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  1. MyHouseATL

    Skyrim Special Edition CTD problems.

    Yes, I saw several posts about form 44. I have been diligent in insuring mods I convert are moved to form 44. What I didn't account for is other mod authors conversions. (I meant to say 43...) Thanks Arthmoor. I think this is my problem. When I get some time, I will convert mods I found not to be form 44 and re-test...
  2. MyHouseATL

    Skyrim Special Edition CTD problems.

    Thanks everyone, I did pay special attention to mods I converted to make sure they are form 43. However, I was doing a bash patch when I noticed several mods that came with other mods that still have form 44! I will convert them and retest to see if that is the cause. I don't believe outlaws is the problem because I have played without it and had the same issue. How would I go about finding what leveled list is added at level 10? That is an interesting suggestion...
  3. I posted this over at the Nexus forums but, I thought this might be a good place to get more info, so, here it my issue: I have been modding LE for 3-4 years. I consider myself a competent moder. Of course, there where mature tools to fix LE by the time I started modding. I have to say that I am disappointing with the stability of SE! Or, am I doing something totally wrong? My current load order won't allow me to play more than about 10th level before I start CTD'ing to a point where it is unplayable. Before that level, totally stable! And there isn't a place, or point, other than my level, where the failure starts. I can't attribute the failure to any one mod, because it's so random. Once I reach 10th level, I know the time I have to play is limited. Soon there will be a crash. So, I cracked open my load and started looking for conflicts that would cause my CTD. Currently, I have been trying to play Outlaws and Revolutionaries. Looks like a great mod. At first, I would get CTD's when I entered Coldwater Cave. (I was at 10th level...) So, I started a new game, went straight to the cave. No problem. Went into the cave. I thought, great, I'll start a new game with this load as my play through. Completed a few quests, leveled up to get some descent armor and headed to Coldwater cave. Made to the cage where the main quest releases a prisoner and bang. CTD! 10th level, CTD I can't get past. Reloads, trying different way's to get around it all unsuccessful. Dead play through again. In Tes5edit, that area had absolutely no conflicts. Nothing touched that area except Outlaws. I have SSE fixes loaded, a Cobj smash patch, Bash patch (Tried the separate and together), and even once tried a comparability patch through Tes5Edit. (To the best of my ability) Nothing seem to help. Lastly, went through and removed form 44 everywhere I could find it. If anyone can give me an idea where to start looking. I would appreciate it. Load order: I would post my Papyrus log but, it is different every time I start getting CTD's. It is absolutely unhelpful.

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