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making a patch for iNeed and CFTO

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Hi, I wanted to get your opinion and, eventually, tips on how to make a patch for the "rested" perk to be activated whenever you use the carriage or ferry from Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul. I suppose you don't need a special script to trigger the perk and its duration, because a similar patch I checked (for classic Skyrim) had only the plugin. Converting that patch isn't going to work because it also patches for Frostfall and the changes made are pretty extensive; besides, I think the mods have been updated since that patch was made. Maybe one could do it simply by either setting a condition in the "rested" perk form, or by triggering it from the "climb on back" or equivalent ferry form? I'm totally unfamiliar with these mechanics... If it's really a simle xEdit thing and someone wants to do it, I'd love to use such a patch; if, otherwise, someone could point me in the right direction I might make the patch for myself and eventually further my skills a little. Thanks!

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