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    Whole load of things, from storms, geology, volcanoes, astronomy, astrophysics, sciences, meteorology through to writing fiction and playing, Skyrim among other games. Librarian by job history. Good at finding stuff, struggle with software.

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  1. Bluegunk

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    Thank you! Shall do.
  2. Bluegunk

    [RELz] LOOT - Load Order Optimisation Tool

    I'm sorry to interrupt, but I found this thread and seek the same help. I updated LOOT yesterday and wanted to sort my Fallout 4, only to get much the same error. I'm using Win 10 (Home) latest updates, set up is well away from C: Program Files. I could pull up a master list from GitHub, but the site confuses my poor little brain cell and I can't find anything to download. Shall I just be patient and wait or is there something local I can fix? Thank you and sorry to trouble you.
  3. As a bit of an outsider, I've been trying to find out why LazyGirl's mod: Wintermute, generates a thrashing script when run in game alongside Amazing Follower Tweaks and Liga of My Companions. (Perhaps it generates the script problem without these; untested.) Well, I came across this bug report for the Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch: https://afktrack.iguanadons.net/index.php?a=issues&i=22122 . This comment exactly shows the script error I am getting. Here's my Wintermute bug report: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/12573?tab=forum Tracking forum. You can see the problem I am hoping to resolve. Now, regarding the AFKtrack link, has there been any development on this, please? Or is there a cure I can apply with a bit of judicious FO4Edit / Creation Kit tweaking? I'd like to use the Wintermute mod, but I don't really want the game engine mulching away at scripts when it should be putting stuff up on the screen. Sorry to bother you, but I hope there is a solution I can apply. Many thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the cookie! Bluegunk here, wandering off the Nexus site in pursuit of Skyrim SE developments. I think a few of you may recognise my name. I doubt I'll be very active but just to say HI to you all. I'm a "silver gamer" aged 58 in the UK, and retired this year. So more people have had me interfering in their discussions than before. All the best everyone!

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