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Searching Github

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Like visualising regex expressions, it's debatable whether any of the browser Git clients make the job of searching repos a trivial process.

But never fear, there's good docs on searching issues and searching code at Github. Or if you a looking for a fairly unique string somewhere in a repo, then Surch is your man. But there are helpers available as extensions- for example search for 'git' in ChromeStore. GitCheatSheet looks handy, but their website is gone.

And one can always sample a host of standalone Git clients, none of them appear to be particularly lightweight, however complexity of use is enough for some to beat a hasty retreat back to the more familiar browser interfaces.

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I recommend SmartGit. It's free for personal use. Steeper learning curve than SourceTree but far more polished and flexible. All Git clients are lightweight relative to Git itself.

AstroGrep and Agent Ransack are excellent in-file search programs. AstroGrep is less featureful but open source. I use both.

RegEx101 is the best visual RegEx debugger I've used.

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