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Female Argonians that have become vampires use the male walk animation instead of the female one; this is clearly a bug, because on afktrack, this problem was addressed for the Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch. It seems that it was fixed then, but for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, this problem does not seem to have been fixed yet. The same thing happens with Orcs, but it is not a bug in that case. (EDIT: I'm playing on Xbox One, and I'm about to double-check to make sure that this wasn't actually fixed.)

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Forgot sum details, y'know?

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I just checked the appropriate RACE record in USSEP and the fix is properly in place. So, if you can clearly see that your animations are not fixed in your game then we have 2 possible explanations :

- console sorcery : some edits are properly working on PC, but are void on console. That's not a joke, we've already seen this...

- you have another mod editing this record, overriding the USSEP fix.

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