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  1. Sonja

    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    Well... It is downloading now, so wish me luck I need to head out in a few hours, so I'm not sure how far I'll progress with the install until then, but as much as anything, in addition to being excited about Bruma itself, I was curious to see whether it would all go smoothly, or whether I'd have a bug-ridden crash fest on my hands. And yep... I have backed up my save game folder, that is standard operating procedure for me, especially with large, potentially problematic, mods like this. I actually use Wrye Bash to mass delete saves all the time; I find it *much* easier than doing so ingame, and while you can delete the saves by going to the folder.. it is way too easy to accidentally delete something important. Wrye Bash, though, is precise and efficient in this, as with everything else. Considering I make a fresh save every time, and that I save often.. using Wrye's mass delete function is actually sort of critical for the storage capacity of my SSD. As to Bruma's rough edges... I am very OCD about that sort of thing when it is something I have screwed up in my install, and I will pick away at it until I either succeed in fixing whatever the issue is, or I'll eventually just start over again. However, if it is something inherent to the mod itself, like this, I can usually ignore it. Assuming everything goes smoothly, I'll see how I end up feeling. Usually though... I prefer a sense of continuity with my character's travels, and as I alluded, going to Bruma will be a pretty big emotional hit for her.. so I'd rather keep that intact, if I can. I have to say, on a different note... I've grown extremely weary of the negativity to Wrye Bash. Either people attack it because they've found it difficult to use in the past, or... you have the fanboize in the Cult of MO... who seem utterly ignorant of the fact that Wrye Bash was there first and STILL does a better job. As you are aware, this is even more true with SE. Then you have the Bruma devs, who just don't even seem to know about the existence of Wrye Bash. To a large degree I blame STEP, which is sort of the Cult's HQ in many respects. I personally think it is shameful the Bruma devs have not mentioned using Wrye Bash. Though, I really do suspect it's because they know little about it, and maybe they don't want to risk being asked for support in an area where they are largely ignorant, I'm not sure. Also... while Wrye Bash *was* more complex to use in the early days of Oblivion, it has become very user-friendly and straightforward over the years. I really don't understand what it is that people find so difficult. I mean, how hard can it be to drag an archive to the installer tab, R-click, and hit install? Seriously! OK... there's a bit more than that.. but sill.. Now, I did once look at MO.. and I thought it seemed a solid manager (if perhaps a little overdone on the bells and whistles). I also think that the ability to easily have multiple, simultaneous installs is pretty cool. So I'm not actually... er.. bashing.. MO. But, I can't stand fanatics, no matter their flavour, no matter the context. Anyway... I'll stop ranting now. and I'll let you know how the install went. EDIT So far? Flawless! I made a detailed post over on the thread I started on the BS:B page. Oh.... along with a pitch for Wrye Bash and a basic guide to using it... *innocent whistle*
  2. Sonja

    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    You are really trying to make sure I don't miss this, aren't you? OK.. OK.. I probably will. But, first I want to get my Oblivion character to the point where she's been working with a certain Septim for a bit... That...alliance... has significant import for my Skyrim character. And maybe by then... the next BSB update will have been released. *innocent whistle*
  3. Sonja

    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    Excellent, and thank you for the update! Amazing pic! I'm really looking forward to checking it out once they've patched it further. I'm actually playing some Morrowind and Oblivion currently.. and my Skyrim character is the direct descendant of the Neraverine/Champion of Cyrodiil (still living in my head canon) and a certain critical NPC in Oblivion.... So, eventually going to Bruma will be a very poignant experience for her. Oh, and Inigo is awesome! Best companion for any game, ever. modded or vanilla.
  4. Sonja

    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    Well, you just confirmed what I guessed from using the preview spyglass on their page... I thought the structure looked as though Wrye Bash would handle it fine. So thanks for that! But yeah..... the proverbial proof in the pudding will be how smoothly, or not, it actually runs. *crosses fingers for you* EDIT I just saw on the comments page that one person who was dealing with repeated CTDs, no matter what, was successful with a manual install. I strongly suspect that means Wrye Bash will do well.....
  5. Sonja

    I need some suggestion.

    Would this help? Skyrim Unlocked Freedom of Speech is, I suspect, the mod you are actually referring to. From what I can tell, though, Skyrim Unlocked edits the relevant quests, rather than moving the locations of the walls.
  6. Sonja

    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    Good luck! I hope you aren't one of the people plagued by CTDs! Or maybe.... Wrye Bash will prove to be the ultimate tool for installing SB:S. There actually have been more than a few occasions where I've seen people experiencing issues installing mods that I've had no trouble with, so perhaps... Of course, there are always so many variables when it comes to this stuff.
  7. Sonja

    Beyond Skyrim: Bruma & Bain

    Awesome Hana and cheers for the welcome, Thanks so much for letting me know! Seeing as they still seem to be undergoing teething pains, I plan to wait for a while until I install BS:B. Plus, I'm hoping there'll be a Frostfall patch at some point, so I'm not in any rush. I figured it made sense to start doing research now, though, because there's precious little information out there when it comes to using Wrye Bash for both LE/SE. I especially don't understand why more people don't use it to install mods into SE.... MO for SE is effectively deprecated, and reportedly quite buggy. Meanwhile, Wrye Bash continues to be updated and works flawlessly. Moreover, MO's author has moved to developing NMM. Oh well, different tastes, I suppose.
  8. Hello Since this place appears to be something of an...erm... nexus.. for all things Wrye Bash related, I figured my question had some chance of being answered here. I asked on the Bruma page.. but the devs weren't able to tell me. Anyway, I've been watching the SE release of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma with a lot of interest over the last few days. I've noted that people have had trouble trying to install it with NMM (at least if they try it the automated way), and I've seen others claim that apparently MO works well. Here's the thing.. I've used Wrye Bash as my primary mod manager since Oblivion, and before that I used (and still use, for that matter) Wrye Mash. So, it's a set of tools I'm familiar with... I already added NMM to my stable, for the occasions where I need to install FOMODs and repacking is annoyingly complicated; I *really* do not want to add a third manager, especially one that I've heard can be quite buggy with SSE. I looked at the BSB file structure through the little spyglass preview thingie on Nexus, and it *seems* pretty straightforward. Apparently the mod can be manually installed as well, which typically bodes well for a Bain installation. So my question is, has anybody here tried to install BSB with Bain? If not, do you think I'm correct in guessing that it should be doable? I'm anticipating that it could stall a bit, given the mod's size, but that happens with INPCs as well, and everything is always fine, it just takes a little time. I'm actually waiting until the kinks in the mod have been smoothed out, so I'm in no rush; it would be good to know, though. Cheers! EDIT I think I may have just put this in the wrong place... *sigh* My apologies, please move with a redirect if needed.

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