? I might move there once I'm done with Cuba. Internet sucks over here!
  2. Wrye Bash SSE Pulled

    Thank you again, I just quickly changed to the python version. When I tried to install the libraries it reported I didn't have python installed (but I had), so I reinstaled it and made sure I got the 32 bit version. This time the libraries installed just fine and WB runs as usual. I was actually disappointed that there was no alternative bash routine but maybe that was for Oblivion? Anyway, it was painless to move to the python versions. I'll be sure to read the documentation files more carefully to see if I can take advantage of it in any way. My only wish now is that Mator develops Merge Plugins Standalone to include wrye bash integration. I use it anyway, but have to move assets around manually.
  3. Wrye Bash SSE Pulled

    It would be really good to know if the python version is as stable as the latest standalone. As I said, although I'm open to learning, I'm no coder and only very slightly acquainted with python, so - do you NEED to know your python in order to use the python version, or just have python in order to run the program? I did use it in the past, when I first tested WB and I do remember an alternative bashed patch that could crunch more plugins, but it started to output error messages and I had to use the normal bashed patch. So, bottom line, is the python version worth the extra complexity (if there's any extra complexity at all)?
  4. Fallout NV modding with Wrye Flash

    Good idea! I think I'll have to rebuild my FNV because, although the game runs and all, I can see I missed stuff. I usually took care to check all mods that come in gray background in Wrye Flash, but I didn't know .ini files didn't get copied with the respective scripts. I use markers to good effect but that idea of using them as a record to remember uninstalling later, is a great one. I use mod organizer to deal wih fomods, just like you use NMM. I don't know NMM and its vfs and I do know that when you install things with it, it makes changes to your data folder that won't be recorded by wrye bash. So I use mod organizer because it makes no change at all, just creates a folder for the installed mod, which I then import to wrye bash and work with as a project.
  5. .bsa archives in Fallout New Vegas

    Great to know, thanks!
  6. Wrye Bash SSE Pulled

    I've been modding games with wrye bash for months now - I know, just a noob, but it's been fun - modded Oblivion, Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout NV with wrye bash alone (and MO for .fomods, does a clean job laying out a nice mod folder that I can then import as a project with wrye bash and pack it up (to save some space). Now I'm daring to try and learn a bit more, so let me ask you guys this: 1. I've been using WB 3.07 standalone for all except FNV (used Wrye Flash for that one). Is there an advantage to using the Python version? I don't do python but I might even learn... But besides the ability to add your own code, is there a point in using the python version, are there extra scripts available, bug fixes, automation batches, etc? 2. Where does WB store its manifest and other vital files? I mean, if I want to port my whole game to another machine, what do I need to copy besides the game folder, the my docs folder for skyrim and the folders where I store my mods (my own organized downloads folder and Wrye Bash's folder with installers and bash mod data, wich I have on a different drive and redirected in wrye.ini)? I know I've done it successfully in the past but last time wrye bash still wanted to load an older configuration, that didn't match the newly copied files. BTW wrye bash 3.07 standalone works fine even with SSE, I'm just willing to try the python version if there are any perks to it.
  7. From what I've read, including here, I assume that .bsa archives need a plugin with the same name to be loaded in order for the game to load the bsa as well, that being true for skyrim and probably other Bethesda games (I don't know). Do you know if that is also the case for Fallout New Vegas? Because I see A LOT of mods that include .bsa archives like "mod_name - Main.bsa" and some even like "mod_name - Sounds.bsa" (example, the popular Nevada Skies weather mod). Does the game engine recognize those and load the as well?
  8. Fallout NV modding with Wrye Flash

    I'd personally help if I could! WB changed the way I play with mods. If it were a matter that could be addressed by an inexperienced coder, I'd finally go back to my c notes and finish my ever postponed attempt to do learn it.
  9. Fallout NV modding with Wrye Flash

    I do this, too, when it's a question of rebuilding a BAIN folder structure but I'm worried that in the cases I mentioned the current arrangement may be necessary for the mod to work... For example, LOD files that are used by the lod generator get stored in a folder that's not a standard BAIN folder, so wrye flash doesn't copy them but they're needed there anyway. Nevertheless, it's been quite easy to get things to work so far, so I'm sticking with Wrye for all things Bethesda (and Gamebryo). Only thing in FNV is that wrye flash doesn't handle everything, but nearly. And you're still treating your game data folder with great love and care
  10. I'm new to Fallout New Vegas - and to the Fallout series as well. I've become used to playing modded Bethesda games - so much so that I don't even plan on playing FNV vanilla. I'm starting a modding run using Esserbee's guide but, from my recent experience with Skyrim, I became convinced that Wrye Bash was the main thing to go with, contrary to the opinion of the majority. I'm over 100 hours into the most stable heavily modded Skyrim ever. Wrye Bash loads more quickly and is more straightforward. So I also want to try and follow Esserbee's guide with Wrye Flash. Has anyone here done it? Any suggestions? On a similar note, since BOSS is still recommended for Oblivion (despite the "loot being the new thing" quick answer), what's the status on the old "BOSS vs. LOOT" question, regarding FNV? And now... For something completely different! How do you make Wrye Flash install non-standard files or folders to the data folder? Some mods have a "config" folder with the mods' inis that doesn't get copied by wrye flash, so for the moment I've been manually copying the files that WF doesn't install. But that means those files or folders won't be tracked by the program, so I'll need to remember them if I ever want to uninstall those mods. Should I be using the latest Wrye Bash instead of Wrye Flash? Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. What's VRAM and how is it used by games?

    I did that too with Helgen Reborn, Falskaar, IW. Should I optimize other mods too? I still use Wyrmstooth for example. I also have Gamwich's performance bethesda hr textures and have been progresslively using those over Cabal's while trying to improve performance, but i'm not sure there's a huge gain (except that in terms of file size the former seem to be about half of the latter). But I'm keeping aMb content addon for variety... Also using a combination of noble skyrim performance with vivid landscapes performance as replacements. And Northfire mountains 2k. Should any of these be optimized?
  12. What's VRAM and how is it used by games?

    I use it for Oblivion. Should I use it with skyrim? I've seen no mention of it so far... And I have seen mentioned that video ram is capped at 4gb in windows 8 and 10 for the 32 bit skyrim, dunno why.
  13. Sorry about a rookie question. I'm still puzzled by how exactly VRAM is used by Skryim and other games. For what I know "oldrim" can only use 4Gb of video ram, but what does it do with it? 1 - What's stored in VRAM at any given moment? Stuff like assets, textures, and what else? Or is it used to store the processed output of the rendering engine? 2 - If assets get stored in VRAM, are they kept there permanently? I mean, does the game load them at startup and keep them there for quicker usage? Or do the contents of VRAM get replaced/refreshed during the game? Does the game try to keep all assets permanently in VRAM or just the ones used in rendering (the current cell and immediate cells)? 3 - How can we criteriously lighten the load on VRAM - which assets have the most impact, and which won't make any difference if we change their resolution? 4 - What relative impact do new assets vs. asset replacers like textures and high poly meshes? Any impact on VRAM or mostly on the processing effort? Why are textures sometimes glitchy in game (like low-res faces on high res skin textures, or square blood splatters) and other times (during the same game or with the same setup) they come out right?
  14. xEdit help needed - Skyrim Bigger Trees

    Hey there, I'm testing this mod and both xEdit and Wrye Bash report an error. xEdit outputs: [00:02] Background Loader: <Warning: File [01] Skyrim Bigger Trees Full.esp with Group GRUP Cell Children of [CELL:000096C5] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 20,-9) is missing an overriden record for [CELL:000096C5] (in Tamriel "Skyrim" [WRLD:0000003C] at 20,-9) This is a known error and has been brought up in the mod's forum, but no answer was provided. Is there a generic way to fix this in xEdit? Here is the cell in question.
  15. DynDOLOD Guide - For Wrye Bash users

    I'm sorry that I may have been less that thorough in my reading. I did read ALL of the documentation, plus your guide, plus the complete support topic in the step site and some of the nexus topic where dyndolod is hosted. I have to agree, though, that the single bit of information I needed was the -sse and I missed it (at least twice). I can only hope these posts help someone else find an answer to their worries (I googled for HOURS now, figured out there was no CRF issue, what happened was that the program was defaulting to the LE folders and I KNEW the answer had to be a parameter/argument, I posted about it in the step forums (no aswer yet - I'll post it right away to close the issue), but still it would dodge me. Maybe if it were indeed given more visibility, it would be easier to find. Writing it here helps, as would on the nexus description page because google then can catch it (whereas being only in the manual, it doesn't). Thank you, again!

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