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  1. Rasikko

    Clarification on cell edits.

    Alrighty then.
  2. As I'm working on a mod where I need to add an activator to every dungeon in the game, I need to know if this is correct: So long as the objects owned by other mods do not share the same spot in a cell, there wont be any compatibility issues. My activators will be placed near every entrance in what I feel is the least likely place another mod's object could possibly be.
  3. Rasikko

    Windows 10

    Thank you for the information. The last one was 10gigs and zapped my main drive dry and I had to delete a lot of files to get it to around 35gigs. Since it's a laptop, I can't just swap the drive out and get a bigger SSD, and reinstalling windows is never an easy task..
  4. Rasikko

    Windows 10

    Those patches are really killing my drive space..
  5. Rasikko

    The Elder Scrolls VI

    2020 will give me enough time to save up for a desktop, as I doubt any laptop(which I'd prefer) in 2020 will be advanced enough.
  6. Rasikko

    Console Commands in Skyrim SE

    Old topic but.. TB, toggle cell borders, imo, one of the most useful console commands for working with cells, was disabled for SE. Works fine in Oldrim though.
  7. Rasikko

    Script vs conditions

    Conditions are a lot more efficient when it is small-medium things. When you have a ton of conditions though, it's no better than scripting, as it takes more time for the game to go though all the conditions. 30 conditions might be a bit too much. In general, if you can get away with conditions, prefer it over scripting.

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