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  1. Malonn

    [RELz] Plugin Resources

    Forgive me, but I don't know as much as I thought I did, but why would that make it mergeable? So one would use your ESM's formIDs? This is new territory for me, I guess.
  2. Malonn

    [RELz] Plugin Resources

    I'm fuzzy on the mechanics of this. This is solely to make a mod mergeable in the Bashed Patch, right? So, you have a formID (let's say xx726534) from a mod, you overwrite that ID with one from you resource esm? Which is blank? So, xx726534 goes from being a quest with data to a blank quest?
  3. Malonn

    New DNS Server = Fast

    I didn't know a thing about the developers of Ghostery. I just assumed the creator still developed. I don't have an account with them, is my browsing data sold? Best browser extension ever created? There's an endorsement for ya.
  4. Malonn

    New DNS Server = Fast

    Have you tried Ghostery for ad blocking? Or would that suffer the same fate as Ublock with the new changes to Chrome?
  5. Gotcha. I guess my only data to back my opinion is following the issues Nexus had after Skyrim (and then the CK) were released. Plus you look at the downloads for some Skyrim mods and you're looking at the millions easily (unique). If an Oblivion mod is in the 10K range (unique) it's popular (nowadays), but 10K for Skyrim is near-unused. But I've been with Oblivion since '06 so I guess I should have known better.
  6. I remember. The official forums were the place to hang out and chat about Oblivion and mods. Releases, WIP's, etc. all in the official forums. I didn't know Oblivion has the second highest number of mods in all of Nexus. Let me guess: Skyrim is #1? Okay, maybe Oblivion had nearly as large an active community, but for sheer numbers of players with modded setups, Skyrim reigns. Nexus officials said themselves that it was when Skyrim came along that they had to really improve their backend to cope with the traffic. I remember issues in Oblvion's day too. Doesn't FO3, FO4 and FNV and SSE have high mod numbers on their servers?
  7. I'd love to see some hard data on speed differences with loose versus BSA'd resources. There has been an article or two about BSA compression as well; does it improve performance to be compressed or not? A more detailed study on that would be great. Basically for Oblivion, BSAs are a tidiness thing. If the assets of the mod are completely new and unique, a BSA can be a prettiness tool. If we had data on compression and it's performance impact, we could say BSA's potentially improve performance. The Bethesda modding community really took off with Skyrim. That's when the research for every damn question about the game took place. Modding wasn't quite as popular with Oblivion. Nexus blew the hell up with Skyrim.
  8. Try posting in the LOOT thread. I don't know the answer. I don't know LOOT's inner workings, but they do in that thread. Maybe something with "Plugins.txt"? Obviously, Oblivion.esm is active, right?
  9. Malonn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Not a thing to do with Bash. My apologies for the derail.
  10. Malonn

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    The Skyrim SE executable has further security features that no other Bethesda game has (Well, I don't know about Fallout76). Even Fallout 4 doesn't have it (plenty of games do though), but I'd be curious to learn more about it. It can "defeat" even decent RAT-like software that patch the game at runtime. Recent 64 bit browsers have the same thing or something similar. What is it, I wonder? And I don't employ or endorse RATS, but other people do.
  11. Malonn

    I'm making a bet...

    I figured you for a reader. He's not a fiction author, more of a new age consciousness guy. Conspiracy theories, aliens, etc. Quite interesting stuff. If you watch anything on Gaia, you'll see him. Quite spiritual, though not religious.
  12. Malonn

    I'm making a bet...

    Or not. I can see how a mainstream man may take offense to that (erroneously), so I'll say that I'm a Wilcock man. No offense intended. It's just that I've heard people in his circle refer to the states as the USSA--like Arthmoor's location in his forum handle.
  13. Malonn

    Problems with Wyre Brush and WIN 10

    Lots of people use Bash (not Brush--just sayin') and Win10--including me--without problems. Something is "off" on your end; install; configuration. What version of Bash do you use? Standalone or Python version?
  14. You may stand a better chance of getting help if you post in the LOOT thread (if you haven't stumbled on that already). The devs lurk in the official threads, as well as skilled users.
  15. These forums are... how can I say... particular. If you want help you'll need to post in the Bash thread. One of the devs may have seen this but don't expect a helpful response outside of that thread.

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