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when asked to install a dll file into OBSE plug in folder by the mod Oblivion Reloaded i accidently pressed no,now when ever i try to reinstall .wryebash doesnt ask anymore,i had to manually install dll,how do i give permission back to wryebash to install dll files into OBSE plug ins folder??thank you in advance!!

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Hi the Wrye Bash topic is here 



But seeing as you already made a throw away topic :

I cant remember which .dat file your response has been stored in but its one of the following two files ..


Documents \ My Games \ <GameName> \ BashSettings.dat

Steam \ Steamapps \ Common \ <Gamename Mods> \ Bash Installer \ Bash \ Installers.dat


I would delete the first one - And try to install the plugin .dll again. If that works then you will now have to also redo any Right Click Menu settings, and window positions .. Basicly go through all of Wrye Bash tabs and the settings menus and get them back to your preference.

If that did not solve the issue, delete the second one. After doing this you will need to reinstall all of your BAINs after doing a Full Refresh (Right Click on the Installers Header Bar). You may have to right click in the Installers Tab window aswell and see if anything needs set back to your preference too in that UI Menu.

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