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No Mans Sky - Update

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No news yet on an update, but someone did an update on the old Technology Configuration Optimal setups, using all the newer technology since the last one :


Click the title of the topic to get the Hi-Res picture showing better details. Then you can click to zoom in.

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Update for anyone not following the ARG, it started again (I actually solved getting one of the passwords, but had not joined the Discord before someone else pipped me to the post) .. Not important apart from they usually signal the next round of patches ..

Its still a few month away I think (no idea of actual date), but apparently the biggest patch yet is under way. The ARG is kind of hinting at VR being a feature, but just getting another big round of patches will be nice. It will be dropping sometime in the Summer.

But this time around the game is also being released for XBox, and for the Chinese Steam client equivalent Tencent WeGame, so the game is going to be gaining a much larger audience / cash = Way more development and further patches beyond the NEXT Patch.


I really would not like to speculate on content, but considering their past record of churning out huge amounts of additional code / content aswell as bug fixes .. By the time this drops they will have had a year working on the next patch, as opposed to 3-4 months in between previous big patches ( Foundation / Pathfinder / Atlas rises ). I think during that time they also hired a bunch of ex Peter Molyneux dev employees on to the Hellogames team, so their talent and collective experience has expanded somewhat too.

Looking forward to this.


Meanwhile "Kingdom Come : Deliverance" is just about to update to v1.4 tonight.

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