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  1. somethingbrite

    Can't save or exit Shamrock Taphouse - molerat bug

    The game freezes when you either try to save (quicksave, named save via console command etc) or when you try to exit the cell (which indeed triggers an autosave) However, this is a symptom of the bug rather than the cause.
  2. I had that with hole in the wall and also shamrock taphouse - same thing, once the molerat ambush triggers there is no way to save or leave the cell without a crash. I just completed the Curie quest with console commands (which is annoying) but played around a bit with Shamrock. In shamrock if you TCL to clip through the wall at the robot end you can collect the password holotape and activate the protectron without triggering the molerats. Then you can save and exit etc without issue. However, if you trigger the molerats - even from outside the room (by shooting through the hole in the wall for example) then your game will freeze. I even threw a grenade from the top of the stairs for an insta-crash effect. I was thinking it may be related to a trigger marker that starts the ambush, but the more I think about it and my experience in Hole in the wall the more I think it's actually related to the molerat attack itself which does seem buggy. (Their behaviour is sketchy, a little like they are partially frozen/their AI is not running)
  3. I've observed an interesting behaviour in the Shamrock Taphouse while performing the Rufus quest to retrieve the micro-brewery protectron. It is possible to explore the entire interior with the exception of the final room without buggy behaviour. However, once you enter that room you cannot save nor leave the cell without the game completely freezing. It just entirely locks up. (Even with a console command save the screen simply locks up) The effect is very similar to something I experienced in Vault 81 during the "Hole in the wall" quest. - exit from there was not possible after a certain point through the map and if I recall correctly the game also stops creating saves at that same point. My feeling is that it is related to the molerat ambush, but of course there may be a trigger marker for that ambush which also triggers the glitch. It was possible for me to use TCL and clip through the wall as far away from the door/molerats as possible and collect the password holotape and interact with the protectron. If doing this, and therefore not triggering the ambush it was also possible to create a save and also leave the cell without issue. I think I created the glitch also by shooting through a hole in the wall which creates an explosion and triggers or kills some of the molerats without entering the room. Throwing a grenade from the door (effect= trigger/kill molerats) resulted in an instant freeze/crash.
  4. somethingbrite

    Issues with random encounters

    Got it installed already and this Random Encounter lock up has occurred recently. (since install of UFO4P) It's a great project by the way and I appreciate all the work that you have put into it. Is there a manual method to kill stuck random encounters or will reinstalling UFO4P actually do that?
  5. somethingbrite

    Issues with random encounters

    Sorry to necro this old thread. I'm just wondering if there is a way to terminate these stuck Random Encounters? (On PC) DLC01RETravelKMK02 (Robot's vs Rust Devils) totally locked up. Has been for what probably translates to a couple of in game weeks. Console indicates Stage 10 is active? but stage 500 and stage 1000 not. (I can't find any info on what those 2 stages actually are? Cleanup and stop/reset? There must surely be a method on PC to clear this quest through console or otherwise? - I can find this quest referred to in FO4Edit - but oddly can not find an actual file with this name. (DLC01RETravelKMK01 exists but not DLC01RETravelKMK02) I too have the Gassy settler (Longneck Lukovski quest giver), Random bar and burning tyres blocking up Random encounter zones. (as well as a stack of Radioactive waste barrels) - have completed Mystery Meat quest.
  6. somethingbrite

    Wilderness cell inside settlement build area

    Hi guys. Thanks for the input - I've just got back from vacation so can provide a full current mod list later. Interesting point Sclerocephalus. I've not made any changes to the workshop locations myself, and while I may be inadvertently running a mod that does I'm pretty sure that none mentioned changing the buildable area boundary. - however Scrap Everything and Build and Scrap beyond workshop boundaries are possible candidates for this behaviour. (I didn't install either in order to change the workshop build area but for other elements - at some point it would be nice to learn enough to create the mods that do exactly what I want and nothing else myself) Where would you look to check this parent location? (If for example I wish to check and fix it myself.)
  7. somethingbrite

    Wilderness cell inside settlement build area

    That explains the visual artifact regarding the TB command for sure. (I am indeed running "scrap everything") However how would this impact NPC + store/bed interaction? The cell borders glitch simple exposes that there are wilderness cells which have no precombine/previs included within the buildable area. - in the case of County Crossing its almost 50% of the build area. There must be some other information missing?
  8. I have noticed that with at least 2 settlements the build area as defined by the Green hazy border actually expands beyond the named exterior location cell and therefore includes what must by wilderness cells inside this build area. This appears to result in some strange behaviour which may account for the Oberland Station NPC vendor bug that is listed - http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Oberland_station Obervation. When using Toggle Borders command at a settlement a Grid is displayed across the landscape. (yellow/black line grid and blue (cell quadrant?) grid. Crossing from one grid to another on occasion makes the grid vanish - it does not appear possible to traverse the entire world map with this grid always visible. Type 1. Within a settlement build area there will often be one or more exterior cells which are named and listed here. http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Fallout_4_cell_ID being inside these cell's the grid is visible. NPC's interact with objects ok within these cells. Type 2. Within settlement build area's there also appear to be cell's which are not named or listed but it is possible to cross into these cells and the cell border grid still remains visible. NPC's also seem to interact with objects ok within these cells too. Type 3. Within settlement build area's there are also appear to be cells which are not named or listed BUT crossing into these cells will result in the cell border grid vanishing. NPC's can experience bugs with interaction in these cells. Example. Oberland Station. Issue exists with assigning settler NPC as vendor and/or interacting with them if that store is located in a wilderness cell where the cell border grid is not visible. (Type 3.) If that store is then moved to the named cell (Type 1) or even the Type 2 cell it functions properly. Some similar issues may also occur with bed assignment / bed count. It is even possible to have multiple stores of the same type without issue (other than sharing the same inventory) as long as all stores are located inside Type 1 and Type 2 cells. I may have also observed build objects disappearing from Type 3 cells. (not conclusive, it is still possible I forgot to put a floor there.) Affected settlements found so far. Oberland Station. E44E is the named exterior cell for Oberland Station. Inside the build area. (Type 1) E44D OK(ish) Appears to be a wilderness cell (not named) inside the build area but it does not cause the cell border grid to vanish if you are inside it. (Type 2) E42D Not OK. Appears to be a wilderness cell partially inside the build area which crossing into results in the cell border grid vanishing. (Type 3) E42C Not OK. Appears to be a wilderness cell partially inside the build area and crossing into results in the cell border grid vanishing. (Type 3) County Crossing. DB3F is the named exterior cell for County Crossing. (Type 1) DB3E appears to be a wilderness cell. (can't find it on any cell ID list) this cell appears to take up quite a lot of the build area. (Type 3) DB5E also appears to be a wilderness cell but this is right at the edge and only just inside one corner of County Crossing build area. (Type 3) Settlers appear to farm area's in the wilderness cell DB3E but I experienced issue's with bed complaints until I moved ALL beds inside the named cell - DB3F. Since moving the beds I have had no issue at County Crossing. (I have not built any NPC stores/bar outside this area at this settlement.
  9. somethingbrite

    Settler associations with settlements and quests

    Hi Sclerocephalus Yup, I'm running quite a few workshop related mods. I've attached the list as .txt file and also my total load order. (just in case I missed any as I made the list.) There are a few that have been installed almost since I started playing and I did not notice any settler issue. These include Build and Scrap beyond workshop boundaries and Scrap everything. The impacted settlements so far appear to be Finch Farm / Greentop nursery. settlers from one were picking up quests for the other. I've had both these settlements since quite early in game but have only started developing finch farm recently. Greentop nursery is largely undeveloped. (some workbenches, turrets and a shack) - Finch farm however has been extensively rebuilt. Installed settlement and Npc mods.txt LOOT load order.txt
  10. Hi Just wondering if anybody can knows and can explain how settlers are associated with settlements and quests in the game engine? I've been noticing recent issue's where Settlers at one settlement are involved in some way in the quests of another settlement. Kidnap reported at Greentop in fact results in rescuing a settler from Finch farm for example. or settlers at one settlement giving the "are you here to help?" or "we knew you would help us" dialogue when in fact the quest they are relating to belongs to another settlement. If checked with "showvars" these settlers all indicate that they belong to the correct workshop. (workshop ID 4 = Finch) - But also in showvars they are flagged as being part of the running script (for example there will be reference to Minrecruit01 etc) All of the settlers can be assigned and will perform settlement tasks. Guard, farm, scavenge etc and when kidnapped will return to the correct settlement, but their greeting dialogue belongs to a quest script attached to a different settlement. Normally this would be a minor issue, but I think I have experienced two instances when in fact the settler that gives the mission is the one that belongs to a different settlement and cannot be found. (whole settlement is asking for help but settlement spokesperson can not be found.) On the whole these are settlers that have never previously been attached to the other settlement. (In case of Greentop/Finch farm. All affected settlers were once at Sunshine tidings, but none have ever been part of Greentop nursery. Just wondering if anybody can explain the mechanism or point me in the right direction. Is there a way to view and/or edit which settlers belong to which workshop?
  11. somethingbrite

    Settler greetings glitched?

    Hi I think I figured it out. - It was a Settlement/Settler Quest which had hung/bugged out somehow. Quest = Minrecruit02 - in this instance Kidnapped settler at Sanctuary Condition observed. = Settlers at Sanctuary dialogue indicated they need help. One settler confirmed as missing. No settlement boss/spokesperson to provide quest. Quest did not appear in PipBoy quest list. Further observation = Using console commands (Am on PC) it was possible to use ShowVars on all settlers and on Workshop. This revealed that all settlers and workshop had a script running "Alias settlementNPC's on Quest minrecruit02" I didn't screenshot it so cannot be sure but I think "getstage Minrecruit02" revealed the quest stage was 40(?) Resolved by finding the kidnapped settler. (I searched all common kidnap locations and found her at Medford Hospital) then used "resetquest" and "completequest" commands in that order. - "completequest" alone did not appear to fix the issue. I should also have tried a reset/complete test without rescuing the kidnapee first. However I guess this would result in a lost settler as they would not have a script running to bring them home? - I still have my save games from this experiment/process if this would be a helpful test? Since performing this reset process I have had one additional quest trigger at this settlement (raider troubles at...) with settlement boss/spokesperson settler appearing in the correct location to deliver the quest. Therefore this appears to have resolved the issue.
  12. somethingbrite

    Settler greetings glitched?

    Hi Sclerocephalus Cheers for that information. - so this statement refers to the dialogue resulting from a successful or failed settlement raid right? Regarding glitched workshop/settler quests. - Is it possible to terminate such a quest either through console or through savegame edit? - For example to specifically terminate/complete or clean up a glitched kidnap quest at a specific workshop? I've examined Sanctuary workshop and the settlers there with showvars console command and keep seeing reference to "Minrecruit02" (specific to the way it appears when a kidnap quest is active at that settlement. - I checked a number of other settlements and a few savegames.) I can't find any settlement boss amongst the settlers and dialogue with them all is standard trade.
  13. somethingbrite

    Please help

    I have all the dlc's and I am also running about 80 mods.(including clothes, settlement and companion mods) - on a laptop. I have not seen crashes as serious as yours sound. It may sound extreme, but have you tried complete game uninstall and start fresh?
  14. somethingbrite

    Cleaning FO4 Master files

    Hi all. Am new to this so excuse my ignorance. What is cleaning? When you discuss cleaning the master files exactly what is happening and why? As mentioned. Am new and just trying to understand these terms etc.
  15. somethingbrite

    Settler greetings glitched?

    Hi I've not found a definitive answer to this anywhere online yet and I'm not sure what the mechanism of this glitch might be. Main glitch right now appears to be that Settlers in Sanctuary will frequently greet the Player with the generic "need assistance" greeting. ("we could sure use your help" "we are in some real trouble here") however the "Quest giver" is absent. Previously the quest giving settler would be in a certain location at the edge of the settlement. - for a while now both before and after install of Unofficial patch this settler does not appear to be triggered at all. No settler can be found at the location and no other settler appears to give the quest. (I have talked to them all) Are there any of you folks who have a good understanding of the game engine that might be able to explain or at least guess at what is going on here and/or would it be possible to reset this behaviour? Secondary observation. This is something that I observed a lot early in my game, however the conditions have not presented themselves recently so, it may still be "a thing" just that I have not been around to witness it. When Player Character is responding to a settlement attack. If the player character does not kill a certain percentage of attackers themselves the settler will complain. This will occur if settlement defenses are so strong that all attackers are vaporized within seconds. (at tenpines bluff for example my settlement defenses were so strong that it was not possible to kill more than one or two attackers before the turrets got the rest.) This results in settler greeting being stuck on "those raiders sure hit us hard" type dialogue. As mildly annoying as these conditions might be my interest is really more about understanding the game mechanic itself. If anybody can shed some light on this that is much appreciated, as is any insight into or links to good resources that explain the game mechanic in general Many thanks in advance.

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