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DynDOLOD Guide - For Wrye Bash users

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DynDOLOD Guide - For Wrye Bash users


Tempted to change UGrids settings and upset the timing of scripts ?

Use DynDOLOD instead


NB : If updating from older version to v2+ See release notes.





Short guide to getting people up and running using DynDOLOD, but for users of Wrye Bash using its abilities to setup most of the necessities. Some of the setup still needs to be manually installed, but that is limited only to SKSE, and the DynDOLOD main files.

It is assumed users of this guide need at least a reasonably good level of competence using

Wrye Bash before following this guide.

It is also assumed you have installed a good archiving tool such as 7-Zip





Note : TES5Edit is no longer required as part of the DynDOLOD installation

DynDOLOD has gone Standalone

( TES5Edit is still needed for everything else TES5Edit does obviously )

If you have followed this guide before and have the old setup, see my response to the post just linked

some of the following you will already have in place,

just uninstall the old BAIN we made in the old guide,

delete the old "Edit Scripts" folder and then re-install TES5Edit as required,

then follow and install anything new below :

Anyone new to this guide .. Can safely ignore what I have just said :)




1. Install SKSE

Manually install Skyrim Script Extender ( at least v1.7.3 )

in accordance with its documentation - SKSE



2. Install PapyrusUtil

Download PapyrusUtil - Scripting Utility Functions file. Place this file in your

Bash Installers folder, then in Wrye Bash Installers Tab, right click and install.


Wrye Bash will give you a warning when installing this file

( as it does with all SKSE plugin .dll files ) Just approve it and continue






3. Install Vanilla Billboards


Depending on your graphics card capabilities and VRAM use, you need a set of Vanilla Billboards - We now have choices :


For High Res Billboards circa 1024 sized, or Higher than Vanilla at circa 512 sized ..

grab one of these files - Indistinguishable Vanilla Tree Billboards


Or, for vanilla resolution sized billboards circa 256 sized ..

From TES5LodGen files, grab the file Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards

Note : You do not need TES5LodGen itself.


Depending upon what mods you have installed, also have a look through Zilav's Optional files there in the TES5LodGen files and see if you will also need any of the mod specific billboards ..


Whatever you use you will need to install those in the following manner ..


Place these Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards zips ( and any Mod specific billboards zips ) in your Bash Installers folder

In Wrye Bash Installers Tab, right click the BAIN and choose "Override Skips"

.. Then right click and choose Install.


The reason you need to select Override Skips on these zips is to ensure that Wrye Bash installs the billboard text files ( .txt ) aswell as the .dds textures. By default Wrye Bash will Skip Docs inside all BAINs, which includes any file with the extension .txt





4. Install DynDOLOD files :


Download DynDOLOD zip ( Version 2.15 at time of updating this guide )

Keep a copy of this file somewhere safe on your Hard Drive as a backup.


Download also the v2+ Resources zip


And if you use any of the mods contained in the v2+ Patches zip, grab that too



Extract ( unzip ) DynDOLOD zip to a folder, and you should see the following inside ..





Copy the DynDOLOD folder into your "steam \ steamapps \ common \ Skyrim \" folder

So you end up with "steam \ steamapps \ common \ Skyrim \ DynDOLOD \"


( You do not need to put this folder in the Skyrim folder, Sheson says you can install the DynDOLOD folder anywhere you fancy ( just do not put it inside "\ Skyrim \ Data \" ). You could put it on your desktop and run it from there if you wish. I have opted for putting it in Skyrim \ because it keeps it ( like other tools ) in with the Game it is meant to manage - Now that DynDOLOD is contained entirely within its own folder, it separates it from any TES5Edit installation which still has its own " Edit Scripts \ " folder separate from the " \ DynDOLOD \ Edit Scripts \ " we are now installing - Keeping the two individually distinct for updating purposes )





Now copy the Resources zip and Patches zip into Bash Installers \ folder





Load up Wrye Bash Installers Tab, and you will notice as from version 2+ these files are now BAINs, you can either select sub-packages for installation or use the Wizards





For users who have experienced using the older DynDOLOD setup

Note : The Resources BAIN no longer installs a DynDOLOD.esp plugin

The plugin is now generated along with all other generated files ( See Post #2 below )







5. Output Paths and Wrye Bash App Icons


Now that DynDOLOD and TexGen are Standalone exe's, we can make App icons for them so they show up on Wrye Bash toolbar and conveniently have their respective output path set via the properties of these icons,

the output path will be where the generated textures / files are saved ..


For this purpose its best to right click DynDOLOD.exe AND TexGen.exe,

choose send to desktop for both of them






Right click each of the new desktop icons and choose Properties,

then set the -o:{path} Output path





NOTE : In the above screen - The space before the -o: is important. And also change D:\DynDOLOD-Output\ to the path to a folder on your machine where you want the generated LOD textures to be temporarily saved ( The folder you specify will be created if it is not already ) - Do the same for the TexGen output path ( but to a different folder ).


Now you can leave these on your desktop for convenience if you wish, but also copy them into ..

steam \ steamapps \ common \ skyrim \ mopy \ apps \





Now you can launch them from Wrye Bash Tool Bar also with the correct Output Path set











Install Order


In my Installers Tab, I have grouped the DynDOLOD setup close to being last in my Install Order


The zips which we can install via Wrye Bash BAIN ( PapyrusUtil / DynDOLOD Resources / DynDOLOD Patches / Vanilla Billboards ) do not have files in common with each other, so install order between these files does not matter.


( For anyone curious .. I do not have any of the mods in the Patches file, so have no need to install any of its patches, I just put them in for example purpose as to where to situate them for those that will use them )




Where install order will become important will be if you have any mods installed which have files which conflict with any of the DynDOLOD setup - More likely to be the mod specific Billboards files from Zilavs extra Optional Billboards. You would need some of the mod specific billboards files to install later than ( overwriting ) the original mods files, in a logical series of overwrites when there are multiple conflicts.


For example in the image above note I have "Realistic Aspen Trees 3.4" mod, and its Billboards "RAT-LOD Billboards 3.4" installing after any of the Vanilla Skyrim LOD Billboards, because they have files in common with each other, and in this case RATs files need to win so that they are used in TexGen / DynDOLODs generation of their respective Output files.



You will also note that the TexGen and DynDOLOD Output files ( See post No.2 below for generating TexGen / DynDOLOD output files ) are then installed later than all of them, because the freshly generated files also have files in common with all the earlier installed BAINs .. But we want these generated files to win and end up in game.


( NB - If you also choose to use Realistic Aspen Trees mod, dont forget that its associated Billboards files ( "RAT-LOD Billboards 3.4" ) includes .txt files just like Zilav / PaleRiders Vanilla Billboards - So you need to select Override Skips for those aswell. )






Now lets move on to generate your Output files, in the following post ...

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Method of use



Once the above files / steps are all in place ( that is, excluding the TexGen / DynDOLOD Output files, which we are just about to generate ) using it is easy ...



1. Run TexGen.exe


This tool adds the icing on the cake touches to your setup if you use mod Replacer textures

From its documentation :


"If a texture replacer is used, the vanilla LOD textures may not match the looks very well. With TexGen.exe most but not all LOD textures can be generated from the full textures in the current load order.


This is a bit experimental and doesn't work for town LOD textures. Having a look at the LOD textures like textures\lod\wrbuildingslod01.dds for town buildings and comparing them to tileable landscape textures makes it clear. The town LOD textures are rendered from the full models and not a simple derivative of a full texture. They were then processed with an image program to create the final LOD textures.


Mods modifying the full source textures of those building should ship with their own version of the LOD source textures or at least an updated version of the vanilla LOD atlas texture. In the last case split the atlas texture back to the distinct LOD textures manually.


TexGen.exe creates new LOD textures to the output directory. Either use all or hand pick by comparing with existing LOD textures.


Overwrite vanilla LOD and original DynDOLOD textures with the new ones."


For more information on advanced use, see the DynDOLOD_TexGen.html file documentation


Now you can launch TexGen.exe from Wrye Bash ( or your desktop Icon ), and generate LODs for Mods textures ( which do not come with their own LODs ), so that the distant detail / colour of the textures match more closer to the close range mipmap textures the mod provides, thus you have a not so obvious transition between the two in game as you get closer


Check the Output path is where you want the files saved ..

( If you have set this already via the Icon Properties as instructed in Post #1

 " 5. Output Paths and Wrye Bash App Icons " to your required custom path,

then you will not need to alter this each time you run DynDOLOD )





After generation, navigate to your Output path which you set for TexGen





Zip the resulting textures folder up into a simple BAIN, and install with Wrye Bash as usual, but ensure it overwrites all vanilla LOD textures / original DynDOLOD textures / and all mods textures so that these newly generated TexGen LOD textures win





Yep, thats all there is to it for basic use :)



2. Run DynDOLOD.exe


Load up DynDOLOD.exe - Click Okay to acknowledge that you have had a darned good Read of The Funtastic Manuals





A. Select the worlds you want to generate LOD for


Check the Output path is where you want the files saved ..

( If you have set this already via the Icon Properties as instructed in Post #1

 " 5. Output Paths and Wrye Bash App Icons " to your required custom path,

then you will not need to alter this each time you run DynDOLOD )


Select either Low, Medium or High





.. And away it goes. If you selected all worlds, this process will take approximately 15 minutes or more depending on your processors speed generating everything

( v2+ is quite a bit faster than previous version )


When its finished there will be a message "DynDOLOD Worlds Completed Succesfully"

and it will ask you to save the generated plugin and exit


NOTE : For users who used the older DynDOLOD setup, the plugin now saves to where the rest of the generated files go in the Output Path, conveniently so you now just zip it up with the rest of the files






B. Now, using windows Explorer, go to your Output folder,

Then Multi-select them all, Right click and create a Simple BAIN archive of the Output folders / files + the newly created .esp





Once you have copied this "Output files BAIN" archive to your Bash Installers folder ready for Installation with Wrye Bash ..

.. You can delete all the Output folders + output files + newly generated esp ..


.. And Install the "Output files BAIN" - Last in your install order





Once the Output files have been installed ..


DynDOLOD.esp needs placing last in your Load Order ( yes even after the Bashed Patch ) ..


If you use LOOT, and wish to have LOOT always sort it last :

Click the 3 Dot Menu on DynDOLOD.esp Card, choose Edit Metadata

Click the Load After section of the Metadata

Then Drag n Drop the Bashed Patch from the Plugin List onto the Cards Load After list





Then its time to play the game and drink in the ingenuity of our community :).


Play on.







If you need to redo any / all of the above process


In Wrye Bash Installers Tab,

right click and Uninstall the Output Files BAIN/s you wish to regenerate 





Also ensure you have no leftover files from previous generation in your Output folders





.. And now you can redo the process of loading up TexGen.exe or DynDOLOD.exe ( if doing both always do TexGen first ) and regenerate new output files. After recreating another TexGen Output BAIN zip, and / or DynDOLOD Output BAIN zip just overwrite the old one in Bash Installers

( you have already uninstalled the old one, right ? ),

load up Wrye Bash and install the newly generated files.



TexGen only really needs to be redone if you install / uninstall mods which need LOD textures generated for its textures, or you update the textures of an already installed mod to newer versions, so that your generated LOD textures match the detail / colour of the newer mod textures .. So probably rarely


DynDOLOD.esp and the generated files only need to be redone if you add mods which additionally need static LOD, Tree LOD and Dynamic LOD generated for them .. So again, probably rarely - And ideally you should finalize your Load Order before generating, because once you start playing your save becomes dependant upon this plugin the same as it does any mod. Sheson does have a "clean save" routine which can alleviate problems if you need to regenerate everything ( see the release notes for details, paragraph titled "Important" )

If an existing save is updated, follow the “clean save” cycle: first deactivate DynDOLOD from MCM, wait for deactivation message, go into interior, check MCM DynDOLOD is still deactivated, save, exit game. Remove old DynDOLOD.esp, remove old scripts and remove old meshes/skse/textures. Start game, load last save, wait a bit, save again. Install the new papyrus scripts, the new DynDOLOD.esp and the new generated LOD. Enable the new DynDOLOD.esp. Start game, load the last save, go outside. DynDOLOD should initialize by itself, else activate from MCM.

( NB : Although SKYUI is not strictly a requirement for DynDOLOD's installation - For the purpose of the "Clean Save" routine ( and DynDOLOD in game settings ) you are going to need it )

But if you habitually change your load order frequently, and that actually needs regeneration of DynDOLODs files .. I would wait until you are settled for a long term playthrough before becoming dependant upon your generated setup.

However, you can update an existing esp ( merge new output with existing generation - You would need to extract your previous generated files back into your output folder first ) without having to do the clean save. The Clean save is only required if the esp was generated from scratch and you have had a previous generation installed while playing an ongoing game.


Also note : Because DynDOLOD.esp is being placed after your Bashed Patch in the load order, rebuilding your Bashed Patch at any time thereafter will be fine ( say you add a small mod which did not affect the DynDOLOD setup, but does need its levelled lists included in the Bashed Patch, rebuilding the Bashed Patch causes no problem for DynDOLOD because the Bashed Patch Rebuild only imports / merges records from earlier loading plugins )

( newer versions of DynDOLOD also ignore the bashed patch when generating its files, so any records which are coincidentally common between the two plugins .. DynDOLOD's conflicting record will win being later in the load order, which is desired )






FAQ - Refer to the FAQ posts on Nexus DynDOLOD mod page


After a few successful runs and delight at seeing what it does to your game, start inwardly digesting those monumental RTFMs in the Docs folder, and maybe venture forth into looking at what the Advanced button in DynDOLOD is capable of, building lights etc ..




( Sheson / Zilav approved .. Guide is good, for now )



For other Mod Managers - See GamerPoets new Video



Distant Giants Fires are animated,

plus thousands of little details make for a much more realistic landscape



Distant Windmills sails become visible and animated,

all types of trees have better detail and greatly reduced pop-in.

From the Resources BAIN, "Desync Birds of Prey" makes birds wing animations no longer synchronized with each other.



Distant waterfalls are also animated with greatly reduced pop-in


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Reads OK, good job.


Check the DynDOLOD Nexus description page or the the included manual for a list of compatible mods that have been verified to work. The list also contains links to additional tree LOD billboard downloads that are not on the TES5LODGen page.


With each new version check the requirements list if a newer version of xEdit, SKSE or PapyrusUtil is needed.

The DynDOLOD Nexus file download always has a link to an update post accompanying each new version.

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Well done, many thanks for that.


Thanks :) .. And now that it is <nearly> done ( needs the Sheson stamp of approval and probably a sacrificial pledge plus a few things changed to suit ), I'm a bit happier with it. Tired eyes need a fresh pair


Edit : Sheson approved :D - Under Construction banners taken down

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Not entirely sure, Sheson will no doubt answer this better ..


.. but I think its to do with switching dynamic or animated models on and off, and reading the data in the JSON files realtime.


Really need an answer from the organ grinder instead of the monkey on this though. Got to say I am absolutely in awe of the amount of work that has gone into this ( even just the RTFMs are epic and educational ).


I still cant get over how far you can see those Giants Camp Fires in the distance .. animated

You wont be able to see this from just a still screenshot, but take my word for it the tiny fire glow just above my targeting cursor in the distance has very very very small flame licks ..





I'm just starting to take baby steps with the advanced settings and distant window glows side of this.

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Yes, papyrusutil is for reading json files from within papyrus scripts, they contain information about animated objects such as this fire camp. DynDOLOD has it's own internal grid system (called Near and Far grid) used for switching animated meshes on/off around as you move in the world. And animated refs are placed in the world using DynDOLOD.esp generated based on the current load order.

That's a quick and simple description of how it works in general, Sheson will surely write more :geek:


The first thing you should try is adding real 3D lod trees instead of vanilla flat fakes, it gives the most "oomph" effect imho and ability to see trees on the world map, but quite heavy on processing unfortunately.

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Maybe I'm missing something, but what role does the PapyrusUtil thing in step 3 of the first post play?


It is used for data of the optional dynamic LOD objects (neverfades - like animated waterfalls, windmills, fires whatever was defined by rules) switcher. The TES5Edit patcher precomputes the relationship of cells with dynamic LOD objects (neverfades) in two additional 'grids', by default 11 and 21 cells.


In short, when the player steps into a new cell the papyrus scripts load a list of all adjacent cell markers past the active cells to enable/disable dynamic LOD objects in them. The main advantage of using PayrusUtil is *fast* access to lists (arrays) of more than 128 items. Using FormLists is much slower.


The advantage to enable/disable neverfades is that there now can be thousands across Tamriel, but only hundred(s) are actually enabled at a time so it is easier on performance.

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Complex process is complex but well done, alt ! It really doesn't seem as scary now and I may just try it.


Questions (possibly dumb ones);


1 - On each new release of DynDOLOD, will the whole process need to be redone?

2 - On each new release of any of the requirements (xEdit, SKSE, PapyrusUtils), will the whole process need to be redone?

2 - In the case of new patches being released, will the whole process need to be redone?

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Well I would say possibly yes to all three.

1. Will depend on new scripts needing packed and any new optional / patch folders

2. Will depend on if there are updates to ( for instance ) LODGen.exe and any updates to 1 that may necessitate

3. ( I can count :) ) Yeah probably that too


If it was me I would make the whole package BAIN / FOMod friendly for NMM, which would also be MO and manual install friendly ..


.. And knowing that TechAngel now knows a lot about doing multi mod manager friendly installers ( I walked Tech + Sparrowprince through turning The Ruffled Feather into such an archive with scripting for NMM / MO and a Wrye Bash wizard ) .. I reckon ( fingers crossed ) thats probably what this post may be about.


If it is, then recreating a BAIN every version would not be necessary for users - But the downside is it becomes a fair bit more complicated for Sheson ( if not familiar with making Wrye Bash / Mod Manager scripting / logical sequence of sub-package overwrites - When the time right now is best spent on developing the whole thing as opposed to user convenience packaging ..


It would also necessitate Gamer Poets for example redoing a video, and maybe others ..


Personally I find doing this stuff second nature, I have done it for so long .. So I decided to just show people how for now.


When I started it though I guessed there will probably be a need for amendments to the OP in future, thats why I finished it with ..

( Sheson / Zilav approved .. Guide is good, for now )


I have everything on Nexus being tracked to poke me in case of updates.

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Complex process is complex but well done, alt ! It really doesn't seem as scary now and I may just try it.


Questions (possibly dumb ones);


1 - On each new release of DynDOLOD, will the whole process need to be redone?

2 - On each new release of any of the requirements (xEdit, SKSE, PapyrusUtils), will the whole process need to be redone?

2 - In the case of new patches being released, will the whole process need to be redone?



Updating depends more on load order changes and if dynamic LOD is used. You may at any time keep the current LOD (or parts of it - static object, tree or dynamic LOD) as is  - depending on the changes to the load order there may missing LOD or too much static/tree LOD. Tree LOD may not unload if the reference is gone form the load order. The dynamic LOD system works when references are removed from a mod or disabled/deleted in the game. Such manual updates may require visiting the cell once so the current status of the object can be queried.


Some mods are added as masters to DynDOLOD  because of linked form ids and if used for base element/worldspace/cell etc copy-as-override. You can try cleaning masters first, but in general to remove a mod that is a master to DynDOLOD from the load order requires redoing from scratch or deleting records in the esp manually.


There is never a requirement to update just because I released a new version. In the update post I detail in what cases updating is suggested and if it requires redoing from scratch or not.

For example if I added support for a certain mod by adding new models or rules it may require just redoing static LOD, just dynamic LOD or both - I write out the scenarios each time.


It shouldn't matter if xEdit, SKSE or PapyrusUtil are updated. Unless one of the few functions the scripts uses gets removed... but then this will require an update to DynDOLOD first anyhow.

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Yeah, sorry if I took this tutorial off topic. It kinda was both, having to update the BAIN and redo LOD. Questions have now been answered, thanks! :)

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Excellent :)


I think thats all the amendments I want to do for now ..


I thought briefly about putting the TES5Edit and Trees.ultra folders into a newly created "Manual Install Files" folder instead of the Docs folder ( no need for any numerical naming of this folder, because it would not be recognised by Wrye Bash as a valid sub-package with its content which would be fine seeing as it is manual install anyway ) ..


.. But for now that would mean too many screenshots needing updated and its Halloween  :banana:

So my better half and I will be dancing with Scottish zombies this evening ..

which reminds me I better go get suitably smeared in green stuff.  :devil:

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Hey Al3trn1ty!  Nice work on the guide.  I posed this question to you before over on the Beth site and I know you don't know the answer, but since Sheson is posting in this thread, I thought I would post here . . .


Is the "disable DynDoLOD/clean save procedure" discussed in the MCM to be used every time you regenerate your DynDoLOD esp (either because your load order changed or because you want to switch options in the wizard)?  Or is that only used when DynDoLOD itself is updated?  I assume the latter but I thought it best to confirm with Sheson and then maybe you could add that to your guide.

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Ok that would be an "over to Sheson" question, I havent a clue about SkyUI and MCM - Let me know if anything is actually relevant to this Wrye Bash installation guide

( sounds to me like it would be more appropriate in one of Shesons readme tomes / FAQs .. if it isnt already ? )

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Ok that would be an "over to Sheson" question, I havent a clue about SkyUI and MCM - Let me know if anything is actually relevant to this Wrye Bash installation guide

( sounds to me like it would be more appropriate in one of Shesons readme tomes / FAQs .. if it isnt already ? )

It's not so much of a SkyUI issue as a clean save issue (the MCM just lets you make the save cleaner by stopping scripts from running before you make the save).

The relevance for your guide would be where you suggest to make BAINs for high, medium and low options so you can easily switch options mid stream. The implication is that you can do that at any time but if a clean save is required when you switch options then you might want to mention it so people don't mess up their games by switching back and forth without doing a clean save.

I think the clean save is only required when DynDoLOD itself is updated, so if that's the case then your guide may not need to be changed.

I have looked for an answer on the DynDoLOD page but couldn't find it. His documentation is extensive, so maybe I missed it.

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Hi there, I just joined as I have a problem with Dyndolod (1.46 and tes5 3.13) When I launch the process in runs for a moment and then this error appears...".access violation at address 00406c08 in module tes5edit.exe read address 00000000." Can some one kindly enlighten me what this means and what to do? Thank you!




edit.... a little more looking and I gave admin rights to tes5, running right now. Sorry to be an idiot in my first post ;)

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DynDOLOD 1.47 has been released


Making the Wrye Bash BAIN is going to be pretty much the same, there are a few more Patches and Options folders to add as higher numbered sub-packages is about the only difference.



An important post to note is here http://forum.step-project.com/topic/5011-dynamic-distant-objects-lod-dyndolod-147/page-216#entry156983


Particularly reference using the newer FO4Edit alpha renamed to TES5Edit, this alpha version has new features that DynDOLOD 1.47 depends upon.


And also deletion of old DynDOLOD TES5Edit scripts ( Dont just overwrite, otherwise you will leave behind old scripts which should no longer be installed )


... Read the post anyway, lots of important updating info.

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Jobs done, the guide in Post #1 and Post #2 is now correct as of DynDOLOD 1.47


Anyone who has followed the older guide will note I changed making the two textures folders to have the same folder number 15 .. Thats on purpose.


Regular users of Wrye Bash ( especially if you used Wrye Bash for Oblivion aswell ) will know that an adopted convention for making BAIN sub-packages is to have the same number where two or more sub-packages are a case of selecting "either this one or that one", but not both *



* Although selecting both sub-packages would just result in Wrye Bash trying to install all files from both of them, and when all files conflict ( as they do in the case of these textures ) then only the files from the last of the conflicting sub-packages would have its files installed - So selecting both 128 and 256 texture sub-packages would result in the 256 set of textures being installed.

( Sequence of installation of sub-packages within a BAIN = Numerical then Alphabetical order )



Edit : Also apologies to all you proud screen archers, for dominating the Recent Gallery Images with my boring guide images :P

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