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[WIP] Wayshrines of Old - Director's Cut

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This project is a fork of Wayshrines of Old  with the intention of being simpler in design but a few handpicked features from the source.

Exclusively for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. See more about this below.

What is the difference between the two projects?


Discovery and Travel will more or less function the same way as they do in the Original. 

Activation Costs
When it comes to the Original you have access to a small handful of costs that you can configure. Though I intend on completely overhauling the system to be more challenging and organic for the Director's Cut. 

More Locations
With the Original every location you can travel to can be found inside of the following categories: Hold Capitals, Towns, Settlements, Orc Strongholds, and Unique Locations.  However in the Director's Cut, I limited it down to only Hold Capitals and Unique Locations. 

In the Original, you have the option to be able to configure whether or not shrines will cost anything and unlocking access to almost all locations. You can configure these settings a through a system of Message Boxes or with a Mod Configuration Menu. I have removed it entirely from the Director's Cut. 


Not compatible with the Original or any of the patches for it.

No Support for Legendary Edition

Unfortunately, I no longer play LE other than to develop and test things. I only ever actually play SSE nowadays. Please understand the Director's Cut is more or less my own personal preferences taking precedence, which extends to what copy of Skyrim I add support for. That being said, the Original will always be available on LE. 


  • ZeniMax Online Studios for The Elder Scrolls Online which serves as the inspiration for this entire project!
  • Massive thank you to Billyro and DSoS! 
  • Seriously, if not for these two I doubt this project would have ever seen the light of day. 
  • Billyro for all his hard work creating the normal and specular maps, brazier, dwarven axe and the snow variant of the former Nordic Wayshrine. 
  • As well as DSoS, for helping me create the extensive framework for the shrines to utilize.
  • Hanaisse for teaching me the ropes on adding collision to meshes.
  • CyborgArmGun for her mesh and texture optimization, Wrye-bash tagging the ESP, and general maintenance.
  • MannyGT for his Redguard Stylized Shrine from The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal.
  • Tamira for their Antique Statue Resource.
  • Earrindo for their Telvanni Tower Resource Pack.
  • Tamu75 for their Moss Shader Resource.
  • Enai Siaion, WalkingMassOfComplexes, Undriel, Arron Dominion, Anbee and everyone else in the community for all their feedback to help further improve upon the framework! 
  • Meshes created with Blender 2.78a and further modified with NifUtilsSuite, and NifSkope.
  • Textures from Textures.com and deviantART.com were modified with Paint.NET.
  • Tileable Pergola Wood Texture by ftourini on deviantART
  • Bethesda for the various assets utilized in this project.

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