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DynDOLOD Guide - For Wrye Bash users

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Yes I think its about time I did ..


I have held off duplicating this one for a while because of all the per site image uploads that need to be done ( If I do a guide on a different site, I re-upload all images to the same site so that I dont steal another sites bandwidth use ) - 29 screenshots currently which all need relinking into the topic text at the next site ( that also needs re-doing after image updates too, image updates acquire a new URL even though you just update the same image page it is on, such as this one which needed a new image and new linked url when I updated the guide to Cleaning master files for TES5Edit 3.1.3 on all six sites it is currently hosted on ( TAL / AFK / Nexus / TESAdventures / TESAlliance / Dark Creations ) )


Also DynDOLOD being so early in development, and updates still coming quite frequently, would necessitate multiple reuploads of images redone per update of DynDOLOD for all sites .. But I think with the most recent images, and what I think is planned for DynDOLOD ( just technical updates and bug fixes - Though Sheson may surprise us all with more content and LOD related plugins for other cities ), I dont think there will be much needs changing from here on


.. Soo, yep, now may be a good time to make a backup of this guide on TAL aswell, soonish :).

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Ah Leo - Sorry no can do, TAL has a site restriction on images per post, and I had to cut too many so gave up.

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Sheson just released version 2.15 of DynDOLOD


No updates to the guide needed


Just have a look over the Release Notes - And have a look at the latest post



Sheson, If you read this, thank you. I quietly follow it now, but its become one of my favourite essential mods.

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Since I last posted, DynDOLOD is now at version 2.18, and PapyrusUtil has been updated to 3.3


No updates needed to this Wrye Bash guide, after installing the latest files just use this guide as usual.

And updating to the latest PapyrusUtil will not make a difference to DynDOLODs use ( ie, DynDOLOD will not need a further update, so installing PapyrusUtil update is safe to do )

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Hey, may i ask a few "cut the corner" questions?


if i do not have any mod added/changed trees in my load order, can i skip the whole billboard stuff and generate tree LOD and it will continue to use the vanilla Tree LOD?

if i do create Tree LOD, does that mean i can uninstall old Tree LOD mods such as that one: (edit: answer to that question is: yes. generating a TreeLOD will give you a new Tree LOD file that replaces the one linked before. the Billboard options you can download represent images of individual trees, that are then assembled into a new tree LOD image on generation. that indistinguishable billboard mod basically replace thus for DynDOLOD users any "add fake shadow to tree lod dds" mod like the one i linked earlier)


After i have generated everything and if i don't intend/need to update my LOD in the future, are there files i can uninstall?

I suppose the installed resources and Billboards are not needs any more after generation, yes?

what about generated textures done in the first step, are they only used during LOD/DynDoLOD generation, or do they serve a purpose after?


Thanks a bunch


Edit 2: Now that i managed to fiddle with it a bit, here are my observations.

If you want to replace Skymills/falls, you MUST generate the dynamic part of DynDOLOD, that's what covers that.

You need to keep the resources installed for that, because they contain the scripts to keep the dynamic part running.

The generated new textures overwrite parts of the resource textures, so keeping them i advisable as well.

i'll be back once i find out how much of the superfluous textures can be cut.


Edit 3: Textures are also needed. If you like to keep your data folder clutter free and prefer stuff in bsas, DynDOLOD is not for you.


Edit 4: alright, i'm now a happy DynDOLOD users. Made all the files, packed everything necessary into a BSA and now have a nice and tidy zip to install it. My data folder is happy. Sure wasn't easy to figure out which files are all necessary, and how to nicely pack them, but at least it's done now. should be a lot faster next time. generation took about 10 minutes, textures and mod combined, and maybe another 10 for the packing i wanted to have. fine by me.

Thanks a lot sheson and xedit team.

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1. DynDOLOD 2.23

2. DynDOLOD Resources 2.22

3. DynDOLOD Resources SSE 2.22

.. Have all been released

For Old Skyrim you will need 1. and 2.

For Skyrim SE you will need 1. and 3.


For Old Skyrim users, the guide in the OP is still good


For Skyrim SE users : You will basicly be using it without SKSE 64, and without PapyrusUtil for the time being.

There is not currently any Dynamic generation going on - But apart from that its nearly the same as the guide in the OP ..

If you are running SSE then you are on Windows x64, so you may aswell use the x64 TexGen and DynDOLOD exe's

When it comes to sending the icons to Desktop part of the guide, add another command line switch to the icon properties, so that aswell as giving the -o:<PathForOutput> you can add to that -SSE switch ( for both TexGen and DynDOLOD ). This switch is what tells TexGen and DynDOLOD what game it should be producing files for, so it needs to be correct.


See the following new topic for updated documentation and download links :


I decided I will not be updating the OP until the new SKSE is released, and DynDOLOD is then updated to bring it back to its former glory of being fully Dynamic ..

.. But thats no reason for anyone not to be using it, I am using it without issue, and the serious amount of static LODs generated do make quite a difference to SSE.


I am also using Fadingsignals Simply Bigger Trees SE, and his newly generated billboards files for those ( dont forget to right click the zip for the billboards and choose "Override Skips" ), and Shesons new colour average setting for Tree LOD generation which is a very nice addition ( and on by default )

Have a good comparison of the following two images ( best to right click and open each of them in a new browser tab, then you can flick between tabs to immediately see the differences )


Before DynDOLOD, Game settings Ultra



After DynDOLOD


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