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The bedding situation in the Jarl's Longhouse

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I know I brought this up back on TracDown, but having looked at the Winterhold Jarl's Longhouse in the Creation Kit, I believe my proposal may have been how Bethesda intended it to work (more or less) anyway.


So the original problem was that Malur Seloth didn't have a bed to sleep in. This was fixed by adding a bedroll. But it seems silly that Malur Seloth has to use a bedroll, since when the Stormcloaks control Winterhold, Korir's wife could easily be sleeping in his double bed downstairs instead of taking up a bedroom of her own (in fact, she seems to have been intended to, since her editor location is right next to the Jarl's bed, not out in the hall with everyone else, but her sleep package doesn't point her towards a specific bed, and the Jarl's bed and the bed above the war room that she ends up using are owned by the same faction). Even if the Empire controls Winterhold, it seems weird to have Malur sleeping in a bedroll when Assur's bedroom is vacant.


So here's what I propose. I remember some dismissing it as too complicated originally, but it's a lot less complicated to implement than it sounds, I promise.


* The bedroom above the war room should be given to Malur Seloth

* Thaena should sleep in her husband, Jarl Korir's double bed, as described above

* As for Assur's bedroom above the Jarl's bedroom, duplicate Assur's child-sized bed, and replace the duplicate with the adult-sized equivalent. This one should be marked as belonging to Thonjolf, Kraldar's housecarl (the WinterholdHousecarlSleepPackage, which is conditioned to only be used by him, will need to be amended to point him towards this bed, instead of the one that I propose should be used by Malur Seloth to avoid the inconvenience of making him swap beds depending on who controls Winterhold). Assur's bed should be enabled when the Stormcloaks control Winterhold, and Thonjolf's should be enabled when the Empire controls it. To this end, set their respective CWGarrisonEnableMarkers as their enable parents (I believe the markers are in WinterholdExterior02).


I know it's more of a hassle than throwing in a bedroll, but it avoids the weirdness of Malur Seloth having to camp on the landing when there are beds that are (or are supposed to be) otherwise going unused.

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