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  1. Oblivion BSA extraction

    Ah, understood. I will not follow it like scripture then.
  2. Oblivion BSA extraction

    A fellow Oblivi-holic. Very nice. What is this merged at runtime records list for Skyrim you speak of? Here on the AFK? I don't play Skyrim that much, honestly, but there's tons of reasons that it can be enjoyed as much as Oblivion. Maybe it's time for a "mega Skyrim playthrough"?
  3. Oblivion BSA extraction

    Nice link, alt3rn1ty. I hadn't come across that thread. Unfortunately for me (Oblivion addict), Skyrim is much more played and studied and documented. I mean the Nexus has over twice the number of mods. I had read Ethatron's work that a modern CPU can uncompress and read quicker than loading a large uncompressed file, depending on compression type, I think. Starting with Oblivion, Bethesda packed most files--Morrowind has tons that are loose. One could assume they did it for a reason other than release prettiness. Installing and prepping for me is quite involved--extract, optimize, etc., repack. But now I know to stick with the official tool with Skyrim, but for Oblivion I'll stick with BSAOpt for packing.
  4. Oblivion BSA extraction

    Bringing this post back to life, baby! There are several tools for BSA manipulation in Oblivion--my personal favorite is BSAOpt. DDSOpt merges it, but I like the standalone version. Before that I used BSA Commander--neat that you can set the archive flags individually (though most of them are unknown as to their purpose), and it offers good compression. But BSAOpt's compression is outstanding at max, plus it filters duplicates automatically. Aaand it auto-skips hidden files. Has a handy browser too. The malonn likes.
  5. Having an error with LOOT

    A little late, but what the heck... You need to launch LOOT through Mod Organizer. Add loot to the executables launching through MO and then load it (through MO). It needs to "see" the virtual directory.
  6. Is there an update in the works? Oblivion is not as loved as Skyrim, but it's alive. There are some good mods still active (MOO, OR, among others--miguick has released some mods recently, though I haven't tested them), and was wondering if the original Unofficial Patch is kicking and breathing? If so, are the changes significant?
  7. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Sorry, but I kind of abandoned my Wizards years ago. I had them backed up form the longest time, but unfortunately deleted them at some point (don't remember why). They may not have even been updated for the Bash 295 Wizard changes; I don't remember. Beermotor is a robot designed specifically for making Wizards , maybe he can whip one up. I don't know if he gives love to Oblivion though...
  8. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Hey, Beermotor. Just wanted to say thanks for the SMIM Wizard. It's a lifesaver.
  9. [RELz] Mertz's WizBAIN thread

    Hey, Beermotor. Moving over to this thread from the Tools of the Trade thread... A Wizard for Brumbek's SMIM (Static Mesh Improvement Mod) would be awesome! It's a lot, I know, but for some reason Brumbek dropped support for BAIN (it was in older versions of the mod). Millions of people use that mod--plus it would be for both LE and SE Skyrim. I humbly request a Wizard, kind sir.
  10. Wrye Bash - All Games

    I'll post in the thread as well, but I'll tell you a mod that badly needs a Wizard: SMIM (Static Mesh Improvement Mod by Brumbek). It has a FOMOD, but who uses NMM? ( ) You'll have your work cut out for you with SMIM. But I would love a Wizard for it--I'm sure others would too. I'll post in the official thread now. Ok, sorry, no more derailing from me.
  11. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Hey, thanks. Okay, so Beth.net is the official home. Good to know. That's neat about those BAIN Wizards. They could be quite handy, me-thinks. I haven't bit the bullet and bought SE yet. I'll give it some time, let the price come down a bit. Hey there, Supierce. I see you're everywhere too. I haven't seen you on TAL yet. But I wouldn't be surprised if you have an account there too.
  12. Wrye Bash - All Games

    So, which thread is the "official" thread? Bethesda.net or here, or both? I can and will check both, of course. This thread seems to be more current--plus the forums are much nicer (Bethesda is shit).

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