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Has Bethesda ever said to which standard they calibrate monitors?

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I tried googling around, but I could not find an answer.

Has anyone heard of which standards the game devs calibrate their monitors? (rec. 709/2020, dci p3, etc)

Just curious, thinking of calibrating my monitor to the standard the devs use for best "view as intended" experience.

Any content creator out there that calibrate their monitors when creating for Bethesda's games? What do you calibrate to?

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I have never seen it mentioned by any Bethesda staff either.

Occasionally it is discussed among people arguing the toss about lighting mods, and the one I have seen mentioned the most as being a good standard to follow is the following website :


Click the different test pages and follow instructions.

The same site is also mentioned by photographic enthusiasts and Photoshop users on their forums. And the last time I used it I did not have to tweak anything on my new laptop LED Screen, it was all very well setup already by the manufacturers .. Which would suggest to me that the advice given on that site is probably as good as you will get anywhere.

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Ok, I am surprised that you have not heard of others asking about it. 

People put a ton of time and effort( and $$$) into making their games look amazing and trying to keep the balance of mods with what the devs intended. I feel every game dev should release this information, it would cost them nothing to do and could potentially improve user experience.  I would also love every game to come with a settings page where you can manually calibrate the monitor to ideal gaming viewing. It could be as simple as  a screen that has you adjust RGB sliders until you can see or not see some image.

alt3rn1ty, I love lagom.  I have used it in the past, but I have an actual colorimeter. Basically a camera that you put on your screen and along with some software(displaycal for those interested, it's free) it reads the colors on the screen and creates a profile.

From what I hear, monitor calibration and creating Look Up Tables(LUT) for games is not very common and they often don't play nice with video games.


Thanks for the input, it was hard to find information about this on google.  Specifically about Skyrim.



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