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Invisible head with dragon priest masks and improved closefaced helmets mod

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I have Apophysis Dragon priest mask textures and the improved closefaced helmets with the improved closefaced helmets patch with the apophysis patch installed; yet when I equip one of the dragon priest masks in 3rd person my head disappears. I only have this invisible-head issue with dragon priest masks, every other part of the mod works. These mods are also quite low in the load order with nothing overwriting them (ICH is below Apophysis in the load order. 

Any help is appreciated.

P.S. shout out to the mod authors, both fantastic mods <3

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It's possible ICH is conflicting with changes we made to dragonpriest helmets in USLEEP. This was the bug we fixed here.

I'd guess ICH meshes still use the previous dismember skin partition. That can easily be changed in NifSkope.

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NifSkope is a tool used to edit meshes.

Have you presented your problem to the author of ICH? Or looked through posts for other users having a similar problem on his mod page? That'd be your best bet for a solution.

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