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Issue with NEXUS manager

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Patch installed via bethesda mod site, order setupo with LOOT, all work fine&smooth


Nexus manager installed with default settings and paths, no customization

Installing same patch version via NMM (installed&activated) cause ingame issues like the patch is not loaded, interaction with NPC cause no audio or mixed local language and english, some inworld issues happen also (like Tricket excavation ramp issues, fixed if patch installed via Bethesda, phantom ramp if installed via NMM)


Dunno how give more details, any input will be appreciated

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@Sythos I dont think many people on this forum use NMM, maybe a few do.

If you are just starting modding I would not recommend using NMM, although it may seem to be the best choice for a beginner recently it has been a bit buggy, and its developers have now dropped supporting it so you will get no official help, and there will be no updates or bug fixes ..

See this topic - https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/5619582-we-have-a-name-and-a-q-a-session-with-tannin-regarding-the-new-mod-manager/

When its successor (Vortex) will be released nobody knows yet.

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