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About the Armor Cap?

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hello every :)

has a very interesting question about the ARMOR CAP ......... has looked it up and has seen the information & equations ext ext


My question is what really happens in game play?

you see am currently doing a play through & I have a full set of Dragonbone armor & weapons, am playing Legendary difficulty & am level 47

  • I just upgraded my Dragonbone armor to around 1250pts using the traditional method (below)
  • smithing skill tree at 100
  • I used 4 enchanted items at 25% smithing each
  • and a blacksmiths potion 50%
  • Heavy armor skill tree is 82

So if I am running around Skyrim with a armor way over the cap ....uhmmm...... this is the part that I get confused about? ...... what's really happening in combat? what dose the armor cap actually do?

thank you If any one can help



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You wont get any additional protection if your resistance is capped.

By default it's capped at 80% damage reduction. But you can help reduce it further with blocking.

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I think there are a few weapon skill perks that ignore a percentage of armour, and I presume the NPC's can have those, so a surplus would ensure you remain over the cap, and retain the full 80% resistance to physical damage. You can't get more, but you can ensure you never have less. The Ghostblade might be an exception, but only the player gets that.

Blocking prevents the damage happening, and armour reduces the amount of it you take. Much like the reflect/absorb/resist for magical damage in earlier games. The reflect stopped it reaching you, and then absorb and resist reduced what you took. The one instance of this in the HA tree "Reflect Blows", however, doesn't reduce damage taken, just inflicts it back in retaliation.


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