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Keeper Carcette relocation post dawnguard

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with arathmoor's idea to relocate the base for the vigilants to stendarrs beacon gives me an idea


With the add-on Dawnguard installed, the Hall of the Vigilant is destroyed by vampires once the player reaches level 10 or has completed the quest Dawnguard. According to Vigilant Tolan, Keeper Carcette was killed in the attack, although her body is not present at the ruins of the Hall.


Even though Vigilant Tolan says she died no body was found so its possible she could relocate to the new base stendars beacon


just an idea

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Please forgive me for commenting on such an aging post, but it's extremely relevant.

Arthmoor is right, it would be a great idea for a separate mod.  So I did exactly that :)



The "new" Carcette doesn't have the training issues like the original...so one could view it as a bug fix.

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