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[Skyrim Special Edition] Official Patch 1.5.50

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Do we know how to get something promoted to CC?

Touring Carriages is based upon vanilla content. All the voicing and dialogue is original. But only the main cities and settlements have destination numbers assigned, in original plus HF. There's no support for the embassy carriage in the original game (although that would be relatively easy to do, I've never bothered as you only ride it once). They didn't assign destinations (or record voicing) in HF for the houses themselves, although they created carriage locations. Also it doesn't quite work on VR, so we'd need something there, too. Seems like the kind of thing that would be better with a modicum of official support.

Likewise, CRF. It's based on extrapolations of vanilla content. Many of us contributed a little bit, and finished what was there already. A perfect candidate for CC.

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CC explicitly disallows any mod that already exists to be imported into the system. Someone would have to apply and then pitch them the idea to reimplement it. Something I strongly suspect would not go over well with the fans, although I suppose you never know given the success of Survival.

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On 9/5/2018 at 7:52 PM, Arthmoor said:

No, I don't think they see modding as a cash grab. That's a terribly cynical attitude to take for a company that has gone so far out of its way to make modding easy for us to do in the first place. They did not need to do this and certainly could have gone the EA way and DLC'd us to death over the years but they didn't.

Paid mods were precisely what they said they were before Gabe unilaterally pulled the plug on that. A way to reward modders for their efforts. Which the supposed community quickly revealed is worth NOTHING to them other than freebies for life. If there is a rift at all now, it's not BGS who caused it. It was the modding community.

And for the record, no, "the rest of us" don't hate it. That's only a tiny minority who hate it and they can't even articulate WHY they hate it. Which should tell you something.

I feel this will lead to a confrontation which I do not want. It's also apparent that I'm in a lions den which contains a large pride, with the dominate male ready to attack the unwelcome. So I'll use a more diplomatic approach.

You mention this person named Gabe like I'm supposed to know who that is.

Cynical? Indeed I am, but that doesn't mean I am irrational with my thoughts. Gaming for 30 years, most of that spent buying games from companies known to give 0 fucks about their fanbase. And all the ones that were worth their salt, either split up from their parent company, or are simply no more. Either way they all follow the same patterns, and I'm sorry to say Zenimax/BGS is not infallible and not excluded from this. Indeed they have made modding easy for us, and that is what worries me more and more as each game comes out, as they make more and more changes to modding.

CC: Bad idea, period. I'm not gonna offer an tiring monologue about this. I think it's great that is doesn't encroach on modding as a whole. For now..

Your last statement: Obviously neither of us can speak for the millions of players that are fans of the games. Anger, frustration, bewilderment, total let down, does indeed rob you the ability to explain your feelings in a way where it sounds justified, or rather in a way where the opposition can't fry them on a forum.

What baffles me is the 180 turn you took. At one point you were very vocal against the company, especially during the paid mods steam "incident". I'm sure your own reasons for thinking differently is justified in your own right, but don't go on nailing people for feeling let down by the company.

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Gabe is Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve.

No, the CC is not a bad idea. There is nothing to justify concluding that. All initiatives can benefit from improvements, but just because that's the case that doesn't make them inherently bad.

Not sure what your statement about being fried on a forum is supposed to mean, but given the fact that there are indeed millions of fans out there buying the stuff and not screeching in protest at doing so, I think it's reasonable to assume that no, most people don't hate the CC as you asserted.

I haven't taken a 180. Not sure where you concluded that from given that I directly participated in the paid mods system of 2015 and benefited directly from having done so. My sole point of anger about that is directed at Gabe Newell for having pulled the plug on the whole thing without consulting Bethesda or even his own project team about it. Just yanked it and left everyone baffled as to what was going on until hours later when PR scrambled into damage control mode to make Valve look like the good guys.

In any case, trying to paint Bethesda as being just another EA is totally unjustified. There's no evidence to support that.

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