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  1. ok i'm not aware of the hotfix problem etc only been on this game for a couple months. My game started with 205b. probs started with 206. I did read that there were updates to the tracking in 206+ but i found very little discussion of this on Nexus forum searching 'tracking' ,'track' or 'tracksystem'. The fact that the prob was repeatable on an older vanilla save (frm nexus) is what was concerning, however for clarification, when you say "It will require using a save where you haven't done that at all yet." are you referring to a save where that quest had not been started yet?
  2. Hi I posted this in reply to a nexus comment i made last week but wanted to re-iterate it here. I had an out-of control script error issue with the Tracking system that caused a lot of headaches after updating to 206 then 206a. reverting to 205b for now but wanted to see if you could take a look. thx
  3. well this band aid fix of disabling snow shader on offensive meshes was a step in the right direction.
  4. I'm nearing the end of my extremely anal retentive build in SE and my final struggles involve the snow shader and particularly how horrible it is in Windhelm. I've gone in circles with BDS, ini settings (set bEnableImprovedSnow=0 and bEnableProjecteUVDiffuseNormals=1) Fluffy snow and the like.. but i'm curious if anybody has solved this. The bridge outside of Windhelm and the 'Blended Roads' bridges issue. The alpha on the the blended roads 'road01snow01.dds' is opposite of the fluffy snow.. and neither work across the board. Also the snow shaders we see against the walls and steps of Windhelm have these stretched sections... If you know what i'm talking about and have come to a resolution I'd love to hear about it.
  5. ez009

    Wrye Bash - All Games

    Is there a trick to getting WB to recognize "Factions" tags? I've added the tag to several esp descriptions. It recognizes others in the tag but not Factions. (?)
  6. Why does it just transition without the typical door open/close sound? I tried changing the sounds on the door activator in CK with no affect. edit: seems the door close sound has changed. it's just still missing a door open sound. ?
  7. I also had a question about CK. Is it possible to filter items in the object window to display ONLY items modified by current active esp?
  8. not sure if these are the same warnings you're referring to but: via dirty weasel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3LB0whktFU //Copy and paste into created CreationKitCustom.ini// [General] bAllowMultipleMasterLoads=1 [Grass] bAllowCreateGrass=1 bAllowLoadGrass=0 [Audio] bEnableAudio=1 [Messages] bBlockMessageBoxes=1 //Edit CreationKit.ini under [Archive]// Add to at end of sResourceArchiveList= ", Update.bsa" Add to at end of SResourceArchiveList2= ", Update.bsa"
  9. Thx, and while on the topic of scripts, I've noticed that DLC1TestPhilAtronach script is missing in Special Edition. wondering if this is intentional? should i grab the PSC source from oldrim and recompile it in SSE? or clean the VMAD entry in the Dawnguard.esm ? any insight appreciated there. thanks
  10. Hi, on to a new build with latest USSEP and was wondering about missing ussepretroactive413script . Is this something to be concerned with?

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