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No Mans Sky - Update

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Yep I think you can have more than one (at least I have seen other people mention it), the first one you come across that is under attack and needing assistance, is generally a free one, but the dialogue was a bit mixed up since the NEXT update. Its now been fixed hopefully.

If you turn it down, you can get another battle in five warps, and after 3 hours game time has passed. If that happens to be in a Vykeen system, you will get a Vykeen crew and Vykeen Freighter type (or you could luck out with a Sentinel S Class Freighter instead). Also you have more chance of an S Class in Oppulent / Bountiful etc systems. I keep turning them down until I get at least a high slot capacity A Class.

Then you can add up to 30 Frigates to your freighter. And have another Freighter with more frigates. I have only ever had one freighter so far so have not personally experienced having more than one freighter.

Also once you have done all of the Base research for each of your hired guys (Farmer / Scientist etc), you can construct their workshops onboard your Freighter in the big empty space aft of the bridge. Once constructed, click on it and your respective guy appears there. So you can have your farmer looking after Hydroponics that you can also build in that big empty space. Just make sure their respective quest lines are completed on a planet base first

Dont block off areas of the wall where you can build the Frigate Mission bays (I build five of them, then I can have five missions with five frigates in each on the go at the same time. Once the Frigates start leveling up those missions can be lucrative, and fund their own fuel needs .. Just buy Di-Hydro jelly and turn each of them back into Di-Hydrogen, and while the frigates are all away go mine a few thousand tritium, or buy that too, and the Frigates fuel needs are covered).

You can also build a Large and / or Medium Refiner onboard too, helps with turning jelly into DH as mentioned above. And, you can build one of those Buy / Sell interfaces into the bulkhead of your Freighter.

Any future planets where you reconstruct exxocraft pads, so long as you have developed them once already, they will appear at the new pad wherever you setup base again.

There is a Base resource recovery bit of kit, which can be built at future bases to recover resources from old bases .. But it does not seem to work if you build it on a Freighter, which would be the ideal place to have it really if you frequently up-sticks and delete old bases. I have sent a suggestion to HG to see if they will get it to work if installed onboard the freighter.

There is a lot to Freighters and Frigates, it doesnt all quite mesh as well as we want if you want the Freighter to be like a mobile base you can summon to your current system (or even use its big hyperspace range to travel onboard to new systems and go exploring in one of your smaller startships), but HG are starting with this update to sort things out, and will probably take onboard some of the suggestions submitted for future updates.

This one was a free A Class Vykeen ..



This next one is my newest (after a new game start just before the Abyss update), which is also a freebie, still needs those Freighter Hyperdrive upgrades which the Visions update promises to enable them being sold, I have 25 Frigates so far following this one, and each of those have advanced bonus features for their type (Exploration / Trader etc) ..


And my fave Starship is an S Class 38 / 12 slots, the Tech slots are fully populated with max upgrades too (so for example the Photon Cannon has 6 S Class upgrades in total, 3 in the main slots and three in Tech) ..


Love fighting Pirates in this with the amazing maneuverability.

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I must just be terribly unlucky this game. I haven't seen a Class S anything so far. About to hit 4th Atlas and the best I have is a Class A starship with 36 slots for cargo. Which I'm not keen to give up on.

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:) I know that feeling, I had an A Class Starship prior to the one I have now which was similar to a Battlestar Galactica Viper nose design. It was also 36 main slots with 8 Tech slots and just about fully kitted out .. Then this S Class 38 / 12 turns up at a Trading Outpost in a Wealthy Vykeen system.

Took me about 20 minutes to decide whether to trade or not. Then I had an extensive Nanite hunt, followed by going to the nearest Space Station, and teleporting to all stations previously visited to pick up all the best upgrades again for the S Class .. Took about 3 weeks after the trade to get it to the stage its at now, but it was worth it for the increased specs and extra slots to max its capabilities, especially against those rare veteran Pirates you can come up against.

Luck is needed, but if you hang out in Oppulent / Wealthy / Advanced etc systems, on the big trading outposts, or in space stations, use your scanner and you will be able to spot an S Class Starship coming in. Reload at the same spot and persevere, and eventually you will bag the style / slots combination that you want. If you dont see the style of Starship that you want, you need to find another Wealthy system.

Here's a guide on finding stuff 


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I think its time, the game I think is in a good state (at least there is nothing buggy enough to make me want to restart again later on) ..

So I am starting Survival mode for a long term play through. Already got to the first space station, so things are off to a good start in a more challenging game.

Game on ..:starwars:



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The most recent experimental testing has now completed and 1.76 just went public

Edit : https://www.nomanssky.com/2018/11/development-update-9/


Latest changes on Experimental (26/11):

  • Fixed an issue where the Farmer would request that Coprite was planted without the player knowing the Coprite recipe.
  • Fixed an issue where the Farmer would teach the wrong Nip Nip recipe.
  • Fixed an issue where commas were missing from some large numbers in mission notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where some of the new hazardous flora would not appear on certain planet types.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Big Ball to become permanently stuck in a refiner output (this fix prevents any new occurrences, existing blocked refiners continue to be blocked).
  • Fixed an issue that caused too few crates to spawn near buildings.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented grenades from firing while the Blaze Javelin is equipped.
  • Improved the appearance of the Bubble Cluster and Glitching Separator when displayed in your base.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the Portable Reality Generator.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the ceiling of the space station.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause debug strings to be visible when selling items at a trade terminal.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the placement of infinite fireworks.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Community Mission Tier progress to be incorrectly reported in the Log.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when warping a freighter in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing Community Research progress in the Log.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in multiplayer when encountering anomalous creatures.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when encountering strange rocks.

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Another update coming out today ..


Development Update

The patch notes for Update 1.77 are below, with these fixes releasing for all platforms today.

Thanks for reading all these updates – we hope you’ve been enjoying the increased communication and update frequency over the past six months. There is still so much more to come in the new year, with a large portion of our team working towards further major updates for No Man’s Sky. We look forward to seeing you out there.

Thank you so much,


Patch 1.77

  • Fixed an issue where Big Ball would get stuck in the refiner output (any previously broken refiners will now be clear)
  • Fixed an issue where all crystals would be called ‘Unknown’
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial mission would not advance if the player collected a Hermetic Seal too early
  • Fixed an issue where the mission flow would halt when instructed to build a base for Apollo’s contact if the base already had an Overseer but no large-scale rooms
  • Fixed some crash issues in exocraft races
  • Fixed a hang issue when accessing a mission dialogue at the same time as the mission deadline
  • Fixed a hang issue when accessing the Starship Communicator at the same time as exiting the cockpit
  • Fixed an issue where ancient ruins and crashed freighters could sometimes spawn floating above the surface of planets
  • Adjusted the health of corrupted Sentinels to make them more tough than regular Sentinels
  • Fixed an issue where the advanced mining laser was not required to mine advanced substances
  • Fixed an issue where killing another player with melee attacks would result in an incorrect chat message
  • Addressed a number of photosensitivity issues around the Portal and the enter/exit ship effects
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator beam would not render on Multi-Tools with one pre-installed at purchase
  • Fixed an issue where resource names could appear multiple times on the planetary readout from space
  • Fixed an issue with collision on some medium-sized rocks
  • Fixed an issue with the Pocket Reality Generator not being buildable indoors
  • Disabled the Analysis Visor while on ladders

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@Arthmoor GOG is now testing Multi-player as a beta experimental update .. So watch out for when it goes live and updates the game to get into the settings and restrict what people can do with your bases etc, griefers no doubt will be waiting to pounce on the unwary GOG players who have default settings.

I haven't seen what needs to be switched off yet, but no doubt after the update goes public I will be turning off WIFI, switching pretty much everything multiplayer to off, and then allowing WIFI back on again. I am currently running GOG Galaxy just to keep up with the frequent game updates recently on NMS, X4 and Kingdom Come Deliverance (the latter of those is a huge amount of re-downloading if you stick with just grabbing the manual install files), will go back to manual installs after the dust settles.


We’re happy to let you know the multiplayer mode for No Man’s Sky on GOG.COM has entered beta. It’s available now via GOG Galaxy on the „Experimental Multiplayer" beta branch and will be rolling out to everyone soon.

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There is a new update, purely for GOG owners of the game ..

If you ever wanted Multi-Player on GOG, apparently its now a thing (both for the GOG Galaxy client installation of the game or the manual installation, I dont know if there are any functional differences between the two)

If you dont want multiplayer, I would visit your preferences first thing after the update so you dont get griefed in any way. Maybe turn off your internet connection before starting the game and set the preferences first.

Files are called 1.77_GOG_MP

So I think it is purely a MulitPlayer addition, without any other fixes or additions for now (previous version was also 1.77).


Edit : If you dont have any Internet connection (switched off wifi or whatever), you will not see any Network options at all. However if you do have Internet connected, the settings default to all being on!.


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