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  1. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Gotcha--good little summary there. I bet Utumno works and a programmer in RL too. Program all day at work, come home, program some more. Programming could get repetitive in a case like that. Anywho, thanks for clearing things up, Alt.
  2. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    Just curious. Nothing to ask or say.
  3. Wrye Bash - All Games

    Has work begun on New Vegas support? This probably reeks of a nagging question, but I'm lazy--long thread and the searching is frustrating.
  4. Forum Upgrade - IPB 4.2

    Is this site running the latest version of IPBoard?
  5. Cheap or Free Games!

    Yeah, the holidays bring many presents for us gamers...
  6. Cheap or Free Games!

    Assassin's Creed IV is free until the 18th of December, 2017. You'll need Uplay--Ubisoft puts out a good game every so often, so you'll probably have Uplay... I guess.
  7. [RELz] Arthmoor's Villages of Cyrodiil

    Why? Aside from being able to use cool mods, you'd never know it was up and running. Are you on Steam?
  8. Identical to Master Records

    Well if you ever do decide to revisit Cyrodiil, Maskar's makes it a more interesting place. You don't have time for game; I've got the time, just that I buy too games too often. I probably have 15 sitting in my Steam account that have never been installed. 2 or 3 on disc. I've almost finished Borderlands 2 (2012 game), have Assassin's Creed II installed and sitting... but I always come back to Oblivion. I still haven't played all the quests in Skyrim. I have the SE but never installed it... Yeah, Maskar plans out his mods well. He does a great job with his stuff. He's a talented scripter. I'd be happy to share my custom OOO with you when I'm done. I may release officially, I just don't know if I want to go through the hoopla of getting permissions. I'm not familiar with this Guard NPC bug you speak of. I'll squash it if I can duplicate it. I know OOO adds female guards to the cities, but what I've seen is they disable a male guard and put in a female. But ti's just disabling and lowering the Z a few thousand, as far as I know.
  9. Identical to Master Records

    Ah, it unlevels things... a must IMO. It has some interesting sounding features. I appreciate the readme post. You ever use Maskar's, alt3rn1ty?
  10. Identical to Master Records

    I like hearing from people who remember old forum threads and their dialogues... I do agree, alt3rn1ty. LO and Bash Tags solve all issues nowadays. An occasional patch, perhaps, to "lock it down". In the early days, it was hard to make patches off of esp's. Maybe that's why they wanted to keep esm IDs for cells? But I can't remember how long OOO has been split into Master-Plugin. I think in dev_akm's day it was just esp? Anywho, I've taken advice here, on TAL, and my own playtesting to be pretty confident that the changes I was wondering about are safe to make. I was half way sure before I even asked, but the mod was staring at me being done the way it was done and it threw some confusion into the wee brain. I may make a page for it--would require some permissions. I'll see. I've merged Kobal's addons; there's some fine tuning to be done, but the bulk of that is done. Took me a week. I'm going to UOP'ize a few records, modernize a few old features (i.e. richer use of OBSE functions)... I'm also planning on stripping some content and enhancing other stuff. It's going to be very "personal tatse", which makes me reluctant to upload. But I guess all mods are "personal taste" in the end. I've nevertried T.I.E. It focuses on stealth and upping difficulty, no? There's not much in the way of new weapons and armors, NPC customizations, etc. I like seeing all that good community made stuff in-game. There's some nice stuff out there, released over the course of a decade now.
  11. Identical to Master Records

    I'm with you on the cell-edits-in-an-esp. 100%. I wish some of the old authors of OOO were still around... The guys who split it would be great to hear from. Oblivion is half a decade old though, so... popularity has waned. Why did they do some of the things they did and why did they do them the way they did?
  12. Identical to Master Records

    What I noticed: OOO's esp injects records into the esm. It's what I explained above, but didn't realize what was going on at the time I wrote that. The reason (I think and want confirmation): It allows the records to be handled by the esm, thus later loading mods can make changes to those records. A poster is injected into the esm, so a mod can use that esm-based record in itself. The cell it edits needs to be esp because of the engine bug, but the new record being added into cell is esm-based for other mods to be able to use it or change it if need be. Esm's are masters and easy to be made dependent on. Am I right in this way of thinking. Is there another reason to inject cell edits into the esm?
  13. Identical to Master Records

    Arthmoor is one knowledgeable son of a gun. Thank you. That is what I thought, but decided to ask (and test in-game, but with so much content, it will take a while). Also, OOO's esp has new records in cells that are from the esm, but are placed in the cell via the esp. It's funky. I've already started testing that by changing them so that the esp has the new records. So, (example) OOO adds a poster for the Skyrim Bandits Clan quest in Wildeye Stables, but the new record (the poster) uses the esm's form. So the esm is 01xxxxxx, the esp is 02xxxxxx; the cell is "accessed" in the esp (02xxxxxx), but the record for the poster is from the esm (01xxxxxx), but the cell is not used in the esm. It's odd and doesn't seem "right", but it works. I'm changing it though. All cell stuff will be housed in the esp. New records for cells will use the esp's LO-correct FormIDs. Based on what Arthmoor just said, and my initial testing, that is right? I'm actually customizing OOO (heavily) for myself. WalkerInShadows is the official maintainer of OOO, so I will bring this stuff to his attention. I help (with scripting) so he should be the one to make the call what to do with the official OOO releases.
  14. This is a repost of a topic over at TAL; I'm hoping someone here can confirm or deny and explain why... If a mod is split into a master and plugin (esm + esp), is there a need for both the master and plugin to have Oblivion.esm (00xxxxxx) record overwrites? I've always understood for mods like this that the master (esm) should have totally new records and the plugin (esp) should have overwrites of Oblivion.esm (the integration into vanilla records, etc.). Example: The Blades Helmet (00000C09). Let's say the mod changes the mesh. The esm would not need to have that record in addition to the esp, right? Why would "MyMod.esm" need the record and then "MyMod.esp" has the exact same record with the same changes? Being it is a vanilla record, the changes should only be needed in "MyMod.esp", right? Esp's were intended to be the files that overwrite vanilla records. If you have a set of brand new armor, you create the requisite records in the esm, and then in the esp you load the armor into, say, the leveled lists (or in an NPC's inventory--whatever). That's my question. A practical example (and what I am working on that needs this answer): OOO. There are tons of records in the esp that have identicals in the esm. Vanilla records. They don't need to be in the esm, do they? I don't understand why the authors have done it this way. Why would you need identical iron armor records (random)--let's say the model path has changed--in the esm and esp? Being it is a vanilla (00xxxxxx) overwrite, the esp is all that needs it. I can't think of a reason why that wouldn't be true. But, BOSS says not to clean for ITMs. I understand if the mod has a change that reverts something to vanilla; it wants the vanilla value. So (example:) the Blades Helmet needs to use the vanilla model for the mod, so it puts that vanilla record (which is ITM Oblivion.esm) in the mod. I understand that. Perhaps some of you senior modders can shed some light on this inquiry?
  15. Oblivion BSA extraction

    Ah, understood. I will not follow it like scripture then.

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