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  1. godescalcus

    SSE light sources casting no shadows

    I tried loading a small mine to mod for testing if it would be possible to make a lighting overhaul mod with shadows in mind. I use a combination of ELE+ELFX and a "tailored" RS that looks usually great - except that not enough attention was given to shadows and they make such a huge difference. The problem with my attempt so far is that the game uses multiple objects for light, it's like having lighting fixtures and light bulbs and I don't know what else. I just wanted to copy one light source as a new record and add the omnidirectional shadow flag, then copy the record that places that light source in the mine as override and reference the modified light source - but I still have some reading to do, apparently. Thanks for the articles, I'll read them.
  2. godescalcus

    [WIP] Mator Smash

    I'm sorry to disregard Mator's recommendation to use Nexus for this discussion... The reason is that this post is about some confusing stuff that I'd rather bother anyone here that's willing to try and sort out, rather than spreading that confusion to the general users. I'd even suggest that anyone unfamiliar with how Smash works (as myself) skip this post, as some or all of it could be misleading and lead to head-banging and dangerous injuries that entail. I have a SSE build that uses several esp merges, manual xEdit conflict resolution and the bashed patch to wrap it all up in the end, merge levelled lists, remove a few more plugins and apply some tweaks. Now, enter Smash. The current recommendation I have for this, after installing all mods, merging a few, applying xEdit conflict resolution patches and sorting everything with LOOT including a few custom rules, is as follows: - run wrye bash and rebuild bashed patch; - note down the plugins deactivated by wrye bash and merge them with Merge Plugins Standalone; - make a patch to apply the tweaks that would have been applied in the bashed patch; - remove the bashed patch; - run smash and generate the smashed patch. In short, this is using the bashed patch merely to point out a few plugins that should be "safe to merge", doing extra work with Merge Plugins Standalone to make a merge and with xEdit to make a tweaking plugin that would both be handled by the bashed patch, and Smash to merge the levelled lists. Doesn't this: 1) Prevent Smash from doing sub-record merging, since we've previously merged those plugins with Merge Plugins Standalone; 2) Sound like a lot of extra trouble for no benefit at all relatively to simply letting Wrye Bash do its stuff. I absolutely don't want this to sound like criticism of Smash. I just don't feel this would be the way to use it, and would welcome any help towards learning how to correctly use Smash and take advantage of its features, plus how to combine it with Wrye Bash if that presents any advantage.
  3. godescalcus

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    I know this forum is under TES5 Skyrim, but I wanted to ask about bsa's and Oblivion. Is it good to archive large texture mods like QTP3 Redimized? Does Oblivion handle .bsa files very differently than Skyrim? Is that where the archive invalidation thing matters? If you can point me to the basic stuff on that subject, I'll read it. I've been having good results from preserving and repacking archives in Skyrim, should the same apply to Oblivion? But then, there's a limit to the number of archives Oblivion can load, isn't there?
  4. godescalcus

    [WIPz] TES5LODGen

    xLODGen for SSE has been my favourite toy for a couple of weeks. Skyrim looks like a new game, now! Its impressive definition also makes bad texture choices very unforgiving in the big picture. Who said Beth's landscape textures were bad? IMHO there isn't a pack out there that gets it all to blend so well. I have texture replacers for mountains, flora, architecture, dungeons - but can't find any really good replacer for beth's terrain. And the good thing is, I don't feel I need to! https://imgur.com/a/NmAJkaL
  5. godescalcus

    SSE light sources casting no shadows

    I tried a little patch in xEdit to make more light sources in the game shadow-casting. You can imagine the absolute mess. Who turned off the lights? I guess a good dungeon/interior design will use shadow-casting lights instead of torches to make things more dramatic, and use corridor twists and turns to avoid flicker... That East Empire Company warehouse mega-cave looks like a rushed job.
  6. Some (most?) light souces seem to not cast any shadows at all and light halos aren't occluded even by walls or platforms, making everything look out of place... Here are examples at the East Empire Company warehouse. Makes everything look hideous especially when compared to other situations where everything seems to work as it should: Even actors cast their proper shadows. Most of the shadows look right, definitely better than on the previous images. I did some reading and got that there's an ini line, iNumFocusShadow= that can't be set to a number higher than 4. Does that mean that in a cell with more than 4 light sources only 4 will cast shadows? How are they picked, at random? Why don't actors cast shadows in most situations? Can this be fixed?
  7. godescalcus

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    -z is what I used.
  8. godescalcus

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    Thanks guys, great info as usual. Uncompressed Wyrmstooth worked flawlessly. I'm trying to pack DynDOLOD's output assets (SSE), has anyone done that yet? Previously to replacing DynDOLOD's loose files, I checked every file conflict with other loose files and temporarily removed them from the original mods. It was surprisingly easy as only a handful of mods supplied distant object meshes. Given that DynDOLOD.esp loads DynDOLOD.bsa last, I assume there won't be conflicts with archived assets that aren't won by DynDOLOD. Still, when I loaded an ongoing game with the newly packed DynDOLOD, it crashed on load. I'm using BSArch to create an archive. Since there are no sounds, I used the syntax "bsarch pack . DynDOLOD.bsa -sse -c". The reason for the crash could have been that the bsa was over 4Gb, as I have a lot of worldspaces like Falskaar, Wyrmstooth, The Grey Cowl, Moonpath, etc... Can you guys confirm that the size of the bsa could be the cause of the crash? What would be the limit for SSE? I have this problem on other mods as well (example: Quaxe's Questorium) I could try to split the archive into meshes+skse and textures. What other archives will load from the same plugin in SSE besides textures - can I use DynDOLOD - Meshes.bsa for example? Most of my DDL assets are meshes, actually. If I could load part of them on a DynDOLOD - Meshes.bsa and the rest in DynDOLOD.bsa I could keep archives below 2Gb. Excluding sound files, would the game have an easier time loading assets from compressed archives or uncompressed? I'm assuming from all the bottleneck talk linked at the beginning of this article that compressed would be the way to go. If not, is there still an advantage in using archives over loose files (seeking times, etc...?)
  9. godescalcus

    [UPDATE] BSAs and You

    I've just tried my first go with BSArch by archiving a ported version of Wyrmstooth 1.17B - it seems ok so far from reloading old saves in WT, but further testing is pending on my getting back there. I built a non-compressed .bsa because I've been reading around that sound files get funky if you compress them. However, the original classic version of v.1.17B published by Jonx0r has a much smaller bsa, less than half of mine, so I assume he compressed it with sounds and all. Can anyone confirm that sounds (music, voice?) shouldn't be compressed? Is it only for SSE and not classic Skyrim - since SSE uses a different compression protocol?
  10. This mod was just uploaded on nexus: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17035?tab=description Another from Myania was already available for music: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/4968/ These two mods claim to improve the sound quality by resampling (48Kbps to 192Kbps) from higher quality PS4 sound files, which results in higher definition sound - but also on much larger files. Should there be an impact on game performance for having to load such larger files? Any other reason to not install this?
  11. I had this happen to me as well, and read this thread through, you guys are amazing for how far you went to catch this and actually fixing it. Here's something else that happened to me: I had to fight TWO Malkorans. That's right, and I got the notice advancing the quest when I killed the first one, and all of the shades, but still had the second one "farting" area spells "in my general direction", just as bad as its "predecessor". And you betcha, I killed it as well. With arrows. Sure enough, I did find the second Dawnbreaker on the floor.
  12. Hi, I wanted to get your opinion and, eventually, tips on how to make a patch for the "rested" perk to be activated whenever you use the carriage or ferry from Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul. I suppose you don't need a special script to trigger the perk and its duration, because a similar patch I checked (for classic Skyrim) had only the plugin. Converting that patch isn't going to work because it also patches for Frostfall and the changes made are pretty extensive; besides, I think the mods have been updated since that patch was made. Maybe one could do it simply by either setting a condition in the "rested" perk form, or by triggering it from the "climb on back" or equivalent ferry form? I'm totally unfamiliar with these mechanics... If it's really a simle xEdit thing and someone wants to do it, I'd love to use such a patch; if, otherwise, someone could point me in the right direction I might make the patch for myself and eventually further my skills a little. Thanks!
  13. godescalcus

    dead body cleanup is bugged

    It must have been related with the amount of stuff Sofia was carrying (plus my own haul, with bandoliers and backpacks I carry up to 1300). Since I dumped all of that stuff, I haven't noticed any bodies being cleaned so fast.
  14. godescalcus

    dead body cleanup is bugged

    I am indeed using mods that spawn encounters, as well as mods that change enemy behaviour. I can quickly mention OBIS and Immersive Creatures adding more random spawns, have a few mods that change enemy stats or delevel enemies and a dragon combo that's also spawning more dragons. However, the mobs that got cleaned up in Dead Man's Respite were the same vanilla draugr, not actors added by other mods. I usually try to sort my stuff, but since I'm playing "hardcore" for the first time, meaning without my usual "Haven Bag", when I figured I could dump as much as I like on Sofia's back and she'll carry it, I got lazy with my trips back to Solitude to dump and sell stuff (I'm using Legacy as well). So I stay out for weeks instead of days and poor Sofia hauls a week's worth of stuff back to Solitude.
  15. Does anyone know what affects the dead body cleanup system? I'm getting to a point where if I have a fight with more than a couple of mobs, when I'm finished and go look for corpses to loot, they're all gone! It's incredibly frustrating and also a risk of losing important quest stuff. I found this on reddit. I, too, am convinced that the game is cleaning up bodies in a totally unreasonable way. I was just clearing Dead Man's Respite, an interior area, and when I killed King Olaf all his minions' bodies had despawned. I'm tempted to use the author's fix to bruteforce the game not to clean bodies so obsessively. Would this destabilize the game even more? I may also suspect of another cause. My good old Sofia seems to be the perfect mule, she doesn't seem to have a carry weight limit at all! So I've been carelessly hauling stuff on her back and she's now carrying over 10000 (awkward, I don't know what Skyrim's units of mass are named). I notice that every time I open either her inventory or my own (pretty heavily loaded as well) I lag for a couple of seconds before getting the list. Is it possible that Skyrim SE's choking on too many objects to be aware of? Thanks for any help.

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