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[REQ] - Looking for a new forum logo

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Hi all!



Some of you may know about Sovngarde and notice that I had a hosted site forum on DC last year.  Unfortunately RL was distracting me to much at that time, so I simple closed the forum well I told Anda to do that.


Anyway about a week ago I got Sovngarde online and have since then been working with it almost every day, but now I want to change the site logo for Sovngarde forum and I know where to find information of how to do that.


I'm not a graphical artist with Gimp/Photoshop or other painting programs, so that's why I ask here for a new site logo. smile.png   Also I do have some background images thanks to Markus Liberty. biggrin.png

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If you haven't found anyone yet, I know that DarkRider over at TES Alliance does banners/logos on the side. You could put up a request thread there.

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