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PC version.

Curious about the meat pie from USSEP.

In older versions, it was possible to have a pie (pie01) AND a meat pie (uskpmeatpie ?), with separate textures.

Recently (in my case since ver 4.0.8) I noticed the Pie and Meat pie use the same texture?

Now all pies look the same. Weird having a meat pie looking like a fruit pie.

Am I missing something?

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To answer my own question:
I did indeed miss something.
Although I updated USSEP versions regularly (406+MPfix->407->408), I never really noticed my issue until recently.
It seems I missed that a texture replacer for the Apple-pie also included it's own mesh for the pie.
NMM did not warn of an 'overwrite' because the default is in a BSA.
I did not know that the Apple-pie mesh is the same as the Meat-pie mesh inserted by USSEP.
So, if you touch the Apple-pie, you lose the texture of the USSEP Meat-pie.
Case closed, & pies eaten.

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