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  1. MyHouseATL

    CTD at higher levels

    Ok, I found the script but, it only fires when I attack. (When something dies.) The script belongs to Frozen Electrocuted Combustion. I think the scripts not firing is a consequence of script lag. Something is slowly building up, like a memory leak or script leak. I have no idea how to hunt something like that down.
  2. MyHouseATL

    CTD at higher levels

    I have had problems with over modded Oldrim but, that is why I moved to SE. I am actually less modded than Oldrim... I'm on Win 10 64 bit. I have a fairly high end PC: AMD 1800X 1080 TI 16GiG Ram 500GB Samsung 970 Evo SSD I haven't heard of the Win 10 issue other than the touch screen setting which I have turned off. Does anyone know any problems with Win 10?
  3. So, I have noticed a trend in every build in SE I have made. At low levels I don't have any issues. Very few CTD's and no slow down. After reaching about 25-30th level, I begin getting lots of CTD's and slow downs. Currently, I am level 32, I have 3 followers and Caranthir Tower. I mention Caranthir Tower because I have tons of items stored there. (Ingots, Ore, Armor, Ingredients etc..) My character has 4 different armor sets and 2 companions have 3 sets. Only one of my companions have 1 set because I can't use AFT (Amazing Follower Tweaks.) to manage her wardrobe. I am now stuck in a dungeon and crash if I try to leave. I can change cell's in the dungeon. However, if I try to leave the dungeon into the world space, I get a CTD. For a while, I was able to tell my companions to stay put until I got outside and then summon them to me. No that isn't even an option. I noticed that once in a while I would get a frame drop an all I had to do is save and reload. Magically, my frames would return to normal. I'm unsure if that has anything to do with the issues I am having with CTD's but, I have a feeling it is related because it only started at higher levels. To my point. Is Skyrim's engine limited to items that a save can handle? Or does one of my mods have a memory leak slowing down everything else? I use ModOrganizer2 Bash patch everything Loot Have several SSEEdit patches for conflicting mods... Mods Mod Order The last little bit of my Papyrus Log I'm hoping someone will recognize the same pattern and know how to find the problem...
  4. MyHouseATL

    Skyrim SE Sudden CTD\Freeze

    Thanks, I found the problem. Turns out one of my mods got an update that changed the folder structure of the mod. Instead of overwriting, I merged it. I ended up with double the scripts firing. Funny that it took so long to rear its ugly head. Time to try again to make sure that killed the problem.
  5. I'm reposting this as I think I posted it in the wrong place... I have been playing SE for sever hours, (Reached level 20) and suddenly I am starting to get a stack dump. I'm trying to figure out the culprit. Can anyone help me decipher my Papyrus log? (Can you add spoilers in these forums?) It looks like Dual Sheath Redux, which I converted to SE from oldrim. I suspect it isn't working... Papyrus.0.log
  6. MyHouseATL

    Skyrim SE Sudden CTD\Freeze

    I have been playing SE for sever hours, (Reached level 20) and suddenly I am starting to get a stack dump. I'm trying to figure out the culprit. Can anyone help me decipher my Papyrus log? (Can you add spoilers in these forums?) Papyrus.0.log It looks like Dual Sheath Redux, which I converted to SE from oldrim. I suspect it isn't working...
  7. MyHouseATL

    Skyrim Special Edition CTD problems.

    Yes, I saw several posts about form 44. I have been diligent in insuring mods I convert are moved to form 44. What I didn't account for is other mod authors conversions. (I meant to say 43...) Thanks Arthmoor. I think this is my problem. When I get some time, I will convert mods I found not to be form 44 and re-test...
  8. MyHouseATL

    Skyrim Special Edition CTD problems.

    Thanks everyone, I did pay special attention to mods I converted to make sure they are form 43. However, I was doing a bash patch when I noticed several mods that came with other mods that still have form 44! I will convert them and retest to see if that is the cause. I don't believe outlaws is the problem because I have played without it and had the same issue. How would I go about finding what leveled list is added at level 10? That is an interesting suggestion...
  9. I posted this over at the Nexus forums but, I thought this might be a good place to get more info, so, here it my issue: I have been modding LE for 3-4 years. I consider myself a competent moder. Of course, there where mature tools to fix LE by the time I started modding. I have to say that I am disappointing with the stability of SE! Or, am I doing something totally wrong? My current load order won't allow me to play more than about 10th level before I start CTD'ing to a point where it is unplayable. Before that level, totally stable! And there isn't a place, or point, other than my level, where the failure starts. I can't attribute the failure to any one mod, because it's so random. Once I reach 10th level, I know the time I have to play is limited. Soon there will be a crash. So, I cracked open my load and started looking for conflicts that would cause my CTD. Currently, I have been trying to play Outlaws and Revolutionaries. Looks like a great mod. At first, I would get CTD's when I entered Coldwater Cave. (I was at 10th level...) So, I started a new game, went straight to the cave. No problem. Went into the cave. I thought, great, I'll start a new game with this load as my play through. Completed a few quests, leveled up to get some descent armor and headed to Coldwater cave. Made to the cage where the main quest releases a prisoner and bang. CTD! 10th level, CTD I can't get past. Reloads, trying different way's to get around it all unsuccessful. Dead play through again. In Tes5edit, that area had absolutely no conflicts. Nothing touched that area except Outlaws. I have SSE fixes loaded, a Cobj smash patch, Bash patch (Tried the separate and together), and even once tried a comparability patch through Tes5Edit. (To the best of my ability) Nothing seem to help. Lastly, went through and removed form 44 everywhere I could find it. If anyone can give me an idea where to start looking. I would appreciate it. Load order: I would post my Papyrus log but, it is different every time I start getting CTD's. It is absolutely unhelpful.

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