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  1. Unshod_Cobbler

    Briarheart Warriors Spawn Naked

    I have seen this process before, so here are a few things that might make reproducing a bug easier. sometimes the names of the ESP are rather esoteric and hard to match to a mod description, so include links to the mods in you Load Order to save the search time and research time needed to find them. ensure that all of the mods in your Load Order are current. It is difficult to do diagnostics when you have an outdated version of a mod and the old version is no longer available ensure that the mods in your Load Order are still supported. Unsupported mods generally are a great source of errors and cannot be obtained to reproduce a bug Hope this is helpful.
  2. Unshod_Cobbler

    Does Fallout have a future?

    And the magic eight ball says ... "It depends". "On what", you ask? Variables. New fans, existing fans and Bethesda's attitude towards those fans. Game mechanics, graphics and story. Modding or not. You alone get to decide whether Fallout will survive in your realm.
  3. Unshod_Cobbler

    AFKTrack Update - Timezones

    UTC is like the 24 hour clock, a bastard stepchild that some folks equate to the worlds Military Services.
  4. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    Thanks again.
  5. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    Thanks Arthmoor. Back to my original question. Is there a road map of sorts for cleaning FNV/FO3 as there is for Skyrim?
  6. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    How much exposure is there in simply removing ITM's?
  7. Unshod_Cobbler

    Cleaning Masters in Fallout New Vegas

    I have noticed several Identical To Master (ITM) records in Fallout New Vegas' DLC, the 10mm Pistol being one of the obvious ones. I was looking for direction on cleaning these masters and didn't find one here. Is there one and I am just too green to find it? Or am I traveling a new path?
  8. Unshod_Cobbler

    Porting Skyrim Special Edition Mods to Skyrim Classic

    Well, thanks for the info. Guess I am going to learn more than I expected. Such is life. Thanks again.
  9. I am starting this thread; not because I know something and wish to share, but because I am completely ignorant and was looking for help. TES V: Skyrim Special Edition has a topic on porting mods from Classic to SE. I was hoping to find help and knowledge going the other way. But alas, there is no topic for reposing knowledge for porting mods from SE to Classic. Short of recreating a mod from Scratch, any advice, hints, help or other intelligence (like where lie the pit traps) would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Good cookie, thanks. Now I need a glass of milk. OOO OOO, does Tarshana know you are giving away cookies? Anyway, I found this site via a Nexus Forums post by Arthmoor and thought I would check it out. Just getting oriented.

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