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Modders: How do you feel about people merging, deriving, or cloning your mods?

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In the Kingdom Come Nexus, it seems my mods are frequent targets of people wanting permission to merge, derive, or clone them—and upload them as wholly separate mods.

I feel that merged, derived, and cloned mods detract from the source mods, so I don't support this at all and do not grant permission. Am I wrong?

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Nope. You're not wrong. If you don't want your mods incorporated into other peoples' "mod packs" you have every right to deny that and Nexus should respect that decision.

I don't let that be done with my Skyrim or Oblivion mods either.

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I concur to what Arthmoor said and check my sig for my mod of both SLE and SSE, which basically has exactly the same readme for both game versions, aside for links and TES5Edit vs SSEEdit. 

People need to obtain my permission before doing the following.


DO NOT upload this mod to any site without my permission.

NO porting to other games, inlcuding to any mod for other TES (Morrowind, Oblivion or later) games.
NO commercial purposes whatsoever!

Always, ask for my permission for...

Mod compilations
Mod Merging, if another mod is released with this mod integrated in it

Mod Mirroring
Conversion for consoles


If I am no longer around in the community then the stewardship for this mod belongs to these sites:

AFK Mods


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Its your prerogative what permissions you give your mods, and everyone should respect that you share them on your terms, not someone elses idea of how it should be. Nexus staff are pretty good at backing you up, CRCs, modified dates and upload dates can all be handy to prove what has occurred.

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