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Need help with mods (newbie here)

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Hey guys, completely fresh moder here, I don't know shit from chocolate but I managed so far in Skyrim, but for some reason FO4 is a different story for me.

For some reason I have trouble with mod compatibility and unlike in Skyrim, this simply isn't clear enough for me.

I don't know if you do this kind of stuff here, but I'm gonna leave the list of mods I'm trying to run and maybe if you notice something I'm doing wrong you can let me know.

Game is v1.1.29.0 i think, no DLC's

The list:

Everyone's Best Friend (Dogmeat and Companion At Same Time - No Console - No Hack)

Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

Sim Settlements

Armorsmith Extended

Legendary Modification

Valdacil's Item Sorting

Wearable Backpacks and Pouches

Improved Map with Visible Roads

Lowered Weapons

Commonwealth Cuts - KS Hairdos - ApachiiSkyHair


Ponytail Hairstyles by Azar v2.5a

Looks Menu Customization Compendium

Josie Body - A CBBE BodySlide Preset

ALSL Vault Suit Unzipped CBBE BodySlide

DKS-501 Sniper Rifle - Standalone

Pampas Set - CBBE - BodySlide

tschutschi's wardrobe II - cbbe - bodyslide

Nezzar's Ultimate Collection

Vault Girl Laura British Beauty With Quest

GET DIRTY (take a bath)

Craftable Ammo

Faster Terminal Displays

Black Widow Armor and Pipboy (Pip-boy)


Better Female Walk

Cheat Terminal

Glorious Female Nude Mod (CBBE Compatible)


Silky Smooth Skin (SSS) -CBBE Skin-


TheKite's DC ScoopDigger outfit

TheKite's Combat Zone Stripper outfit

The Mercenary - Pack


BodySlide and Outfit Studio

Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE-



That's all, thanks in advance.

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The only thing that immediately stands out to me is that you say your game version is 1.1.29 when the current version available right now is 1.10.50. That may have an impact on how things work in general.

As far as specific compatibility issues, you'll be best off using LOOT to sort and then tweak from there. I'm not personally familiar with most of what you have so I don't know what needs to be rearranged.

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Actually, the most obvious thing that stands out is UFO4P requires all the DLC's, of which you say you have none so you won't be able to use it.

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