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  1. Unshod_Cobbler

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    UTC is like the 24 hour clock, a bastard stepchild that some folks equate to the worlds Military Services.
  2. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    Thanks again.
  3. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    Thanks Arthmoor. Back to my original question. Is there a road map of sorts for cleaning FNV/FO3 as there is for Skyrim?
  4. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    How much exposure is there in simply removing ITM's?
  5. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    I have noticed several Identical To Master (ITM) records in Fallout New Vegas' DLC, the 10mm Pistol being one of the obvious ones. I was looking for direction on cleaning these masters and didn't find one here. Is there one and I am just too green to find it? Or am I traveling a new path?
  6. Unshod_Cobbler

    Porting Skyrim Special Edition Mods to Skyrim Classic

    Well, thanks for the info. Guess I am going to learn more than I expected. Such is life. Thanks again.
  7. I am starting this thread; not because I know something and wish to share, but because I am completely ignorant and was looking for help. TES V: Skyrim Special Edition has a topic on porting mods from Classic to SE. I was hoping to find help and knowledge going the other way. But alas, there is no topic for reposing knowledge for porting mods from SE to Classic. Short of recreating a mod from Scratch, any advice, hints, help or other intelligence (like where lie the pit traps) would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Good cookie, thanks. Now I need a glass of milk. OOO OOO, does Tarshana know you are giving away cookies? Anyway, I found this site via a Nexus Forums post by Arthmoor and thought I would check it out. Just getting oriented.

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