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Issue with settlement Recruitment/Relocation of populations

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Im currently having a few issues with moving and also recruting Settler to settlements the same issue is also ocurring with companions not showing up as a settler.

i currently have 8 companions inside of Vault 88 but the population is showing up as only 7. i have also been trying to recruit more settlers to a new settlement that is currently empty the population has not increasing for days in ingame time.

i have included my load order list just incase something else is causing the issue

Load order 1.png

Load order 2.png

Load order 3.png

Load order 4.png

Load order 5.png

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There are a lot of workshop expansion mods iny your load order, and I assume that you are making ample use of them. Expanding workshops beyond a certain limit will inevitably lead to certain glitches sooner or later. This is not a bug but a limitation of the game.

What glitches to expect and at which point they'll start to appear depends on the preferences of the user and his individual playing style. This is because some workshop expansions have more impact than others. Focussing on specific features and keeping the expansions at a moderate level (compared to vanilla workshops) will help to avoid these problems. Though, trying to make full use of all available workshop expansion mods at the same time is very unlikely to work and may break the workshops beyond repair.

To tell you anything more specific about the current state of your workshops, I need your workshop logs. To generate these logs, the workshop scripts have to be recompiled in debug mode. You can grab them here:

Make sure that logging is enabled in the papyrus.ini, then start playing. All workshop activity will be recorded in separate logs that appear in a sub-folder of the script logs folder (the game will create that folder at run time). The workshop logs are rather lengthy, so be prepared that you may loose a few fps while you are running those scripts. To have the status of all workshops logged, the logs should cover at least one full game day (= 72 min real time). It would also be fine if you try to carry out some of the operations that apparently stopped working in your current game while recording the log (so we can see how the scripts are trying to process them).

One final note: those scripts (because distributed as loose files) will override all other versions of the same scripts, including mod-added ones. That is, some mods may stop working. This predominantly affects those mods that modify WorkshopScript directly (e.g. workshop settlement attack overhauls, the food production surplus uncapper, and a few others). Due to the nature of those script modifications, those mods will work normally again once you're done with logging and remove the loose files.

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Thank you for taking the time to try and understand my issue. i know i wrote it very unclear. when i have the time (probbably during the weekend) i will run this for you and hopefully there is a solution to my issue with Settlements not getting populated :)

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