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Today must be the day of free games.

Eador: Genesis is free on GOG.

They also have Renowned Explorers: International Society available on GOGConnect.


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3 hours ago, Nico coiN said:

I'm offering a redeem code for Mount & Blade on GOG. First login to your account at, then use the following link to get the game :

Enjoy !

You should also point out that it's still free for everyone for the next 38 hours. :P

GOG have also made Sang-Froid: Tales of Werewolves free permanently. I think it's free on Steam too.


I have some codes for some games on GOG if anyone's interested:

Neverwinter Nights Diamond  -  Claimed
Saints Row 2  -  CC7FE-297F1-E8D33-8DA31
System Shock 2  -  Claimed
Eador: Genesis  -  113B4-748FC-B716B-92BF1



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