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  1. Malonn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Oh okay. Yeah the second post has the standalone from July. So that's the latest stable. I've been running it for a while without a single issue so I guess I don't have anything to complain about. I just kinda assumed that standalone's get skipped over more than Python builds. Thanks for clearing it up.
  2. Malonn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    What's the chance of getting a newer stable release of the standalone Bash? The one linked on the front page is from July.
  3. Malonn

    Cheap or Free Games!

    Neat. I still haven't finished The Witcher (then it's part 2) but I look forward to Wild Hunt. That symphony struck a cord.
  4. Malonn

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    That fixed it. Thanks, zilav. There's a few changes to the UI too. Neat.
  5. Malonn

    [WIPz] TES5Edit

    I haven't looked through this whole thread, so sorry if this has been addressed, but I'm running into strangeness with loading plugins. I'm running TES4Edit version 3.2.1 and whenever I install a plugin (BAIN; manually; doesn't matter) or save a plugin with the CS and go to load it up in TES4Edit, the LO is whacked out. If it's an ESM it is loaded earlier than Oblivion.esm, if it's an esp, it's loaded earlier than all other ESPs. The only solution is to run BOSS. It's odd because the timestamp is "correct" to where it should load correctly. For some reason .Edit is thrown off by timestamps that are not minute by minute like BOSS and (I guess) LOOT makes them. -malonn
  6. Malonn

    I don't understand this shit

    You can ignore all of those warnings reported by LOOT, if you want. They're suggestions to clean the files of identical to master records and disable references and undelete deleted records. They're suggestions, however. Experienced Bethesda games modders, i.e. those likely to be running 50+ mods, follow them but you don't have to.
  7. Malonn


    Oh, that's cool. I fired it up and am at the beach early on. I've just played a couple of minutes (obviously), but really like the landscaping I have seen. Plus it voiced in English--bonus there. It's shaping up to be a solid way to spend thirty hours.
  8. Malonn


    Anyone played it? I was finally able to download the 8GB package on my ancient DSL connection. I quite enjoyed (though never finished) Nehrim, and I heard they made a couple good conversions for Morrowind, so I look forward to playing it. Even if people say it's crap, I'm going to play through it. SureAI makes professional quality quests.
  9. Malonn

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    High Rock. Where's that? Hammerfell?
  10. Thanks for being so willing and helpful, but don't bother with it. A beginner is more experienced than I am. Like I said, I kinda thought it would be easy. If it's not, it isn't that big of a deal to me.
  11. I am not that familiar with Blender. I was just thinking it would be cool to see some of the Skyrim armors in my Oblivion game. If it's a hassle for you, and if it will be a hassle for me, I'm not interested enough to ask anyone to go out of their way. I was thinking it would be a simple 2, 3 steps and it's done. Meshes have never been my thing when it comes to modding. But I'm willing to learn.
  12. Hey, thanks you two. So that raises another question. I have Blender portable from Nexus. I think it's tailored to Oblivion as far as having the nif exporting capability, PyFFI scripts, etc. I'm sure you two are familiar with version 2.49b--I have that. I need more for Skyrim, eh? Would I need the latest version of Blender? I'm really not that familiar with Blender. The UI is confusing. I have wandered my way around for a project once, but don't remember most of (was a while ago) so I'll be starting fresh. What I'm asking is what do I need to handle my business? EDIT: Well, let me ask this too: will porting meshes be simple? Or are there UV mapping and texturing issues I'll have to work through?
  13. Tell me, are classic Skyrim meshes compatible with the Oblivion engine? Could I drop an mesh right into the game world with no issues? If not, is there guidance on what it takes to make the meshes compatible? Specifically what I'm wondering about are armor meshes. I'd like to port some of the Skyrim armors to Oblivion (personal project; won't be released) for my gameplaying enjoyment.
  14. And the curtains close...
  15. Finally retiring this one, eh? Well, thanks for keeping the fixes coming for as long as you have. I mean if no one reports bugs, no one reports bugs.

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