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    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Can confirm, debug trace looks like this: Failed loading CACO - Script Update-69306-1-2-1.7z due to 'fomod_active' bain.py 309 __setstate__: Failed loading CACO - Script Update-69306-1-2-1.7z Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 306, in __setstate__ self.__setstate(values) File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 337, in __setstate dest_scr = self.refreshDataSizeCrc() File "bash\bosh\bain.py", line 659, in refreshDataSizeCrc if self.extras_dict['fomod_active'] and full in self.extras_dict['fomod_files_dict'].values(): KeyError: 'fomod_active' (Spammed once for every installer in the installers tab)

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