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  1. InSpectre - New Steve Gibson utility

    I saw that. Still only goes back to Skylake, but they are making progress. Tons of people use pre-Skylake CPUs--I guess Skylake + makes up the bulk out there in the wild.
  2. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Here's a bug report for Mr. @Utumno: Oblivion. Bashed Patch. If a mod changes certain NPC's "Calc Min" setting to 1, when building the Bashed Patch, Bash sets their "Auto-Calc Stats" to on. This shouldn't happen?(?) The result is that certain NPCs effected by this are supposed to offer services but don't when the Bashed Patch does this. The fix is to go into the mod that changes Calc Min to 1, and set it to 0, then rebuild the Patch. Now, is this "normal"? If one wants to change Calc Min to 1 (or anything else), one should be able to without Bash setting Auto-Calc Stats, right? The following are the known NPCs that have Calc Min above 0 and get Auto-Calc Stats set by the Bashed Patch. Not all of these people sell goods, so some of them have no impact in-game. Others are supposed to sell stuff and don't have that option anymore after Bash sets Auto-Calc Stats. Ungarion [0000A088] Hauls-Ropes-Faster [0000A297] Fithragaer [0000BEE6] Dovyn Aren [0001605C] Malintus Ancrus [000222A6] Tumindil [00028F9D] Ulmug gro-Cromgog [00028FA9] Thaurron [0002D018] Faelian [0002F875] Alval Uvani [00030196] Brodras [00034E72] Gaspar Stegine [00034EB1] Hafid Hollowleg [00035EB0] Fallen Knight of Thorn [0003aa8d, 00071b94] Gin-Wulm [0003E92D] Dead Captive [00064c1d and 000651a7] I am standing by for any further details that you may need.
  3. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno Packages with the NVSE\Plugins\ directory only still are greyed. Grey box, grey letters and most of the context menus items are greyed out as well.
  4. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I found things mostly the same as @alt3rn1ty. Running the launcher and exiting makes no changes, but selecting anything from within the launcher set's Fallout.ini to RO and resets it. You could modify fallout_default.ini to work around this--maybe back it up first? I just don't use the launcher.
  5. Wrye Bash - All Games

    @Utumno New Flash fires up, installers work (for the most part--see below) an d seem to recognize an old Flash installation fine. Good stuff. But, NVSE Plugins are not working right. If the package has only the NVSE\Plugins\ directory with anything inside (or not) it doesn't get recognized. Most options are greyed out. If I were to add an extra directory to the package ("Meshes", for example) it gets partially recognized and I can select "Has extra directories" and all is good. So, BAIN does not recognize NVSE plugins.
  6. Wrye Bash - All Games

    My ini was read-only after installing FNV for the first time in 3 years. Last time it wasn't like that. Even FNV couldn't save changes to settings made via the in-game options. I'll be testing this new branch of Bash too. Last I heard, FO3 & FNV were not a priority for support, so this is quite the treat to see. Flash is okay--does the job--but some modernizing is pleasing to see.
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Is your ini read-only, @alt3rn1ty ?
  8. Graphics Extender?

    There's sort of one here. It's not as feature-rich and polished as OR, but it's a start.
  9. Cheap or Free Games!

    Interesting. Who doesn't love a good RPG--and Sci-fi to boot?
  10. [RELz] Open Cities Classic

    Ok. Good info. I've noticed that's the way LOOT sorts DLCs for all other games--at the top. Works for me.
  11. [RELz] Open Cities Classic

    Oh. Okay, I'll override the position of Knights then. Sort it with Quests, no?
  12. [RELz] Open Cities Classic

    I have been learned. But the only official DLC I use is Knights, so it probably isn't an issue for me.
  13. [RELz] Open Cities Classic

    Open Bash, right-click the column header, select "Sort By" and be sure "Load Order" is selected. I'd recommend BOSS for Oblivion, not LOOT. I'm basing this on results from an version of LOOT that is outdated, so things may have improved since then. I'd still recommend BOSS over LOOT for Oblivion--all other games are good with LOOT.
  14. Those are some big fixes... Both may work, but it's like using a shotgun to swat a fly (I think--the reason could be deeply rooted in my OS). If I don't get subsequent Microsoft updates, I'll probably bite the bullet and ask them for help. If it comes to that, and they fix it, I'll definitely post the solution.
  15. Good stuff, Alt. But it's not 100% all the time. I have W10 x64 1709 that has never run any 3rd party AV--Windows Defender only--and I haven't been getting updates. I had to download the Spectre/Meltdown Microsoft patch manually and apply it. All went smooth for the install, but it was not delivered via WU. Maybe, like new builds, I'm delayed to not tax Microsoft's servers--I don't know. I have that registry key though, exactly as shown.

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