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    CustomINISettingsControllerScript - does this exist?

    I seem to have cured my current crop of crashes by deleting Qaxe's Questorium, which is a damned shame, but there we are. I wonder what will show up next? Lethiel
  2. lethiellightfoot

    CustomINISettingsControllerScript - does this exist?

    There we go. I'm currently between weather mods, on the point of reinstalling VW, but otherwise that's everything. I hope someone can see something (and that it's not one of the non-negotiables...) Lethiel
  3. lethiellightfoot

    CustomINISettingsControllerScript - does this exist?

    Everything was deleted, Skyrim was reinstalled, and mods added back in batches. (This is not easy, given how interdependent they all are.) No old saves survived--I always delete them all in any case when I start a new playthrough, and in this case I even deleted the directory they'd been in. A script that can survive that has probably achieved self-awareness and should be granted the right to vote. I know. I tried getting SKSE to generate .DMP files, but I couldn't find anything that would read them in a way I could understand, so Papyrus is all I've got to go on. Changing weather mods made no difference, which is good because I preferred VW anyway. Assuming I ever get actually to play this bloody game again. Hey ho... Lethiel
  4. lethiellightfoot

    CustomINISettingsControllerScript - does this exist?

    I'm really sorry, but it's definitely not from an uninstalled mod, because on this new install I haven't uninstalled any mods, and all my directories were empty before I started installing stuff. Nothing was left over. I have tracked down one mod that keeps calling on it, and it's Vivid Weathers. lmstearn, are those logs yours, or just ones you've found? I see in one the mod number is 26 and in another it's 59, but the quest number is the same. I have never uninstalled VW in mid-playthrough. I can't see anything in VW's bug list about it. I think maybe I'll change weather mods, start fresh yet again, and see if that makes a difference. And maybe see if Mangaclub knows anything about it. Thanks again. Lethiel
  5. lethiellightfoot

    CustomINISettingsControllerScript - does this exist?

    That seems weird to me. I could see that if it were a script left in my game folders that had no perceptible function, because its mod had vanished. What this is is a script that wasn't there, that either the game itself or one of my at that point installed mods kept trying to call on. I don't see how that can be a leftover from an uninstalled mod. What it seemed to want to do was to apply various active effects, numbered in single or double figures, to 00000014, which I think I worked out is me (the player character). And it couldn't, of course, because it wasn't there. I see I haven't enabled Papyrus logging yet on the new install. I'll have to do that at some point and see if it's (not) turned up again. In Skyrim, in a dragon's lair, I met a script that wasn't there. It wasn't there again today... ...well, you get the idea. Thanks for your help, anyway. Lethiel
  6. lethiellightfoot

    CustomINISettingsControllerScript - does this exist?

    It's showing up in Papyrus logs from a brand new playthrough with no mods uninstalled at all. I've just deleted and am re-downloading the game from scratch. I'm tired of random crashes and odd errors. I'll install the essential utilities and things and try a vanilla start. If it shows up in logs then, I'll let you know. If not, it's five mods at a time again and see what happens. Spending more time tinkering with the damn thing than playing it (which is probably how you feel, come to think of it)... Lethiel
  7. I'm seeing Papyrus errors regarding this script in my logs--Papyrus thinks it's a missing file and can't do anything with it. I've Googled and seen a number of other people's Papyrus logs mentioning it, usually in connection with unexpected CTDs, which incidentally I'm getting too. I've searched through my Skyrim SE directories and it doesn't seem to be there. Should it be? Or is it perhaps something left over from Oldrim for which a ported mod is searching in vain? Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you. Lethiel

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