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Dawnguard Camera Bug that I want to understand

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There has never been any credible evidence of this issue occurring, even when people have supplied the saves they claim are affected. All such reports I've seen are all from 2012 or 2013 and appear to be people who have not allowed Steam to update their games.

Hex editing a save is a monumentally dangerous solution to anything and I'm not surprised that the "fix" doesn't actually fix anything.

If this is at all legit, then it's an engine bug. There would be nothing we could do about it. The fact that reports on this dried up 5 years ago though indicates to us that Bethesda fixed it in Patch 1.9.

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I really dont know what specifically cause this. Is really strange.

The edit in save by the hex editor, takes the script dlc1playervampirechangescript and changes the number 1 in the name to 2.
About the hex editor, this process clears the current save, and when loaded the problem does not return, being able to leave in the first person for hours without returning to the third party alone.

But, when create another save, this new save will load the script with the old name and then the bug returns.

All I'm talking about is what I noticed these days in my game.
I had never seen this problem before, it appeared while I was doing the main quest of dawnguard.

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