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[RELz] Footprints

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Footprints 1.0 (2015-03-28)
** Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC **
Download (AFK Mods)
Download (Nexus)
Changelog 1.0
1. Major rewrite.

  • In order to vastly simplify the scripts, Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC are now required.
  • Scripts are now templated (e.g. Biped, Quadruped, Werecreature) so there are now fewer total unique scripts in use.
  • NPC Footprints and NPC Footprints with FX are now "ref counted", i.e. tracked. This is done so that they can be limited by the user.  If you want no NPCs to have prints at all, you set this to 0. You can also set the number of FX prints to 0 to disable particle FX.  This does not apply to the player and some races like horses.

2. MCM menu (Gallery)
Main page:

  • Lists status such as number of NPCs, number using FX, what race the Player currently is and what effect is on the Player.
  • Lists third party plugins which depend on Footprints.

Settings page:

  • NPC Limit
  • FX Limit
  • Enable/Disable Footprints
  • Enable/Disable Custom Footprints hook (for Third Party plugins)
  • Setting of relevant INI values

3. Extensibility with a Custom Footprints hook

  • Third party plugins can now add additional footprints to the game. This can be used for custom races or to override existing behavior.
  • Script templates for Bipeds, Quadrupeds, and more allow mod authors to include footprints for their races without any scripts of their own.
  • Separate FormLists for extending the Player footprints and the NPC footprints. Meaning a third party plugin can target only the Player or only the NPCs if needed.
  • To use more than one plugin, the end user will need to be able to merge the FormLists from each plugin.

4. The Ash plugin has been merged into the main plugin now that it requires Dragonborn.

Note: This is no additional scripting or burden on top of snow prints.  In fact the addition of any new materials in later versions will require no additional scripting, it is done with adding ImpactData to the ImpactDataSets.

5. [Enhancement] Foxes now have their own smaller prints separate from canines.
6. [Fix] Frost Giants no longer receive normal Giant footprints.
7. [Fix] Ash print FX no longer use the snow particle FX... this was an oversight.  The Ash FX also no longer leave the "chunks" behind--only dust clouds.




Upgrading from 0.99 to 1.00 requires no special action. However to decrease the chance of any issues please:

1. Save indoors with 0.99 active. Do *NOT* save outdoors in Solstheim if using the Ash ESP.
2. Overwrite the 0.99 BSA/ESP with the 1.00 ones.
3. **If you had the Ash ESP active before, delete it.**  Note: You will get the "Relies on content..." warning. This is unavoidable.
4. Load the game, and for good measure fast travel to a different location.
Note: If you monitor your logs, do not be alarmed at the amount of warnings and errors generated the first time you load 1.00. This is the mod cleaning up after the old version. Any errors should cease after a few seconds of playing and not persist on subsequent save loads.

Non-MCM Users
If you do not use SkyUI, and would still like to modify the NPC/FX Limits or to Enable/Disable Footprints, you can do so in the console:

Lower the NPC Limit to 25 (Default: 50)
set fp_FootprintsNPCLimit to 25
Lower the FX Limit to 0 (Default: 20)
set fp_FootprintsFXLimit to 0

Turn off Footprints completely:

set fp_IsFootprintsDisabled to 1

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- If you do not have Dawnguard or Dragonborn and would like a stripped down version of 1.0, please take this poll.

- When lowering the NPC/FX limits in the Settings, this will not take effect immediately.  As you play and move through cells, Actors will unload. When they unload they will be subtracted from the total.  New Actors won't receive footprints until the count goes back under the new limit.  Increasing the limit is immediate however.

- Modding resources to develop third-party plugins for Footprints will be released within the next week or so.

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Is this expected on startup? 

[03/29/2015 - 03:38:09PM] Cannot open store for class "QF__04080094", missing file?
[03/29/2015 - 03:38:09PM] Error: Unable to bind script QF__04080094 to footprintsSkyUIConfig (30080094) because their base types do not match

EDIT: Looks like a file got missed. It's the script holding the alias definition for the Player. Seems important :P

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Seems important :P

Extremely unimportant actually.


I took the file out and tested it on a new game and my MCM still shows up, maintains its settings across saves, etc, so I have literally zero idea of the point of a SkyUI PlayerRefAlias.  Maybe if SkyUI API were remotely clear on the matter we'd know what it actually does. :P


I'll update the package momentarily.

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I've officially released it on Nexus.  I wonder if I'll ever get MOTM now that it's finally at 1.0.   :P  (Edit:  Oops, looks like I'd already been nominated when I said this. :X)

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