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Settler associations with settlements and quests

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Just wondering if anybody can knows and can explain how settlers are associated with settlements and quests in the game engine?

I've been noticing recent issue's where Settlers at one settlement are involved in some way in the quests of another settlement. 

Kidnap reported at Greentop in fact results in rescuing a settler from Finch farm for example. or settlers at one settlement giving the "are you here to help?" or "we knew you would help us" dialogue when in fact the quest they are relating to belongs to another settlement.


If checked with "showvars" these settlers all indicate that they belong to the correct workshop. (workshop ID 4 = Finch) - But also in showvars they are flagged as being part of the running script (for example there will be reference to Minrecruit01 etc)


All of the settlers can be assigned and will perform settlement tasks. Guard, farm, scavenge etc and when kidnapped will return to the correct settlement, but their greeting dialogue belongs to a quest script attached to a different settlement. 

Normally this would be a minor issue, but I think I have experienced two instances when in fact the settler that gives the mission is the one that belongs to a different settlement and cannot be found. (whole settlement is asking for help but settlement spokesperson can not be found.)

On the whole these are settlers that have never previously been attached to the other settlement. (In case of Greentop/Finch farm. All affected settlers were once at Sunshine tidings, but none have ever been part of Greentop nursery.


Just wondering if anybody can explain the mechanism or point me in the right direction. Is there a way to view and/or edit which settlers belong to which workshop?


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