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Damage meter for testing/troubleshooting mods?

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Hi all,


Was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on how to make (or if there is already) a test target, so I can shoot spells at it and see how much actual damage is being done. 


I'm trying to test/troubleshoot a couple of spell mods, in which the two spells gave the correct information until I took the augmentation perks. Now the weaker spell says it does more damage than that stronger one, although the stronger one seems to take a bigger bite out of enemies.  Without knowing whether one enemy had more hp than the other, I thought maybe if I could make a test target that reads damage, I could figure out what's happening.


Thanks in advance.

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the method i see in review videos is to use a strong enough npc
then using console check their health before and after the damage.

you could either start a game and use Hadvar or Ralof as targets
since i don't think they will ever turn hostile before u leave Helgen.
or maybe tai the npc you want to use so that they stay put.

if you type in reset health before you attack
then type in getav health to see the damage
then u can just tap the up arrow twice in console

to get the console command you need next. :)

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Just wanted to say thanks again. Worked like a charm. I spawned a bandit chief, gave him an even 1000 health, then went between resethealth and getav health, for each shot I took at him.  Was able to (mostly) diagnose what was going wrong, and correct it.  TYVM!

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