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AFK Mods is Relocating. Again!

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As the title suggests, AFK Mods is relocating again :)


No, nothing bad happened, nobody died, we're not being kicked out because I got grumpy with the wrong person or anything like that. We've been given an offer too good to refuse that will give us back the independence we enjoyed before. Only better, because it won't be with that accursed QSFP stuff again. We're getting our own shiny new IPB setup. Courtesy of folks who can identify themselves later if they wish.


A new server has been established, and my blog at iguanadons.net has already been transplanted. The DNS should have propagated by now, so any visitors there should be seeing the new location. You'll know otherwise, since the old site is in comments lockdown.


The structure of the forums and our downloads area will be transferred over soon, with any luck, possibly tomorrow even. Which means preserving member data for continuity in posting and other stuff. Which leads to one small thing I think we need to ask, just to be sure it's cool with everyone.


If you weren't a member at the site prior to us integrating here, and you've since posted in our forums, would any of you object to having your member account data added at the new site? If so, we need to know this ahead of time since there will probably be some arcane SQL rituals needed to exclude you from that. Since the forum software is the same there should be no loss of information when doing so. You'd keep the same usernames and passwords, avatars, etc.


I know this was somewhat sudden, but the timing caught me by surprise too. Anyway, until we can get things moved over, it would be best to limit further posts to this thread.


(Cross posted from our admin area, because I forgot that was semi-hidden!)

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Sure no problem.  I've no objection at all so go ahead and include my posted material on the new server. :)


IIRC I think I register at iguanadons.net when it was still up and running last year, but I'm not entirely sure about that. :shrug:

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